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For those of you who missed the announcement on Twitter: The Fantasy 411 will no longer appear on MLB Network. It will still be available daily on and ITunes and when posted the podcast links will always be tweeted out. We enjoyed our time on MLB Network but have decided to return to our roots that allow us more time to break down baseball, answer your questions and have on the great guests that are out there in the fantasy kingdom.

Below are the three links to find our podcast. Save it in a safe place because starting April 9th you will get a new show each weekday…….Mike

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ***Also note that Cory has updated his composite projections (see link below) to reflect every playing time projection, role change and injury update tweak that he could find. There have been very very minor changes to some rate stats to reflect changing roles (closer changes, lineup order, etc.) but otherwise these numbers are VERY much in line with the rate stats from the original composite projections.


Hey guys,

Technically speaking, the MLB regular season has already begun. Congrats to those of you who drafted Dustin Ackley. Enjoy being in first place! Draft season is almost in the books, so here’s one last update to our list of links to key draft resources. Good luck to all this season and get ready for our daily audio and video podcasts which will begin April 9th.


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Hey Guys,

I have my draft this weekend. We are moving to a live auction draft this year. It is a 10 team 5×5 roto league with OBP rather than Average. As this is my first time doing an auction I am trying to roughly follow a Lima/Rima strategy after reading Shandler’s 2012 Forcaster and wanted your input on the batters I am going after. The $ value is not necessarily what the value is but what I am estimating to pay. I would appreciate any input. Mostly looking for a sanity check as I may be way off here.

Last First Planned $
Ackley Dustin 5
Arencibia J.P. 3
Dunn Adam 5
Gardner Brett 20
Gordon Dee 10
Longoria Evan 35
Quentin Carlos 5
Reynolds Mark 12
Scott Luke 6
Stanton Mike 30
Teixeira Mark 30
Uggla Dan 20
Upton B.J. 20

Looking to grab two starters of Gallardo, Bumbgarner, or Pineda for about $35 and then filling in the rest with the $1-3 guys.

thanks for the help.



Sounds like a good plan but I think your $ values are a little off. Generally speaking, the smaller the league the lower the prices, so I’d actually knock down the numbers by a few dollars for a bunch of those guys, particularly Tex, Stanton, Longoria and Scott (he should cost no more than $1 in a 10-teamer). On the other hand, I think Gordon is worth a little more than $10 considering the elite speed and the thin position.


Hey Fantasy 411,
Had my 10 team auction draft, so on a scale of 1-10 (1 being awful – 10 being below average) how is my outfield?
Coco Crsip
J.D Martinez

Infield is decent with Santana, Tulo, Fielder, Youk, and so on



Not terrible but you’re definitely missing a bona fide #1. The speed is solid but the power is very weak. It’s just not a balanced group. Time to make a trade!


Well is bourn and maybin too much/not enough for say a stanton or j. upton?

How would Maybin and Bourn for maybe a J. Upton or Stanton sound? Just right/giving up too much/ not enough?

Say you were light on speed, what kind of power outfielder would you give up for him? (Maybe a list of 2 or 3?)

I am talking about Bourn in that second part, forgot to mention that.

Hey, quick question, who would you take Bonifacio or Trout for the last bench spot and SB’s don’t really help and I have two base stealers? Who do you think or should I take a pitcher or see how Bonifacio starts out and how Trout starts out

I have Carp so never mind about dropping anyone because I put Carp on the DL should I pick up Henry Rodriguez or Lidge? Or Mike Trout or Mike Minor or Jake Peavy Or Wiggington multi-position player in my league (1B, 3B and OF)


I’d go with Emilio for now as at least we know that he’ll be in the majors to open the season. But definitely closely monitor the Trout situation over the coming weeks. If possible, I’d try to carry both hitters on my roster.


So excited that the 411 is returning to it’s gritty, nerdy podcast roots….
The less production, the better…
It’s like my favorite indie band just left the major label and is back playing the small clubs again.

411 Crew,
14 team 6xkeeper, vanilla head to head.Two questions:
1-been offered Lorenzo Cain for Raph Betancort. My OF is presently-Stanton(K), McCutchen(K), Ellsbury(K), DEsmond Jennings(K) all keepers. Ethier in the UTL spot, Trout sitting on the pine. IS it worth the gamble with all teh power Cain is presently showing? My Closers are Rivera, Papelbon, Raph?, w Mike Adams and Jesse Crain on holds.
2- thinking to offer Porcello or Mike Minor and Gaby Sanchez for Eric Hosmer. I do a fair bit of pitch or ditch so think I can cover the SP. My back 1st baseman is the one and only E5!

I know it is early, but what you think?


Query 411,
with regards to question #1, would an option of Raph Betancourt and Freese for Arod be a better choice?



Yeah, that would be something I’d seriously consider, despite A-Rod’s health issues.



1. I don’t think I’d do it. I’ve been impressed with Cain (drafted him as my #4 OF in mixed tout) but I also wouldn’t go too crazy over spring training stats. Yeah, Betancourt’s job security isn’t that strong with Rex Brothers waiting in line but he is the Rockies’ closer right now and is a very established big league reliever, so I could see him doing well in the role. The chances of Cain being worth a keeper slot heading into next season are slim, and I just think that Betancourt is the better bet to help you win now.

2. Absolutely offer that trade! Hosmer is by far the best player in the deal and the guys you would be giving away won’t be too hard to replace.



I need some help here! As in my earlier post we are about to do our auction draft on Saturday after 5 or so years of doing a snake draft. The commissioner just published the rules for the draft and it states that you are not required to draft a full roster. Everything I have read and researched requires you to hold at least $1 to fill each roster spot which is the point of having the budget. Have you seen any leagues where you are not required to draft a full team? It does not make sense to me but apparently I need some expert opinion to help justify my case that a full team should be drafted or tell me that I am off base and it is not as critical as it seems.



Nope, I’ve never heard of any such leagues. Doesn’t make much sense to me.


In preparing for drafts like everyone else I look at expert projections. I was wondering if anyone ever does any empirical studies that look at the accuracy of prior predictions. IN an industry obsessed with numbers it would make sense. Does anyone know where to find this kind of information?


I’ve never seen anything like that but who knows, they might exist. Good idea anyway. Save the projections somewhere and revisit them at the end of the season. It would be an interesting study.


Just want to say very psyched to get the season going again with you guys.

Hi guys so happy that its baseball time and I have yall to bounce ideas off of. Cbssportsline H2H 10 team weekly points league. I draft position players early and hit the pitchers mid rounds and late.
SP: Cain, wainwright, Latos, Beachy, Scherzer, Neimann, Marcum
RP: League, Hanrahan, santos

Im a little worried about the staff. the likes of dempster, jurrjens, sanchez, leake, and mccarthy are on Waiver wire. Yalls thoughts on picking any of those guys? Do yall think my RPs are solid enough or should I try and upgrade. I wanted Walden but he got picked right before I could grab him so i settled on santos and league.

Thanks love the site, and the show



That rotation is very solid and in a 10-team league there will be tons of useful waiver wire options that emerge during the season. I wouldn’t worry about this at all. You might want to look into upgrading that bullpen at some point but I’d take a wait and see approach for now. No need to rush into doing anything drastic.


hey well I am wondering who would be better as a back up to my SS/MI A. Escobar or Cozart? I took Fowler as one of my 2 back up OF’s with Presley also although Rasmus is till available but he seems to not perform


Escobar is the more experienced big leaguer so I’d go with him for now.


and what about nelson cruz do u think these guys will have their potential type of year or stay away cause of injuries?

Phooey- Cain, Wainwright, Latos, Marcum are all good pitchers you don’t need to worry about, the other three are on the fence but can be good. I’d definitely take a look at Dempster and McCarthy.
Only time will tell if Santos and League get it done this year, just be patient and see how they start off.

Alan- Escobar is due for a nice year I think, I definitely look him over Cozart. Fowler and Presley are nice options but if your team could use some extra pop it might be worth investing in Rasmus.

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