Cory’s Baseball Prospectus Chat

Hey everyone,

Just a quick note that Cory did an online chat for Baseball Prospectus today, covering all things fantasy and some other topics too! Click Here to read the full Q&A transcript.



Hey Big Z, got a question for ya that’s been playing on my mind all offseason!

What to do at catcher in my keeper league. I somehow ended up with both Wieters and Avila from last year, both costing $6, and the keeper rules are 1 yr contract (+$3) or 2 yr (+$6) – won’t go into the others as doubt they’re applicable.

Now would you keep either, 1 year or 2, or keep neither and look for one in the draft? From trade talks im pretty sure likes of B-Mac and C-San will be available come auction time. Seems to me a case of solidity (Avila) vs upside (Wieters) as long as Avila wasn’t a fluke last year. It’s an OBP league too (10 teams) so kinda makes me lean towards Avila, though if this is the year to keep Wieters before he finally breaks out I might go with him. I could just go and grab a catcher in the auction too… decisions!




Depending on the rest of your keeper list, I wouldn’t at all be opposed to keeping both, probably just for one year each. Real tough to choose one over the other. I’m still on the Wieters bandwagon and though Avila kind of came out of nowhere, his production last year is hard to ignore. Owning two top-8 catchers for a combined $18 is a nice situation to be in. In a standard 12-teamer, I think both would go for around $15 on draft day.


Nah sorry I didn’t explain we only play 1 catcher (I snagged Avila off the wire last year, but failed to manage to trade either so held them both). Sounds like you think both are good value at 1 year though, still can’t decide which to choose mind! I think I might go Wieters as he’s still improving and I kinda feel Avila’s as good as he gets now (last years high K rate and high BABIP! etc), you agree?


Agreed on Wieters over Avila. I can’t see Wieters taking a step backwards after last year while I’m not sold that Avila will repeat his 2011 season. I’ll gamble on Wieters’ upside.


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