Another Mock!

Monday night was the Mastersball Magazine Mock Draft, the issue hits newsstands January 24th and has more to it than just a mock. 15-team mixed league and I had pick #11.


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1.11 Jacoby Ellsbury: Would have considered Hanley here but he went two picks earlier so it came down to Ellsbury or Justin Upton. As much as I love Upton I thought Ellsbury’s runs, steals, average and newfound pop were too much to pass up. Not sure he can have a better year but as long as he comes close to repeating 2011 he is a first rounder.

2.5 Ian Kinsler: Wanted Pedroia but he went right before me. Kinsler finally was healthy and showed what he can do. Worth the risk that is still out there but man I wanted Pedey.

3.11 Jay Bruce: Was looking best OF available and to me that was Bruce. Power with some speed at a thin position in a 15-teamer. My average is already hurting but that’s ok.

4.5 Brian McCann: Addressed OF/2B and C in first four picks and got a top tier catcher.

5.11 Drew Stubbs: Took the chance that he goes 30-30 and gets his average up. Lots of good OFs still available but he may have the chance to be a great OF in 2012.

6.5 Craig Kimbrel: As the 411 states, get two stud closers. Cory isn’t a big fan of being the first to choose a CL but I’m honey badger on that. Jeff Erickson said on twitter I basically got a closer and a 5th SP because of his Ks and he is right. Was wondering if this would start a run, it did not.

7.11 Alexei Ramirez: Get up Alexei. I think he is underrated in fantasy, not great but definitely doesn’t hurt you. I like this pick.

8.5 Mariano Rivera: Believe it or not, I wrestled with Mo or David Freese. I really needed a 3B but felt that as much as I think Freese will have a solid year, he was unproven. This would come back to bite me some but I also could have taken Freese in the 7th. He would end up going two picks later.

9.11 Ricky Romero: I was the next to last GM to take a SP. No issue with this pick, very happy. To get an ace I would have had to take a starter in the

6th. The difference in talent at SP between the 7th and 9th was a wash unless you count Josh Johnson, but there is a reason he went in the 7th right?

10.5 Ike Davis: Only time will tell if this was a reach and as we get closer to March and games are played, we’ll see if he goes up or down. Could be a steal, could be fair or a bust I’ll take my 66% odds and hope for the best.

11.11 Ervin Santana: BIG ERV!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12.5 Max Scherzer: Romero, Erv and Scherzer is coming together nicely. I’m going to assume Max bounces back.

13.11 Austin Jackson: I took three OF in first five picks which allowed me some time to wait. Like Max, I’m expecting a bounce back on certain aspects of his game. He’s averaged 95 runs and 25 steals his first two years, not a bad 4th OF at all.

14.5 Derek Holland: Love this pick, great second half, high ceiling low risk in the 14th.

15.11 Jonny Venters: Hedge for Kimbrel and more. 96 Ks in 2011.

16.5 Casey McGehee: My least favorite pick but there was nobody else left except Danny Valencia. Gross.

17.11 Mike Adams: Who knows, he may be the CL in 2012. If not, I have a K per IP and great rate stats.

18.5 Justin Smoak: Here’s to hoping this is the year. Needed a CI/DH.

19.11 Eric Thames: It was him or Soriano, Soriano is boring.

20.5 John Jaso: Still the starter and still a chance to contribute no?

21.11 Ivan Nova: Great value here, absolutely nothing to lose and I think he has a big year. Love his stuff and demeanor.

22.5 Kendrys Morales: The main reason why my 2011 was a lost season was due to having Kendrys on too many teams. Now he becomes a buy opportunity. True story, since he didn’t play last year he was omitted from the draft room queue, I took Val Pascucci as a placeholder.

23.11 Marco Scutaro: Hey, he may play the whole year there, which is not necessarily a bad thing.


Who do you keep 5×5 12 team h2h: Alex Gordon or Brett Lawrie? Both undrafted fa pickups making them final round (25) picks. I keep 4, 3 solids are Carlos Santana (24), Asdrubel Cabrera (14), and David Price (9). How do you rank them? Thanks


Although Gordon is more proven, Lawrie would be my choice. Huge upside and OF is a much deeper position than 3B…not to mention that Lawrie will be 2B eligible in many leagues.



I am in 12 team Keeper league with the scoring system as follows,



I have my Keepers set as

Pujols,Tulo,McCutchen,Arod and Weaver.

With that said what would you be looking to get first in the draft? I was thinking of trying to fill a closer spot concidering I had to let Kimbrel go and I am sure he wont last long. I also was thinking maybe I should just look to build a really good starting rotation with my first couple picks sinse the bats i did keep are really good ones. I placed second in this league last year by like 2 points to a team with Votto,Agon,Reyes,Mauer and Kershaw as his keepers. I am thinking my 5 are at least as good if not better than his 5 but its very very close and I know im going to have to draft better than him to win the league this year.



For your first pick, I like the elite closer plan if you’d be able to get Kimbrel back. You already have a legit ace in Weaver, so I wouldn’t be too concerned about building a super strong rotation. Time and time again, owners who think they drafted a top-notch rotation get burned, whether it be by injuries or under-performance. That’s why I always stay away from drafting too many starting pitchers early.


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