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For those of you who missed the announcement on Twitter: The MLB.com Fantasy 411 will no longer appear on MLB Network. It will still be available daily on MLB.com and ITunes and when posted the podcast links will always be tweeted out. We enjoyed our time on MLB Network but have decided to return to our roots that allow us more time to break down baseball, answer your questions and have on the great guests that are out there in the fantasy kingdom.

Below are the three links to find our podcast. Save it in a safe place because starting April 9th you will get a new show each weekday…….Mike

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ***Also note that Cory has updated his composite projections (see link below) to reflect every playing time projection, role change and injury update tweak that he could find. There have been very very minor changes to some rate stats to reflect changing roles (closer changes, lineup order, etc.) but otherwise these numbers are VERY much in line with the rate stats from the original composite projections.


Hey everyone,

This is basically just a re-post of our “411 Draft Prep Central” entry from a couple weeks ago as we wanted to make these links easier to access. Be sure to check back here throughout the next few weeks as I’ll be updating this list of links as more content becomes available.


Mike and Cory’s Overrated and Underrated Teams for 2012

Cory’s Composite Projections (Updated 3/22)

Our List of 12 for 2012

Mixed LABR Draft Results

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NL LABR Results + Zach’s NL-only Mock

Fantasy 411 Positional Rankings for 2012

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Mike’s MLB.com Article on Darvish


What do think of the squad? 10 Team H2H league.

Hitting: R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OBP, SLG & Pitching: IP, W, SV, K, HLD, ERA, WHIP

C- Matt Wieters 1B- Paul Goldschmidt 2B- Ian Kinsler 3B- Ryan Zimmerman SS- Jimmy Rollins OF- Ryan Braun OF- Jacoby Ellsbury OF- Andrew McCutchen UTL- Brett Lawrie UTL- Adam Dunn BN- Vernon Wells BN- Justin Mourneu

SP- Madison Bumgardner SP- Mat Latos SP- Jordan Zimmerman SP- Brandon Beachy SP- Brandon Morrow SP- Corey Leubke SP- Bud Norris SP- Mike Minor RP- Brian Wilson RP- Jason Motte RP- Javy Guerra RP- Tyler Clippard RP- Eric O’Flannery

Just drafted want to know what my weaknesses are and if i should move anyone right now.


Answered this question on a previous post.


In a dynasty league, I’m mulling a trade. I expressed interest in Cuddyer and received an offer of Cuddyer/Freeman for Andrew McCutchen. My 1b options are Carlos Lee, Trumbo, Morales, Duda. My other OF are Kemp, Bonifacio, Bautista (who I play at 3b) and Viciedo. We start only 3 OF. No CI. Of course the previously mentioned 1b options also have OF eligibility at the moment.

I feel McCutchen is either a steep price to pay or I’ll be cutting on him before he turns out to not be the star we all think he is. Not sure I’m sold on Freeman, but he does have long term potential at 1b which I can’t say for the others on my team already. I would cut Stephen Drew to make the trade (Tulo and Gordon on my roster). Any advice you can give will help. Thanks.


I’d pass. McCutchen is by far the best player in the deal, particularly in a dynasty league. He’s already a borderline star and can still get better.


A question for any math experts out there.

Most projected auction values that are available are based on a 10 team $260 cap ($2600 total dollars). The pool I’m in is 12 team, 25 man rosters and a $280 cap ($3360 total $).

Should I be adjusting their values since they are based on a smaller pool of money??
If so, can someone help me with that calculation?

It is a little early for me to dive into this, but I will try to help. I’m not positive that most suction values are based on 10-team, 25 man roster leagues, but lets say that they are…that is $2600 for 250 players. In your league, there will be 300 players drafted, but with a pool of $3360. On average, I would price the players about 7.7% higher than the projections that you are looking at. The problem with this, is the increase won’t be even across the board (since there will still be $1 players), but this is a good starting point.

I did this quickly – 2600/250=10.4 (average price in projections)
3360/300=11.2 (average price in your league)
11.2/10.4=1.0769 (multiplier) = 7.69% increase

In a bubble, better trade target: Pandoval or Zimmerman? Durability is a concern. I’m looking to upgrade Youk. Zim’s ST stats are exciting (I know, I know.)


It’s a real toss-up but I’ll give the slight edge to Zimmerman. He hits in the stronger lineup and AT&T Park limits Sandoval’s HR upside. Both are injury risks so they cancel each other out there.


Thank you Dave.

Zack, i have Carlos Lee and Alfonso Soriano on my bench, do i drop one of them and pick of Yoenis Cespedes and take a chance, or should i just leave my bench alone. My starting outfielders are Justin Upton, Hunter Pence, Lance Berkman, Cameron Maybin and Jason Heyward.


I’d stick with Lee and Soriano until we see more from Cespedes. I wouldn’t get carried away in the hype or even his spring training results.


Dear 411
I need to choose my keepers on my 12 Tema Mixed League.
Need to Keep 3 (2 Batters + 1 Pitcher, or viceseversa)
I will have the 2nd pick of a serpentine draft.
Player Options:
Andrew McCutchen – Round 4
Brian McCaan – Round 4 (if choose together with McCutchen, then McCuchen Rd 3)
James Shields – Round 10
CJ Wlson – Round 11
Axford – Round 7
Corey Hart – Round 10
Avila – Round 12
Beachy – Round 12
Hellickson – Round 13
Dee Gordon Rond 13


A lot of great choices there. I’d go McCutchen, Shields, Wilson with Beachy a close fourth. Axford is tempting too but 7th round is pretty much fair value for him, not quite a bargain.


Zach (or anyone else who can see the future!)

Who has the better bounce-back season and is the less riskier pick – Wainwright or J Johnson?


I’d feel a bit more comfortable investing in Wainwright. Reports so far have been nothing but positive and Johnson has been doomed by health issues numerous times during his career. I have more faith in Wainwright staying healthy than I do in Johnson.


I need to keep 4 guys, who would you pick?

Jose Bautisa, Ian Kinsler, Brian McCann, Cliff Lee, Desmond Jennings, Pablo Sandoval


Bautista, Kinsler, Lee, Sandoval.


Hey Big Z, got a 16 teamer draft upcoming soon so am looking at deeper options for my team. Are Brendan Boesch and Delmon Young good late sleeper type picks for my OF? Think the Tigers offense should be great this year, so both guys shouldn’t fail to pick up a good number of RBIs at least. Always been a bit of a Young fan and he really picked it up when on the Tigers last year, and Boesch had a solid year before injury too by all accounts. Do you like these guys around the 250 mark, and who do you prefer for this year?


Shhh! I’m glad you’re not in any of my leagues because those are two guys I’ll definitely be targeting for pretty much the same reasons you listed here. I slightly prefer Young simply because he has a little more big league experience.


Hi Zach more upcoming draft preparation. In a deeper league late rotation option, who do you like more out’ve Jonathon Niese and Vance Worley. Seems one was pretty unlucky (Niese) and one a bit over his head last year (Worley). The ballpark is still in Niese’s favour but does Worley’s offense (win chances) and actual track record of some success give him the edge?


Close but I’ll follow the more conservative route and give Worley the edge simply because we’ve already seen him put it all together. I wouldn’t be surprised if those two finish with very similar stat lines though.


zach, dying to get someones opinion. i have to keep one out of each of two groups of players. group one: wieters, napoli, madbum, gio. group two: alex gordon, matt moore. when last year ended i was set to keep napoli and gordon but… this is a league with a 1400 inning limit ( i came in 2nd b/c of pitching) and i don’t normally draft pitching in the top 10. my thought was maybe keeping moore and madbum or gio and sticking with my plan of not drafting pitchers early. or maybe i keep napoli and gordon and give in and draft a pitcher or two in the top 10 rounds. or maybe split it and keep napoli and moore. plus i’m warming to the idea that wieters could be better thn napoli (finally). thoughts please and thank you???


I’d follow the Napoli-Gordon and draft an SP or two early route. As for Napoli vs. Wieters, it’s not crazy to think that Wieters will put up the better numbers, and I do expect Napoli to regress a bit. Still though, the ballpark and supporting cast makes Napoli too enticing to pass up.


would you keep trevor bauer at $5 this year? 12 team mixed keeper, standard rosters and salary cap.

In a 12 teamer? No way man, might not see him till August.


I agree with BB on this one. 1-2 bucks maybe, but 5 bucks is a little too much to spend in a mixed league on a pitcher who might not even see his first big league action until midseason. Chances are you’ll be able to get him back for less if you really do want him.


Big Z, my upcoming 16 team draft is a mixed H2H league. First time I’ve played in H2H rather than roto, how does your strategy when drafting change for H2H? Im looking at late round targets for it, and in terms of starting pitchers should I avoid the young/ unproven types like Bard, Peacock, and maybe even Minor? Reason being, even though they have good upside, they’ll likely be shut down early and so miss our H2H playoffs. If so who would you go for as your late endgame SP options, guys like Niese who have no innings restrictions but a chance of a breakout? Thanks. BB


Yeah, you definitely have the right idea here, and generally in H2H leagues I’ve found that owning a legit ace pays off more than it does in roto, so I wouldn’t be afraid to draft an SP in the Pick 25-35 range.


thoughts on trading cespedes 4 kipnis who gets better side in ur opinion thanks


I’d jump all over that opportunity, swapping an OF who has yet to play a big league regular season game for a middle infielder with 20/20 capabilities who was awfully impressive last year in his first taste of the majors.


quick question…in a 10 team head to head league….we are in the 17th round and I have A Gon at 1B and Ike as CI hope hes healthy…..would you consider K Morales for DH at this time in the draft……..


Depending on your other options, sure why not! Considering the encouraging reports on Morales’ rehab, I’m warming to the idea of taking a flier on him. He certainly offers tremendous value in the 17th round.


How does Mike feel about bloombergs projections for Darvish vs his projections?
“As far as realistic projections for Darvish, BloombergSports.com offers a 13-8 record, 185 strikeouts, and a 3.63 ERA for the hard-throwing hurler. That makes him the 16th best starting pitcher, and a top-50 fantasy talent. “


Can you rank the top 12 left fielders and the top 12 right fielders in baseball as far as fantasy is concerned. ty.


hey again….in our league Holds is a scoring category…with Venters, Adams, Clippard, Betancourt picked do you see any other set up men who may be valuable for this category…..Would love to get Pestano in the 19th round but may be gone by that time….also what is your take on Cain for a 5th outfielder, he is tearing it up in spring training although that doesnt mean much he has potential for power/speed? Im looking at him or Fowler although there are a few others….passed up Francouer on the 18th but would consider him in the 19th but again probably will be chosen before


Cain makes for a fine speculative pick as a fifth outfielder but I’d still feel a bit more comfortable with the slightly more experienced Fowler. And you know he’s going to give you plenty of steals.

As for middle relievers, don’t chase holds. Draft guys with exceptional ratios and the holds will come. And by the way, Betancourt is a closer now, not a setup man.


is it worth picking up either johan santana or liriano for a sale or league


Yeah, I’d take a chance on Johan over Sale. Not much downside there.


Could you rank E. Aybar, Y. Escobar, and E. Bonifacio please? Was last year a fluke for Bonifacio? Thank!


Aybar, Bonifacio, Escobar. Aybar makes for a sneaky SS pick in the mid-rounds. I’m finding that he’s falling way too far in some drafts. As for Emilio, I don’t necessarily think that last year was a “fluke” but at the same time I’m not counting on him to repeat 2011. Expect a much lower AVG as his AVG was aided by a ton of infield singles. But the steals will be there, and I’m not really concerned about his playing time being that he can play so many different positions.


Gavin Floyd vs. Samardzija in 14 team mixed, 5×5 cats. Upside vs consistency…can’t decide.


Floyd without question. The numbers suggest that Floyd was more than a bit unlucky last year and I wouldn’t be surprised if he turns in a career season in 2012. Samardzija could implode at any moment. I’d be terrified to own him!



Hi Zach preparing for my 16 team each cats H2H, snake draft. 12 start limit each week, so decided I think I need 8SP’s, 2CL’s and 2MR’s from the draft. With that in mind, whats the best way to go about drafting a solid rotation to go along with a strong offense (I plan on getting mid/lower tier closers). Should I just try and get one SP for every 16 SP’s on my rankings sheet? Or do I need a bit stronger than that. And seeing as good middle relievers appear from nowhere each year, should I probably make them my last 2 picks? Thanks, Dan.


I wouldn’t necessarily follow a strict rule. Depends on which SPs are available and how highly you think of them. As for MR’s, yeah I’d generally wait on them unless one of the elite guys (Venters, Robertson, Adams, etc.) falls to the point where you just can’t pass on them any longer.


Zach I have one last question before my draft. Was planning on Morse in 5th or 6th but would it be smart to get someone else there when Trumbo will be available much later? Besides avg they are pretty similar. Thanks much.


Personally, Morse isn’t a guy I’d target that early. I’m not sold on him repeating his 2011 and he would need to do just that to justify a fifth round pick. 1B is an unusually tricky position this year so I’d almost rather take a first baseman within the first two rounds if it means I’m getting more of a sure thing. There are a lot of question marks at the position this year. And I’m scared of Trumbo too, mainly due to playing time concerns.


I have on infield position left for my team…needing a MI Looking at Aaron Hill or Kipnis? Thx for advice on Cain vs Fowler….I hear he has bulked up some do you expect double digit HRs from him


Hill vs Kipnis is a tricky decision as Hill is more of a known commodity, albeit one with clear flaws (AVG). Kipnis carries a lot of promise but he has yet to play a full big league season. I’d go with the upside of Kipnis and give him a chance to prove that he’s a more consistent producer than Hill.


who the better options in last 2 outfield spots in 12 tm mixed h2h pts markakis bonafacio boesh or cain thanks


Markakis is boring but he’s generally been a consistent performer from year to year, particularly in the AVG department. I’m really liking Boesch this season too. He would be my second choice. In h2h pts leagues, steals tend to be not as valuable as they are in roto formats, which knocks down the appeal of Bonifacio and Cain to a degree.


Brandon Morrow or Derek Holland? I expect both to break out. Also, Boesch or D. Young? Young in raking in ST.


Hoilland’s probably the safer pick but Morrow’s insane K rate is hard to ignore. I’d roll the dice on Morrow. Young over Boesch. Simply put, I think that he’s assured of more playing time.


Zach, so many things I’d like to talk about, but I’ll limit it to just a few things. First, Yahoo has Hanley ranked 21st overall, so if someone is drafting in a Yahoo league with a bunch of guys from work who rely mainly on those rankings as their draft strategy, you could STEAL him in the 2nd round. Second, I would like to know your thoughts on the 70-70 draft strategy…70 HR and 70 SB in the first 3 rounds. You would most likely miss out on the top ranked first basemen with this strategy, but if you get Braun, Hanley, McCutchen in the first 3 rounds (like I did in my Yahoo mock), you can pick up Goldschmidt or Cuddyer later, if you can live with one of them as your everyday first baseman. Start of a winning strategy???


I do adhere to the power/speed approach with my first few picks but one thing I’ve noticed this year is that the 1B depth isn’t quite what it was in years past. I’m targeting a first baseman within the first two rounds in all my drafts as after Tex (the consensus #6 1B) there’s a definite dropoff to Konerko (age concerns) and Hosmer (inexperience). If you miss out on Tex, you might be forced to overpay for Konerko or Hosmer, which could set you back later on.


I know you said stay tuned for info on a fantasy draft show, but with a lot of drafts this weekend (last weekend before 1st pitch next wed). I am wondering if there will even be a draft show?
Also, do you think there will be a updated composite projection spreadsheet before this weekend? I just don’t want to print this one if a new one is coming in a couple days. Trying to be green


New info available on the very top of this post.


What would I need to add to Matt Holiday to get McCutchen?


No one answer. Depends on your league. It’s all about negotiating!


What your personal opinion on Chris Young this year? I’m in a 10 team, mixed keeper league with an auction draft and he is one of the players I kind of like for this year.


I have to admit that I have a love hate relationship with Young. I always seem to own him on at least one of my teams and he always frustrates me to no end. I vow never to draft him again yet the following year he’s on my team. If you can stomach the low AVG, go for it. He’s always a good bet for 20/20. Will I draft him again this year? Definitely not! Well, maybe yes!


Love the show and insight guys. I’m in a 14 team points league and I need to decide who to keep: Justin Upton or Adrian Gonzalez?


It really depends on the rest of your keeper group as you want to field as balanced of a team as possible. But I wouldn’t be able to pass on Upton’s five category production.


We’re only allowed one keeper.

Hey Zach!

I just drafted for a 10 tm league where we play 6×6 w/ OBP and Ls added. We play c/1b/2b/3b/SS/3OF/1Utility… There are still a lot of hitters on the wire (Duda, Gaby, etc) With this in mind would you trade Berkman and Victorino away for Cargo? It seems smart to maximize talent at each position and rely on wire for bench depth. I would have Billy Butler to play 1st plus whoever I pick up, likely Duda. Thanks


Absolutely make that move. With so much depth on the wire, it makes a lot of sense to gather up as many studs as possible to separate yourself from the competition.


Glad to hear you’re moving back to the podcast specific format. I hate to be the guy who only tells you he didn’t like your girlfriend after you break up but hey, here goes. I think changing the format of the show to suit MLB.TV diluted the programming and made it less valuable and harder to listen to. I found myself wishing they just let you guys be and maybe put a video camera on you while you were recording the podcast! Now that it’s back to the dynamic duo I’ll be regularly listening to the podcasts again! Woohoo!

Agreed, if its like the old style that’ll rock!

I got offered Josh Johnson, Carlos Marmol, and Brandon McCarthy for Roy Halladay and David Price. Take it?

Jon from Texas

Whaaaattt? No! Do not do that!

I also been offered Mat Latos, Matt Capps, Matt Thornton, and……….Vance Worley. I am trying to get 2 soild starting pitchers for ethier Halladay and a solid closer for Price (or the other way around)
Jon from Texas


Capps and Thornton aren’t exactly “solid” closers, and generally I’m not a fan of trades where I receive a bunch of average to good players for a star player. Just too risky. I’ll take quality over quantity any day.



That first trade is a terrible one for you. Pass!


I was think get two guys like Garza and Ricky Romero or top 2 other top 40 pitchers for Halladay. I felt those deals were bad as well, but I wanted to double check.

Hey Zach when’s the 411 draft show this year? Looking forward to it like always!


See above, but our preview show podcast will be available on Monday. The show content is pretty much the same as it would have been if aired on the network but it’s old school style!


Oh of course there won’t be one like before now. Like the old school style though…awesome!

MI needed….who do you think will perform best in a 10 team head to head….Kipnis, A Hill, Cozart, A Escobar, ….I have Kinsler at 2B, A cabrera at SS thx


Kipnis with Hill close behind…for the reasons I discussed on an earlier answer under this thread.


If you’re strategy is a MI in the 2nd round: Kinsler or Hanley?????


Hanley. SS is thinner than 2B this year and I love the fact that Hanley will soon be eligible at both SS and 3B. I’m expecting a rebound.


Good luck at Tout this weekend!
Dave in Delaware

Thanks Dave! I’m sure I’ll have some rookie jitters at first, but I’ll settle down soon enough!


Great news about it going back to the old style podcasts now, don’t think you can beat the classic 411 podcast style.

Any thoughts to cover Pitch or Ditch on it for every pitcher again like before? If so that would be awesome. If not though, then no worries as we’ve always you got on here man! Hope they take phone calls again and we get to hear from the old fans of the 411, can’t wait for it to be back!

I am entering an auction draft for the first time. Its a 16 team 5×5 H2H. I have done several mock drafts 12 teams to get used to it. I am looking for a jumping off point. Right now my philosophy is a predetermined budget to guide me of $190 on hitting $70 on pitching. ( obviously allowing for a adjustments in markets) We have 9 offensive slots, 2sp, 2rp, 3 p…7 subs. I would imagine that dollar values jump by 30% from a 12 team league to 16..is that what you find?


That seems about right, though it’s always dangerous to try to predict this kind of stuff. It’s what makes auctions so challenging!


@MLBSTU: Im in a 12 man h2h points league. I had my draft last night what do you think of my team:

Adrian Gonzalez
Dustin Pedroia
Pablo Sandoval
Dee Gordon
Hunter Pence
Lance Berkman
Nick Markakis
Jemile Weeks
Melky Cabrera
Adam Dunn
Brennan Boesch
Daniel Murphy

We are allowed 3 outfielders and 2 Util Spots. As far as outfielders go i was thinking pence, berkman, markakis, and util its up in the air? I like weeks there goes he gets on bases and gets me steals but im not sure……

My pitching:
Matt Latos
Anibal Sanchez
Ervin Santana
Wandy Rodriguez
Joel Hanrahan
Jim Johnson
Frank Francisco
Kyle Lohse
Phil Hughes

Thoughts on team overall? Thoughts on who my outfielders should be and 2 utils should be?? Pitching is a bit shaky i know.

F411 Team –

Ok, so this year’s snake draft of our 12 team Mixed H2H points league will set up a 5 man keeper league going forward. The points each week are accumulated based on starting 12 bats (C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, 4 OF, CI, MI, and UTL) and 9 arms (any kind) to accumulate the most points to win the week. 6 best regular season records advance to playoffs.

Bat points earned: HR (4) R (1) RBI (1) SB (2) 1B (1) 2B (2) 3B (3) BB (.5)

Arm points earned/lost: IP (2) W (10) SO (1) SV (8) CG (5) L (-2) ER (-1) HA (-.5) BB (-.5)

I had the 9th overall pick this year, and with so many arms going off the board early (20 in the first 4 rounds alone) I focused on grabbing as many bats as possible that kept falling to me – especially with the Keeper League mindset.

My roster is as follows with the round (overall spot I drafted them in) in the snake draft. Position Eligible = 15 games prior year; or 5 games during season:

1(9) = Braun, R (OF)
2(16) = Votto, J (1B)
3(33) = Longoria, E (3B)
4(40) = Zobrist, B (2B)
5(57) = Bourn, M (OF)
6(64) = Andrus, E (SS)
7(81) = Phillips, B (MI)
8(88) = Gordon, A (OF)
9(105) = McCann, B (C)
10(112) = Kendrick, H (UTL)
11(129) = Freeman, F (CI)
12(136) = Hart, C (OF)

Reserve Bat:
24(280) = Joyce, M (OF)

My Arms followed using Cory’s Spreadsheet (1st edition version) to find the most points as all arms are treated the same regardless if Starter or Closer, etc)…

13(153) = Marcum, S
14(160) = Hanrahan, J
15(177) = Hudson, T
16(184) = Feliz, N
17(201) = Chacin, J
18(208) = Dempster, R
19(225) = Betancourt, R
20(232) = Niese, J
21(249) = Floyd, G

Reserve Arms:
22(256) = Leake, M
23(273) = Baker, S
25(297) = Bedard, E
26(304) = Pettitte, A
27(321) = Lynn, L

FYI, Marcum was the 58th arm taken in draft, and Floyd was the 100th arm taken in draft.

Obviously, going bat heavy, forced me to take some INJ recovery risks in Marcum and Hudson and perhaps Feliz and Baker…but hopefully Leake, Pettitte, and even Lynn (and who knows about Bedard but I like that he is NL this year) can produce just enough to compliment the points my bats will produce.

Overall thoughts on this approach and what I assembled?

– BDH in DC


I like the idea but still wouldn’t quite trust Marcum or Hudson serving the role of my ace. The good news is that high-end hitters tend to be more in demand during the season than high-end pitching, so if you get off to a slow start in pitching, it shouldn’t be too difficult to work out a trade.


Zach –

Thanks…yeah, a Trade may have to be worked out to find a trust worthy young arm that may be a keeper. Anyway, I already decided to drop Pettitte (hopefully in the short term) and picked up J. Guerra in the meantime to fill in injury gaps on staff for opening week of action. Fingers crossed these ST injuries are the only major ones and I can deal from strength down the line. I do love my 5 Keeper options heading into next year for sure.


Hey Zach,

Glad to be back and still have you guys for advice and ideas. I had a great draft in my 12 team rotisserie league but I’m looking to get CC Sabathia on my team. I’m a huge Yankees fan but it’s usually hard to get many Yankees without getting them too early to be worth it, I was picking 9th. My leagues roster spots are as follows – all position spots plus 3 Util spots, 5 SP, 4 RP, 3 P, 5 Bench spots.

My team is as follows – SP’s – Zack Greinke, Clayton Kershaw, Roy Halladay, Jhoulys Chacin, Matt Moore, Ryan Vogelsong, Matt Harrison, Mark Buehrle, Mike Leake, Gavin Floyd. RP’s – J.J. Putz, Brett Myers, Matt Thornton, Koji Uehara, Joaquin Benoit. Position Players – Mike Napoli, Billy Butler, Howie Kendrick, A-Rod, Asdrubal Cabrera, Corey Hart, Nick Markakis, Yoenys Cespedes, Miguel Montero, J.J. Hardy, Emilio Bonifacio, Kelly Johnson, Jose Tabata.

I’ve proposed a trade that was accepted, Zack Greinke and Kelly Johnson for Jed Lowrie and CC Sabathia, but I’ve been getting cold feet because Greinke is a strikeout monster and he’s had a crazy spring. It’s basically just a trade for CC because as soon as it’s done I’m dropping Lowrie and picking up Mike Carp from the free agent list. What do you think, should I go through with it?


I’m not in love with that trade for you. The upgrade from Greinke to CC isn’t a huge one. The downgrade from Johnson to Lowrie is a lot more significant. Lowrie is barely worth a roster spot in standard mixed leagues.


I have a commissioner question. I had a deal that was being processed which exchanged my Andre Ethier and Ryan Madson for his Michael Cuddyer and Houston Street. The trade was agreed upon and was in the middle of being processed (though hadn’t yet been finalized by the Yahoo processor) when the news of Madson’s season-ending injury came out. Does the deal still go through, or what?

BTW, good luck in Tout!


Yeah, it definitely goes through…just bad timing for the other guy. You really have no obligation to do anything, except feel bad for him! But if you want to be nice about it you could give him a chance to re-work the trade. The worst kind of injuries for your players to have are the ones that occur before the season even starts.


My last league draft yesterday. I think it’s one of the best drafts I have ever done. (and give all the thanks of that to you) Are there any concerns or holes in the roster?
C Mike Napoil
1B Micheal Cuddyer
2B Dustin Pedroia
3B Ryan Zimmerman
SS Tory Tulowitzki (that is one awesome IF)
OFs Giancarlo Stanton, Chris Young, Coco Crisp, Andre Ethier, Marco Prado
2B/SS J.J. Hardy
1B/3B Gaby Sanchez
Util Paul Goldschmidt
Bench Wilson Ramos, Brandon Belt, Daniel Murphy
SP Davis Price, Madison Bumgarner, Gio Gonzalez, Jamie Garcia, Bud Norris, Vance Worley
RP Craig Kimbrel, Drew Storen, Carlos Marmol (Set on saves)
Jon from Texas


The pitching is great and the power is top notch. You might finish just middle of the pack in speed though, as you’re relying a lot on the injury-prone Crisp to stay healthy.


H2H league and with Soria out for the year I lost a closer. Currently I have Storen, Hanrahan, and Guerra. I picked up Broxton hoping he would be the closer in KC now. Do I have enough saves in these 3 (possibly 4) guys or should I go looking for more?


You can never have enough saves, so if there are guys still out there on the waiver wire with save potential, by all means pick them up. But you’re OK for now. Word is that Storen may miss the first week or two of the season but I wouldn’t desperately overpay for a closer via trade.


Drop Delmon Young for Sean Marshall? Also, Tabata or Lorenzo Cain?

Actually, just rank Javy Guerra, Chris Perez, Sean Marshall, and Sergio Santos. Thanks!


Santos, Perez, Guerra, Marshall. Marshall’s completely unproven in the closer role and now it sounds like he’s not even assured of the job.



Definitely pick up Marshall (if he hasn’t been taken already) but find someone else to drop besides Young. I’m very high on him this year.

As for Tabata vs. Cain, I’ll go with Cain. I’m very excited about his upside and he’s been awfully impressive this spring. I think Cain has more power potential than Tabata and I’m concerned about Tabata’s injury history.


I have been a huge fan of Cory’s composite projections for years and find them to be the best fantasy tool on the internet. I think I may be missing something from the update. There seem to be a lot less players in this version than the one from a month ago and some fairly significant players are missing now, such as Daniel Descalso.

Bonifacio and Stanton for Holliday and Daniel Hudson. Which side?


Fair trade but I’d rather have Holliday and Hudson. They’re the 2nd and 3rd best players in the deal and an argument can be made that Holliday could potentially have a better year than Stanton.


hey well our draft is over….I lost Madson so picked up J Johnson(Balt) as only viable closer left…..I have G Holland and Crain also….U think eithe would get saves? Maybe Chapman? I like to have backups for my position players…what you think of Doumit as a Back up C and Valencia as a Back up 3B?

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