Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, April 5

Lester @ Verlander

Hanson @ Santana

Halladay @ Bedard

Strasburg @ Dempster

Romero @ Masterson

Buehrle @ Cueto

Kershaw @ Volquez


***CORY SAYSPitch on all…Dempster and Volquez were awful last year but this is the time to gamble.”

***MIKE SAYS “I’ll agree. I think it’s different than saying ditch on a Lohse since it’s the only game on and at least Dempster and Volquez are at home.”


1 Comment

411 Crew –

So good to have the gang back together and the daily podcasts….remember on Sundays (or really on Mondays prior to games starting), if you can take a look at two-start arms or upcoming key single matchups in Weekly roster lock formats and forecast a PoD write up, that would be much appreciated for us not in daily lineup change PoD formats.


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