2012 Inaugural Pitch or Ditch Category Chart

For those of you who missed the announcement on Twitter: The MLB.com Fantasy 411 will no longer appear on MLB Network. It will still be available daily on MLB.com and ITunes and when posted the podcast links will always be tweeted out. We enjoyed our time on MLB Network but have decided to return to our roots that allow us more time to break down baseball, answer your questions and have on the great guests that are out there in the fantasy kingdom.

Below are the three links to find our podcast. Save it in a safe place because starting April 9th you will get a new show each weekday…….Mike

iTunes Audio Podcast: http://tinyurl.com/32346q8

iTunes Video Podcast: http://tinyurl.com/268r7gz

MLB.com Podcast page: http://tinyurl.com/6xk6cx5

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ***Also note that Cory has updated his composite projections (see link below) to reflect every playing time projection, role change and injury update tweak that he could find. There have been very very minor changes to some rate stats to reflect changing roles (closer changes, lineup order, etc.) but otherwise these numbers are VERY much in line with the rate stats from the original composite projections.



Hey everyone,

It’s never too early for our world renowned Fantasy 411 Pitch or Ditch chart! For those of you new to the 411, here’s how it works.

We’ve divided all of the current starting rotation pitchers in the Majors into five groups: Aces, Grads (pitchers who you should be starting regardless of the matchup), Pitch or Ditch (guys who you should be picking up to start in favorable matchups but do not deserve a regular roster spot), DTMs (guys who we are fed up with and would not start under any circumstances for the time being) and Indifferents (guys who we don’t feel any ill-will towards but who just aren’t that good). Keep in mind that these classifications are very much subject to change throughout the season based on performance and expect frequent updates to the chart.


POD Chart 4-3-12


Hey Zach, 10 team mixed, 6×6 roto (ops and holds). Shallow, but we only have 6 pitchers spots open at any time, 2 SP, 2 RP, 2 P. I have Jansen and Pestano. Would you replace Pestano with Chapman? Secondly, Ackley or Kipnis for backup 2B? Lastly, Encarnacion or Moustakas for backup 3B? Cheers, and thanks for the input over the years.


Pestano vs Chapman is a real toss up at this point being that both will not be closing for the time being. I think I’d start out using Pestano but long term Chapman might be the better option. He has the higher chance of closing by midseason.


AND Ackley over Kipnis, E5 over Moustakas.


Hey Fantasy 411,
Traded Michael Bourn(traded), Anibal Sanchez(traded), and Roy Halladay(traded) for Clayton Kershaw(received) and Shin-Shoo Choo(received), how’d I make out on that trade? I feel I can waiver wire a few replacements for Sanchez.



I like it! Halladay to Kershaw is at worst a wash for you and probably a slight upgrade. Then you’re basically trading Bourn and Anibal for Choo, which is a very reasonable swap. I think you’re getting both the best hitter and the best pitcher in the deal.


Let’s start a most likely to graduate list….my thoughts, in order, are as follows:


I am really high on Hochevar this year.. but then again I was last year too.

Holland or Pestano?


Depends on what you need. But if saves are your focus, Holland has the better chance of closing.


Dee Gordon or Neil Walker? I am a complete Dodger fan. Should I trade power for speed? I am in a total points, 8 team ESPN mixed league.

New Blood,

Gordon. He can single-handedly carry you in a category. The same cannot be said about Walker. He isn’t as much of a difference maker.


I have Werth, D Jennings, Boesch, Bj Upton, Cain as my starting OFs….I have Fowler and Presley as my back ups….would you replace any of these guys with Thames?


Nope. I’d start out with your current group and see what happens.


FAAB bid for M. Trout? (Harper already owned, impatient owner dropped Trout)

12-team Mix, OF is a concern, FA pool very shallow


FAAB budget? Keeper league? I’d definitely put in a decent bid but the keeper factor would obviously influence the number.


Mike – Pestano (Marshall too good), Ackley (barely), Moustakas (E5 is a tease)
Larry – Once the trade’s accepted, the evaluation doesn’t matter – it’s done.
Jaynew4 – Agree on Hochevar/Niemann, maybe Alvarez
Manoman12 – Holland if you’re need saves, Pestano if you just want the best ratios
Alan – Thames can’t crack a MLB OF, he shouldn’t be cracking you’re fantasy lineup either, check the wire, OF’s of his level will always be there. You’ve got upside and some guarantees – Thames doesn’t offer enough of either to replace any of those guys.

5×5 h2h 12 team league but only 2 RP spots. Who is best to replace Storen: Santos, Marmol, Thornton, Broxton, Lidge? I was thinking Santos but I need to make a move today and any help would be appreciated.


Marmol. Yeah, he’s prone to blowups but he can also be unhittable and he has more closing experience than Santos.


Maybe I shouldn’t watch my own guys on TV, I see Hamilton get pulled, then yesterday I watch a highschool pitcher drill Cruz in the elbow. If Bonifacio gets hurt tonight, I’m not watching any of my drafted players for the rest of the year.

… any news on Cruz? all I hear is day-to-day, that’s not vague at all.

On a side note: I’m so glad you guys are not on MLB network anymore, I felt it totally lacked the personal connection with your true fans. I miss the top-5 lists from years ago. Sitting on regular furniture and books on the coffee table all while answering all those viewer emails and tweets. Glad you came back to your roots!

Offered a trade, I get Farnsworth and Brandon Phillips and I give Youkilis, Ryan Roberts and Broxton. What end of the deal gets the upperhand?

I really don’t feel comfortable with Youkilis (Old…er/injuries) and Roberts (Possibly a fluke season last year and he came out of nowhere). On the other hand, I like Phillips with the Reds lineup and while Farnsworth is on the DL, I picked up Peralta today to hold me over.

By the way, I have Gamel as a back-up 3B option for Youk, plus there are decent waiver wire options to combine with Gamel


A very even trade but I do like it for you. Phillips is definitely the best player in the deal and you would be assuring the Rays’ saves. So you’re getting a closer and the clear 2B upgrade for Youk. It’s worth it.


How is it possible that Ricky “Oh” Nolasco is a Grad??? If anyone is DTM (or at best Indifferent), its this cat.

Also, Nicasio may be the first Graduate of the MLB12 season!

Let the games begin…love it…we are finally here!

-BDH in DC

what side wins (standard 5×5 with ops added so 6×5). Teixeira, aramis ramirez, jp arencibia vs joey votto, E5, wilson ramos


I like the Votto side. He gets the edge over Tex and while A-Ram is definitely a more valuable 3B, E5 still carries upside. Plus, I’d take Ramos over Arencibia. So you would be getting upgrades at two of the three positions.



MLB what are you doing! Fantasy 411 not on TV. I will still follow you via the internet. Should I drop Stephen Drew,and pick up Mat Gamel or Loenzo Cain? Diffrent postioions but already have Tulowitzki and Ian Desmond. Really worried Drew does not come back like he should and it could be to long a wait. Am I already pressing and getting rid of a quality player thats on the come back. Not sure what to do but looking for quality instead of position.



Couldn’t you just put Drew on your DL? Even if you can’t though, I’d go ahead and drop him for Cain. I’m just not a big fan of Drew even when he is healthy. I’m very intrigued by Cain’s upside and would rather have Desmond than Drew anyway.



Don’t touch me. Sounds like some women I know!

Peavy in Texas. Hmmm.. Not quite a grad there, yet.
Lannan becomes Detwiler. Otherwise, rock on.


Thanks for the confirmation I picked up Cain and dropped Drew. I would love to put him in DL but already have Justin Upton and Drew Storen in those slots. Feel better now making the move.

Great thanks,

i have more closers than starts in my pitching staff, should i go for starters or closers?

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