Tout vs LABR Auction Results

For those of you who missed the announcement on Twitter: The Fantasy 411 will no longer appear on MLB Network. It will still be available daily on and ITunes and when posted the podcast links will always be tweeted out. We enjoyed our time on MLB Network but have decided to return to our roots that allow us more time to break down baseball, answer your questions and have on the great guests that are out there in the fantasy kingdom.

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ***Also note that Cory has updated his composite projections (see link below) to reflect every playing time projection, role change and injury update tweak that he could find. There have been very very minor changes to some rate stats to reflect changing roles (closer changes, lineup order, etc.) but otherwise these numbers are VERY much in line with the rate stats from the original composite projections.



Hey guys,

As we head into the final draft weekend, here’s another resource that may be of use to you. Below are two spreadsheets (one for AL and one for NL) that list side by side the AL/NL Tout Wars and AL/NL LABR auction dollar values for all players drafted. T column = Tout, L column = LABR and N = not drafted in LABR but drafted in Tout. It’s organized in the order of the various Tout rosters. Note that while a lot of the values are very similar, since the LABR drafts took place a few weeks before the Tout drafts, there are also a bunch of players (Sean Marshall for one) whose values spiked considerably for obvious reasons.



AL Tout vs LABR

NL Tout vs LABR



Can you tell me why it seems to take an eternity for teams to DL their players? I have Chris Carpenter on my fantasy team and he’s not DLed yet even though he’s officially out for several months. Very frustrating!


Thanks for all the info you have provided over the last month to prepare for the draft. I had my first auction draft in a 10 team mixed league 5×5 roto (with OBP rather than ave) this weekend with 12 hitting spots and 10 pitching (no restriction SP vs RP). This is what I came away with and wanted to hear your thoughts on where I may need improvement. There are no game or innings min or max on any position and we use
Position Lastname Firstname
C Iannetta Chris
1B Teixeira Mark
2B Uggla Dan
SS Gordon Dee
3B Longoria Evan
CI Reynolds Mark
MI Kendrick Howie
OF Crisp Coco
OF Stanton Mike
OF Gardner Brett
OF Upton B.J.
UTL Pena Carlos
B Mayberry John
B Ramos Wilson
B Lee Carlos
B Drew Stephen
B Wells Vernon
Position Lastname Firstname
P Balfour Grant
P Robertson David
P Nicasio Juan
P Bumgarner Madison
P League Brandon
P Myers Brett
P Reed Addison
P Broxton Jonathan
P Gallardo Yovani
P Darvish Yu
DL Pineda Michael

Any advice as always is appreciated.



I like the team but one point of constructive criticism I’ll throw out there is that although you have covered the hitting categories well, you don’t really have any one stat filler. There are big power guys (Reynolds, Uggla, Stanton, Pena) and speed specialists (Gordon). So if a few of those players go down to injury, it would really expose you in those categories. It’s a perfectly fine way to build a team…just not the approach I usually use. Could work out well though. I’m also a little concerned about your closer group as you don’t have any sure things, with the possible exception of League, who did have a very nice season last year but carries a thin closing resume.



Thanks a lot for the quick review! That is a good point that i didnt really look at closely. Was looking at filling the categories more than who could do it across the board. Something to keep in mind for next year.

Thanks and looking forward to the season.

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