Pitch or Ditch for Friday, April 6

For those of you who missed the announcement on Twitter: The MLB.com Fantasy 411 will no longer appear on MLB Network. It will still be available daily on MLB.com and ITunes and when posted the podcast links will always be tweeted out. We enjoyed our time on MLB Network but have decided to return to our roots that allow us more time to break down baseball, answer your questions and have on the great guests that are out there in the fantasy kingdom.

Below are the three links to find our podcast. Save it in a safe place because starting April 9th you will get a new show each weekday…….Mike

iTunes Audio Podcast: http://tinyurl.com/32346q8

iTunes Video Podcast: http://tinyurl.com/268r7gz

MLB.com Podcast page: http://tinyurl.com/6xk6cx5



Danks @ Lewis

Pavano @ Arrieta – Arrieta bears watching though

Sabathia @ Shields

Chen @ Weaver

Vargas @ McCarthy

J. Garcia @ Gallardo

Guthrie @ Wandy – I want to see the Astros lineup a bit before making them an automatic must-pitch opponent

Lincecum @ Kennedy

Billingsley @ Luebke

***SIANO SAYS “I’d start Vargas. The matchup is great. Ditching Guthrie is interesting. Cory brings up a good point about let’s see what they have, but with Guthrie being a former grad and this game not being in Coors if you have him start him. Agree on the rest.”


Let me guess…John Farrell missed out on drafting Santos in his fantasy league.

Hey guys gr8 to be back talking to you.I wonder if you could explain to me I was looking on espn fantasy raankings and dustin pedroia is rated in the 2nd round of drafts while brandon phillips is ranked in the 6th round and if u look at the numbers phillips is just as good just a couple steals lower.how does that make sense?thanx guys


Phillips is still a very solid player but he’s not at the level of Pedroia. Although he did bat .300 last season, Phillips’ AVG has fluctuated significantly from year to year and his SBs have been in decline. Pedroia is pretty much a lock to bat around .300 with 100-plus runs scored and 20-plus steals. While I wouldn’t be shocked if Phillips posts a similar stat line to Pedroia, Dustin is the much safer investment.


Drop Yunel for either Furcal or Cozart in a 10 team league? I need speed but my average is already suspect.

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