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The ongoing 411 slow mock draft has garnered plenty of attention of late throughout the fantasy community, so I figured I’d share these set of links. Both Lawr Michaels and I wrote articles for Mastersball about this draft and an in-depth discussion on mock draft strategy can be found under the comments section of Lawr’s piece (the top link). Lawr also wrote a follow-up article for KFFL (the bottom link). A lot of the discussion board talk centers around Cory’s strategies, so these are all fun reads!


Lawr’s Mastersball article

Zach’s Mastersball article

Lawr’s KFFL piece



Rebuilding in deep dynasty league; would you trade Victorino/Cahill for Arenado/Banuelos?


I’d first try to shop around a bit more but If that’s the best you can do, I don’t have a problem with it. Victorino’s best days are clearly behind him and I’m not much of a Cahill fan.


Zach, I just read Lawr’s Mastersball article, and the comments that followed, and I realized that something gets overlooked every year at draft time when talking about draft strategies, and that is the list of players (ranked according to the site on which you are drafting, or ADP if drafting on MDC) that is constantly present on the screen for all to see, and potentially guide from. I have also been playing fantasy football in a couple of leagues that past several years, and have noticed the same negatives to this list. First, is that those who play “casually” don’t have to do much, if any, research, in order to draft a competitive team. They can simply keep taking the higher ranked players, which are constantly on the screen in front of their faces, and if these players perform anywhere near their expected levels, these casual players could potentially finish somewhere in the middle of the pack, even without any in-season roster management. I had a guy in one of my leagues last year finish in 4th place, and he was about 5 rounds late getting into the draft room, so his first 5 picks were auto picks, and then he only made roster/lineup moves twice all year, the first week of the season, and the first few days of June. This leads to the second negative point about these lists being present in draft rooms, and that is, when an owner decides to show up late, or not even show up at all, unfortunately the draft engine automatically gives them the top ranked player at the time of their pick. Many times, I have experienced the frustration of having the next player on my draft list taken automatically, simply because the owner wasn’t drafting live, and got the player on autodraft because he was the next player on the list. The only good thing about this, is that you can see who is next on the list, and can see who isn’t drafting live, so, with basic counting skills you can anticipate that you won’t get the player, and adjust your strategy ahead of time. This can affect your whole draft strategy, possibly causing you to draft one of your “sleepers” earlier than normal, say if you see one is in the next 10 names on the list, and you anticipate that the nine players ahead of him will reasonably be taken before it gets to the absent owner’s pick, you may go ahead and take that sleeper a round earlier than you wanted, simply because you know for sure he won’t be there simply because the autodraft will give him away. I think this rankings/ADP list being present and the methods which are followed by each website for absent owners should seriously be addressed when talking about draft strategies. Websites like CBS and Yahoo should seriously reconsider their autodraft policies. Absent owners should not be rewarded with high ranked draft picks. But they are, and that affects the whole draft.


Very true, and I’m not really certain what the solution is, other than to make sure you’re in a league where the owners are dedicated enough that attending the draft isn’t an issue!


I have to keep 3 players going into this season, and I give up the round I drafted them in last year, minus 1 round. We just started the draft pick rule, so if I pick one of my keepers from last year, it’d be my 1st round, if i pick 2 from last year, it’d be my first and 2nd, etc. Here is what I have:

My 3 previous keepers were (keep 1 give up 1st round, keep 2 give up first and 2nd, etc.):

Reyes – 4th Rd
Kemp – 5th Rd
Hosmer – 20th Rd
Pineda – 19th Rd
Lawrie – 20th Rd

Somehow, I didn’t even make the playoffs last year in a 12 team points league with Braun, Votto, CarGon, Reyes and Kemp. I’m leaning towards keeping Kemp, Braun and Hosmer or Lawrie.

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