Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, April 11


Danks @ Masterson

Lester @ Romero

Shields @ Verlander

Chen @ McCarthy – yep, I said “pitch” on Bruce Chen

Sabathia @ Arrieta – need to see more from Arrieta before trusting him vs. the Yankees

Millwood @ Lewis

Weaver @ Pavano

J. Garcia @ Cueto

Strasburg @ J. Santana

Gallardo @ Dempster – one more good start from Dempster and he’s a graduate again

Saunders @ Luebke

Johnson @ Halladay – oh baby!!

Delgado @ Wandy – not using Delgado yet

Lincecum @ Guthrie

Bedard @ Billingsley – both were surprisingly effective first time out

                                                                                                                                                ***MIKE SAYS “Agree on all. Chen went into LAA and shut them down so why can’t he do the same in Oakland? Shame on us if he blows up but let’s feel the rush. I am very tempted on Dempster but I too shall say pass since the Brewers in Wrigley could get ugly if he doesn’t have his best stuff.”

                                                                                                                                               ***ZACH SAYS “Since it’s early in the season, I’d roll the dice on Dempster. Brewers lineup is good but not elite and at least you know you’ll get some strikeouts. Saundo was 3-1 with a 1.47 ERA in four starts vs. SD last year. Blue-plate special for those of you in deeper leagues. Tempted to pitch Guthrie vs. SF but since it’s at Coors I’ll also say pass. Agree on rest.”


Just grabbed I. Davis off waiver wire (quick trigger owner cut him) and decided to drop M. Joyce. Any concerns over the valley fever or is this a no-brainer as I think it is for depth at CI and UTL?



No, I’m not concerned at all about Davis. Not sure I would’ve dropped Joyce to pick him up though if I had other decent options but Davis is definitely a no-brainer pickup.


Yeah, debated about Joyce, but thought it made the most sense. My 12tm H2H pts “5man keeper” lg bats are McCann, Votto, Phillips, Longoria, Andrus, Kendrick, Freeman, Bourn, Braun, Gordon, Zobrist, and Hart. My arms are Bedard, Betancourt, Chacin, Dempster, Feliz, Floyd, Guerra, Hanrahan, T. Hudson, Leake, Lynn, Marcum, Nicasio, and Niese. I know some of my arms are PoD, but figured I needed the roster space bench wise for streaming arms vs locking it up by holding onto Joyce?

hey guys, my rotation is haren shields beckett daniel hudson johan santana and liriano and besides for santana they all got rocked the 1st start should i start looking for a trade or u think this rotation will be good enough?


Yes, it’s good enough. Let’s not go crazy over a one-start sample size.


My league only allows for 2 RP’s so I ended up with Storen and Motte and after putting Storen on the DL I picked up Santos and got Aceves since I can play him in as a SP. The only actual closer left out there is Marmol and I can’t tell if I should make a move or even stick with 3 closers as they seem to be hurting me more than helping me. 12 team H2H 5×5. Thanks!

Lidge is also available and some other RP’s that are part of committee bullpens.


Definitely pick up Marmol. He still has solid job security and while he blows up at times he can also put together dominant stretches. No closer really belongs on the waiver wire, especially a guy with Marmol’s abilities.


Is Chris Davis a good idea to pick up in exchange for a guy like Loney or Helton?


If your main need is power, picking up Davis for Loney (I slightly prefer Helton) isn’t a bad idea. But personally, I’d stay away. I’m just not a fan of Davis and his strikeouts and overall inconsistency.


Wow some brutal first week on my teams, at least in the pitching department. Cain, Mad-Bum, Gio, Luebke, Yu and even closers C Perez and Santos all getting a good shellacking. I know its not a time to worry but it sure is frustrating having so many guys start bad, any concerns with any of the guys (possible trade away candidates)?


Nope. Too early. But I do suggest picking up Pestano if you’re a Perez owner. I can definitely see a closer controversy in Cleveland at some point this year, and it might be sooner rather than later.


hey well wondering what you think of picking up David Murphy(Tex) and dropping any of the following….Cain, Fowler, Kipnis, Aviles….I just picked up Chipper and dropped Doumit so also have I davis for CI on my bench


If you don’t need Aviles for his MI eligibility, I’m fine with you dropping him for Murphy. I just don’t see much upside in Aviles, and his spotty track record suggests that he’ll have a hard time hanging onto an everyday job for the whole season.


Or would you drop one of them for Billingsley


Yeah, Billingsley is a must-pickup. I’d drop Aviles for either one, depending on your needs.


I have six starting pitchers and I want to get rid of one to open a space in my batters lineups. I have Loshe, Gallardo, Greinke, Daniel Hudson, C.J. Wilson, Mark Buehrle. I am in a 20 player 6×6 keeper league. I have Ryan Howard in my DL spot and thats going to open up here possibly next month. Please help thanks Guys!!!!


Tough call between Lohse and Buehrle, but since Lohse has gotten off to such a hot start, I’d drop Buehrle. I still like Buehrle this year though, but you have such a strong front four that his loss isn’t really a big deal.


Hi guys 10 team H2H weekly points cbssportsline league. Got a reliever question for yall. I have B League, J hanahran, and S Santos. I feel good about Hanahran but not so much about league and have no faith in santos but its early. Javy Guerra LAD is just sitting there on the waiver wire screaming at me to drop santos for him. Am I bailing on Santos too soon, I didnt want him in the first place but missed out on the second reliever canidates I wanted in my draft so I dont know if my thoughts on him are unbiased

Thanks you guys are my goto fantasy baseball guys every season Keep up the good work


what up zach,

12 team h2h 6×6(ops & L) only get 40 waiver adds on the year:

i am short at 3rd base. currently have figgins and r. roberts, chipper is on the bench. who do i ditch?

my team:
c – santana
1 – votto
2- pedroia
3 – figgins
ss- rollins
of – hamilton, bruce, maybin
ut – morales
bn – r. roberts, cabrera, e. aybar

i think i waited too long on pitching because my staff is weak:
sp: d. hudson, romero, mccarthy, j. zimmerman, minor
rp: papelbon, nathan, francisco, broxton
dl: storen

overall, what do think of the team?


Overall, that’s a solid team. I don’t think that you’re weak at pitching at all, and over the course of the whole season I have more faith in Roberts than Figgins.


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