Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, April 10


Moore @ Porcello

Humber @ Masterson – I’ll gamble on Humber early.

F. Garcia @ Chen

Bard @ Drabek – If Bard throws a great game but the bullpen blows it will the world cave in on itself out of irony?

Beavan @ Feliz

Duffy @ Godfrey – Good matchup to gamble on Duffy.

Correia @ Kershaw

Lohse @ Leake – Not gonna push my luck on Lohse in Cincy.

Detwiler @ Gee – Gee is a deep sleeper this year… gamble early.

Hanson @ Weiland

Narveson @ Maholm – Narveson worth an early season gamble in deeper leagues.

Cahill @ Volquez

***MIKE SAYS “If you can gamble on Humber on road I think you can gamble on Porcello at home vs. Rays so I’ll pitch Porcello. Volquez risky but at least he is home. Could go either way so I’ll pass and see if he does well. Could be home play going forward. I picked up Correia in my NL-only for the two-start week vs. LA and @SD. In mixed leagues I’ll pass. Agree on rest.”


10 team 5×5 roto keeper with OBP instead of BA and play 2 Util spots. Every year we can keep 4 hitters and 2 pitchers or 3 hitters and 3 pitchers.

I know it’s early for trades but I’ve been offered this deal.

I would give Granderson and Bumgarner and receive Kershaw and a throw in (Duda,Cain ,Alonzo?). On the waiver wire is Rios, Boesch, Carlos Lee, Prado, M
Joyce, Gaby Sanchez for OF/Util add.

My present outfielders (start 3) and Util spots are J Upton, Grandy, Markakis, Maybin, Adam Jones, B Butler

My arms are Haren, Gallardo, Madison B, Darvish, Garza, Beachy, C Sale, Marcum, Billingsley.

Should I accept?

As always,


Pass. Your pitching is fine as is. To me, Granderson for Kershaw is pretty much a fair trade (maybe slight edge to Kershaw but that’s it) so why exactly would you need to include Bumgarner, who has major breakout potential? I wouldn’t at all be surprised if he’s a top-25 SP by year’s end. This trade wouldn’t make much sense for you.


Would you start Duffy this week over Nicasio who’s home against ‘Zona?


Yes, absolutely! I don’t like the Arizona matchup at all.


For the pitch or ditch for Tuesday April 10th, how would you rank the pitchers from most favorable to least favorable. All these pitchers are available in my league except for Moore, Masterson, Feliz, Kershaw, Lohse, Hanson, Cahill, and Volquez. Thanks guys, much appreciated.


In order, Humber, Duffy and Leake would be my top 3. Gee is close behind.


Thanks. That’s where I was leaning too. It’s just the fact of getting probably the best SP for the next 10 yrs in a keeper league that was intriguing.

Std roto-10 team. Should i try to make a trade for stolen bases or quality starting pitching or stay pat? My team has jemelie weeks,dee gordon,figgins,adam jones,howie kendrick for steals and my rotation has cain,hamels,wainwright,c.j wilson,buchholz,dickey,bedard,nolasco. Thanks


No, stand pat. No panic trades allowed four days into the season! Rotation is fine. Speed is fine.


Hey guys, thanks for all the work you’ve done leading up to the season! I really appreciate all the help.

Cozart is available in my 10 team h2h league. My SS aren’t great but they’re solid, I feel. I have Alexei and Peralta. Is it worth dropping one of those guys to add Cozart? We also have offensive categories for xbh, tb, and bb. If I were to drop one of those guys I think it would be Peralta but am open to other opinions. Thanks!


I’d stand pat. Stick with the guys with the track records. It’s too early to jump on an unproven Cozart in favor of Alexei or Peralta.


Chacin’s having a rough start#1. I also have Luebke and Vargas. Should I ditch one of these mediocres in favor of Fernando Rodney who seems to be acting as the Rays’ closer? I actually have no real RP on my team right now since I have Luebke and Sale who are listed as RP.


I have no problem with you dropping Vargas to pick up Rodney. Way too early to worry about Chacin or Luebke though.


I’ve got a couple of bench slots currently held down by De Aza and Fowler. They’re Monday/Thursday guys (starting OF is Ellsbury, McCutchen, Holliday, Austin Jackson & Brennan Boesch). Is it too early to drop either for Alex Presley? Thanks


Although Presley probably deserves a pickup, I still prefer De Aza and Fowler for the time being.


Hey Zach,
I hope you’re doing well. My pitching staff isn’t in a 10 team, H2H. The current staff:
Daniel Hudson, Josh Johnson, Ricky Romero, Brandon Morrow, Justin Masterson, Francisco Liriano, Craig Kimbrel, Sergio Santos, Carlos Marmol, and Chris Perez
Here is what is available:
Chris Sale, Matt Harrison, Edinson Volquez, Ricky Nolasco, Luke Hochevar, and Matt Harrison.
I know it’s early….but make a move or stand pat? Thanks for all of your advice.
Rich D.


I’d add Sale for Liriano, who was horrible last year and very shaky in his 2012 debut. I’m just not a fan of his.


Hey 411,
What are your thoughts on Tulowitzki (Trading) for Braun (Receiving)? My outfield is average with Shin Soo Choo being my best outfield and my other shortstops are J Peralta (while I think he is average, his numbers should be better than normal with that line up) and Rafael Furcal (Potential last hurrah).
By the way this is a ten team keeper league: Braun and Tulo are both $37
Thanks again,


A real toss-up but I would give the edge to Braun despite the position factor. I just think he’ll help you more in all five hitting categories. Tulo doesn’t really run much these days and is also somewhat injury-prone. The fact that you have Peralta is another factor in favor of Braun.


hey i made a trade for Nelson Cruz, Carlos Lee, and John Axford giving up Ian Kennedy and Jemile Weeks i needed a reliever, and outfielder. There are a couple second basemen available. Rickie Weeks, Ben Zobrist, Neil Walker, Gordon Beckham, Howie Kendrick, Daniel Murphy, Omar Infante, Kipnis, or Altuve. Was that a good trade and who should i pick for a 2nd basemen is a H2H scoring.Thanks


Yeah, that was a great trade, and I have no idea why Rickie Weeks and Zobrist are available in your league. Is it a 6-teamer or something? Pick up Zobrist immediately!


4 pitch or ditch tuesday can u rank bard humber duffy thanks


Duffy, Humber, Bard with Bard being the clear #3. I need to see how he handles starting and @TOR is a scary matchup.


411 crew,
14 team vanilla, 6 keepers mixed head to head. Bryce Harper has just been put on the block but will cost a closer I have Rivera, Papelbon, Betancourt to choose from and maybe another pitcher. I presently have Trout dusting the pine leaving 5 bench spots. I know it is a hard pick, but who will be the better in the long term. I see Harper getting up before Trout, so may trade Trout if I can grab Harper. Your thoughts.



I’m no prospects expert so I’ll defer to the general consensus among those who are in the know that Harper carries the highest upside of any of them. Always tough to predict though. By the way, I’d definitely be open to dealing Betancourt for Harper.


Should I start Kyle Lohse or Dillon Gee? Also, should I pick up Jeff Samarzjia ( sorry for spelling), Barry Zito, Frank Francisco, or none of them?


On the above post, we recommended starting Gee and sitting Lohse, so there you go. Anyone who is getting saves is worth having on your roster, so definitely grab Francisco. He’s doing a nice job so far and has really secured his spot as the unquestioned Mets’ closer.


Good morning Zach,
Asdrubel Cabrera and Carlos Marmol (giving) for Johnny Peralta and Mike Morse (receiving). I can afford to let a RP go as I have four in total. Who’s getting the better end of this deal? Thanks.

Rich D.


A very fair trade. If you need the power boost, go for it!


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