Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, April 7-9

MIKE’S PICKS (Bold = Pitch)


Morrow @ Jimenez

Beckett @ Fister

Hochevar @ Haren

Liriano @ Hunter – Not a fan of Hunter I’m ditching.

Kuroda @ Price

Peavy @ Holland – Peavy needs to be watched closely.

King Felix @ Colon  

Gonzalez @ Garza – 411 man crush special!!!

Jurrjens @ Dickey – Yuk. Proceed at own risk. Could be 2-1 or 8-7.

Bumgarner @ D. Hudson – Very nice.

Wainwright @ Greinke – Very very nice.

Moyer @ Harrell – Wow, a guy we’ve known forever vs a guy nobody knows. Ditch.

Lee @ Karstens .

Nolasco @ Latos – Pitch on Latos. Nolasco is anyone’s guess.

Capuano @ Moseley – Blue plate special but I’d ditch and see if these guys can become grads. when match ups are right.


Buchholz @ Scherzer

Carreno @ Lowe – Um, no.

Hendriks @ Hammel – Um, no part 2.

Hughes @ Hellickson – Let’s see what ya got, Jeremy and Phil. Pitch both.

J. Sanchez @ Big Erv – Another 411 delight if Sanchez was in NL.

Floyd @ Harrison – Why not. Pitch both.

Minor @ Niese – Not bad here. Good young matchup.

Zambrano @ Arroyo – No idea what these guys have. I think Z is a sleeper but he still can walk the park. I’ll pass.

Worley @ McDonald

Nicasio @ Norris – Lots of K’s here.

Lynn @ Wolf – Nah but Lynn is interesting to keep eye on.

Zimmermann @ Samardzija – Pitch Zimm, monitor Samarz.

Harang @ Richard – NL West pitchers’ park special.

Cain @ Collmenter


Wilson @ Blackburn

Sale @ Tomlin

Nova @ Matusz – Pitch Nova, early test for Matusz but ditch.

Doubront @ Alvarez – Ditch both but monitor both.

Noesi @ Darvish – Yu gotta pitch! Too soon? Noesi a sleeper but not here.

Mendoza @ Milone

An. Sanchez @ Hamels

Zito @ Chacin

Marcum @ Volstad – Pitch Marcum. If Cory says pitch Volstad, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Westbrook @ Bailey – Pitch Bailey if you’re feeling him.

Jackson @ Pelfrey – E-Jack!!! Pitch. Pelf is scary. No telling.

Beachy @ Happ – A day at the Beachy. Ditch Happ.

                                                                                                                                               ***CORY SAYS: Agree with all but these four:

-Ditch Ubaldo on Saturday. Awful spring. Let’s wait and see.

-Pitch Capuano at San Diego on Saturday; their lineup is better but it’s still a great pitchers’ park and he doesn’t stink.

-Pitch Volstad on Sunday. Major sleeper this year for Masterson-esque breakout. You called it, Mike.

-Ditch Homer on Sunday, but monitor him. Gradual improvements over the past few years and still young enough for a breakout.



-Watch out on Bailey. If he struggles vs. STL, going into WAS may not be easiest task to save the week.

-Remember Kevin Correia last year? Starts out with @SD and @LAD. Wow. Just saying. I’m bidding on him in NL-only.

-Anibal Sanchez gets a start in Philly but then Houston at home so ride it out.

-Cahill gets @ SD which is great but then @COL. I’m nervous about that but it is early.

Rest are fairly obvious.



I am carrying 3 more OF’s then I need since I wanted to assure the best players on the board before filling extra needs. I am only carring one player in the following three slots: Alex villa C, Gaby Sanchez 1B ,and Aarin Hill 2B. Would you drop any of the OF’s I listed below to pick up backups, or at this point wait to see who is not producing in a week or so?

I am looking to add the following players if possible:

Catcher – Devin Mesoraco C , or Chris Iannetta C.
First Base – Adam LaRoche 1B or Ty Wigginton (3B,1B,OF)
Second Base – Mark Ellis 2B , or Darwin Barney 2B

Justin Upton
Alex Gordan
Adam Jones
Jeff Francoeur
Josh Willigham
Jason Werth
Alex Rios
Lorenzo Cain
B.J. Upton – DL


None of those OFs are drop-worthy. If you need to clear out some roster slots, try making a trade so that you can at least get some value back. It’s a waste to simply drop any of those guys, even the lesser ranked ones like Rios and Cain.


Who do you guys see as a better option at 2B/SS? Darwin Barney or Zack Cozart?


Cozart, and it’s not even close. A ton more upside.


What are your thoughts on this trade: sending bourjos and I. Davis/ receiving Emilio bonifacio? In need of a backup guy in both the SS and 3b slots and Emilio is eligible for both. Also I’ve got solid 1b and OF backups covered outside of Davis and Bourjos.

Halladay for Weaver. Who wins?


I’d opt for Halladay and his superb track record but you obviously can’t go wrong with either. Both are clear-cut aces.


@Everyone: What websites do you guys go to/check when you need to pick up another SP on the waiver wire ? I obviously use this site but i need more sites to cross reference – And yeah the more websites/information on pitchers to gamble on the better – Please help me out guys !!!


There are a ton of choices…ESPN, CBS, Yahoo etc. but MLB.com is clearly the best:-)


Minor and Liriano struggled in their starts after starting off strong. Any thoughts or know of any reasons for concern?


I don’t panic about anyone until at least late-April, so no. Many owners make the mistake of overreacting way too early, and now is actually a key point in the season for the savvy fantasy player to take advantage of those ill-advised trades or drops.


Please tell me your thoughts on this trade…:

Send: I. Davis and M. Joyce

Receive: E. Bonifacio.

The additional information worthy of note being that I’m deep at the 1st base and OF positions outside of Davis and Joyce but am in need of both a backup SS and 3B(Bonifacio being eligible for both positions and the OF to boot.) If trade goes thru, Cozart’s a FA in my league, and I intend to pick him up to fill the extra roster spot, his great upside and to have an additional SS if bonifacio’s needed at 3B or OF.


I think you’re giving up too much here. That’s a lot of power to lose, and although Bonifacio’s multi-positional eligibility is appealing, there are also legitimate questions as to whether his 2011 season was fluky. I wouldn’t mind owning him but I also wouldn’t be willing to pay that price. I think his price will only drop as the season wears on.



Does Cruz, Nathan, and Liriano sound like I’m giving too much for Kendrys Morales and Kershaw?


Should I drop Doug Fister for Bud Norris? My DL spot is being used by BJ Upton right now, so no room there to store him. 12 team mixed league 5×5


Nope. That’s actually way too little. I’d be shocked if the other owner accepts the offer.

Many might disagree with me on this one but yes, I would make that move. Norris is probably a little more risky than Fister but he offers far more strikeout upside. He’ll struggle in the Wins department but I never pay attention to wins anyway. And then of course there’s the Fister DL factor on top of all this!


It’s only been a week into the season and already I’m having pitching woes. I have 3 starters on the disabled list and my bench has been depleted. I drafted Carpenter knowing that he would be out for a month or so, but then I quickly lost both Baker and Fister. These are the guys that I have left and they’re all currently starting: Haren, Gallardo, Marcum, Wandy, Danks, Floyd, and Nolasco. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest), how desperately do I need to make a trade for an ace to improve my pitching staff in the short term/long term? My offensive core is pretty good and we play in a very deep league with the addition of both a CI and MI position, so I can afford to part with a guy to pay the price for a quality starter, but I’m trying to gauge when and how to go about this.



In a relatively deep league, that rotation is no worse than average and probably above average, so I wouldn’t worry about this at all. I’ve always felt that the importance of a “elite” SP is overrated and it’s a lot easier to find a quality pitcher off the waiver wire than it is to find a hitter who can make a noticeable difference. Stand pat.


Hey guys.10 team Standard roto. I currently have 5 closers, capps,papelbon,street,francisco and motte. Im thinking of adding jim johnson from the wire but i dont know who to drop.Are 5 closers good enough right now or should i try to drop someone to get another closer?the other pitchers i have are cain,hamels,wainwright,c.j wilson,bedard,nolasco,buchholz,dickey.Delmon young on the bench too. Thanks


Although five closers are more than enough, I’m all for hoarding as many closers as possible, if for no other reason than to keep them away from the competition. After all, saves is a category and there are a finite number of them available. I think I’d drop Buchholz to pick up Johnson.


Drop Yunel for either Furcal or Cozart in a 10 team league? I need speed by my average is already suspect.


While I’m not going to give up on Escobar based on 19 at-bats, I have been impressed with Furcal so far and as long as he stays healthy (far from a sure thing),he’ll definitely give you more steals than Yunel. I’m fine with that move.


hey would you pick up Billingsley ….would you drop one of these for him….Lincecum, E Santana, Gallardo, Worley, Moore, Morrow? Also do you think Rasmus may produce this year….could drop Fowler or Doumit for him


Yes on Billingsley but I still wouldn’t take him over any of your current guys. If Doumit is just sitting on your bench, yeah I’ll take a chance on Rasmus and drop Doumit.


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