Overrated/Underrated Teams for 2012

Hey everyone,

Today was our annual overrated/underrated show. To find the podcasts, simply follow these Tiny URL links:

iTunes Audio Podcast link: http://tinyurl.com/32346q8

iTunes Video Podcast link: http://tinyurl.com/268r7gz

Link to MLB.com Podcast page: http://tinyurl.com/6xk6cx5

And here are the teams…


C – Joe Mauer

1B – Lance Berkman

2B – Dustin Ackley

3B – Kevin Youkilis

SS – Starlin Castro

OF – Michael Morse

OF – Melky Cabrera

OF – Yoenis Cespedes

SP – Yu Darvish

SP – Jeremy Hellickson

CL – Andrew Bailey


C –  Wilson Ramos

1B – Ike Davis

2B – Kelly Johnson

3B – David Freese

SS – Marco Scutaro

OF – Chris Heisey

OF – Lorenzo Cain

OF – Dominic Brown

SP – Derek Holland

SP – Mike Minor

CL – Jason Motte


C – Mike Napoli

1B – Ryan Howard

2B – Dustin Ackley

3B – David Freese

SS – J.J. Hardy

OF – Andre Ethier

OF – Emilio Bonifacio

OF – Carlos Quentin

SP – Josh Johnson

SP – Matt Moore

CL – Andrew Bailey


C –  Wilson Ramos

1B – Paul Goldschmidt

2B – Jose Altuve

3B – Edwin Encarnacion

SS – Tyler Pastornicky

OF – Brett Gardner

OF – Michael Cuddyer

OF – Alex Presley

SP – Jon Niese

SP – Brandon McCarthy

CL – Rafael Betancourt


Hi Guys,
I have a couple keeper questions.
Both leagues are standard 5×5, 10 team, NL Only:

Team 1 – Keep 3 of the following; Espinosa ($10), Neil Walker ($19), Carlos Lee ($16), Chris Young ($16), Stanton ($11), Corey Hart ($16), Maybin ($9),
Team 2 – Keep 3 of the following; Berkman ($11), Justin Upton ($37), McCutchen ($36), Maybin ($5), Espinosa ($4), Walker ($8).
I’m leaning towards Stanton, Hart, and Maybin in #1 and Upton, McCutchen, and Maybin in #2.

I appreciate your help.


Just answered this question on the previous post.



When E5 consistently underperforms, can he really be underrated?😀 Or are projections for him this year so low he has to outperform them?

Scotty Mac

Im in a 12 team h2h dynasty league and I was wondering which of these pitchers would be the best pickup: Jameson Taillon, Gerrit Cole, Jacob Turner, Danny Hultzen, Tyler Skaggs, James Paxton, or Drew Pomeranz. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Just answered this question on the previous post.


Any worry about the off-season stuff affecting W. Ramos? I really like him over a few others in the “budget” bin for a 2nd Catcher, but I’m worried his off-season troubles could end up slowing his growth for at least this year.

(We’re in an auction format, I’d like to avoid Arencibia and a few others, but I’m afraid wasting a few dollars on Ramos, especially if I don’t plan on getting a top 4-6 Catchers.)

Am I looking too much into it?


I’m not very concerned about Ramos and actually think that the kidnapping factor could make him even more of a steal on draft day. I’m very high on him this year as a guy you can draft later who could easily put up top-10 catcher numbers.


Where do top-tier catchers Santana, Napoli, McCann, Avila, Montero fall in draft position in the following league:

11-team Roto 5×5, 29-man roster (319 rostered players deep)

9P, 5 OF, 2 C, 1 MI, 1 CI, and 1 all other positions


Every league is different so there’s no set rule. The best thing to do is participate in a few mock drafts or look over a bunch of expert mock results and be prepared to adjust your strategy on the fly depending on what happens in your draft. In some leagues you might need to use a third round pick to draft Santana. In others he might fall to the 6th etc.


Love the show and the insight guys. I’m in a 14 team points league. Keep two: A-Gonzo, J Upton or Cliff Lee? Was leaning toward Gonzo and Lee, but now thinking Upton might be the better choice.


Even though it’s a points league, where top-tier pitchers tend to be a bit more valuable than they are in roto formats, you have to keep the two hitters here. There’s no way that either Gonzalez or Upton last into the third round in any draft, let alone a keeper.


Hey guys
Love the show. When it comes to underrated pitchers, I was kind of surprised to not hear Cory Luebke’s name not mentioned. He’s finally going to get a full year in the rotation this year. I know he ain’t going to give you a lot of wins because hes pitching in San Diego but he struckout a 154 in a 139 innings with a decent WHIP and ERA. Where is he going, and where would you target someone like Luebke?


We all like Luebke but I think what the guys are saying is that for a pitcher with so little experience, he carries some risk if selected too early. I’m seeing him drafted as a #3 type mixed league SP in a lot of mocks. For now, he’s more of a back end of the rotation guy until he lengthens his body of work.


Appreciate your discussion of Braun on the show. My 4th round keeper
Advice for 2 more keepers, please. 16 team 5×5 roto/ start1-1b,2b,ss,3b,c;4of,1u;8 p
Kershaw-round 3
Zobrist-round 4
Greinke- round 6
Freese- round 9
Cuddyer-round 10
Hanson-round 12
Cueto -round 18
Harper-round 22
Thinking Gordon, Harper but 1- has Gordon finally found it? 2- Would you use one of only 3 keeper slots on Harper; he moves up 3 rounds every subsequent year, so I have him for possibly 7-8 years, or trade bait even if he doesn’t play much in 2012?




Yeah, in this format I’d absolutely keep Harper. And even though I rarely advocate keeping an ace pitcher, Kershaw for a 3 is excellent value. I’d have a tough time passing that one up, even if it’s just a one-year thing.


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