Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, April 12


Niemann @ Smyly – so bullish on Niemann this year that I’ll try him in Detroit
Haren @ Liriano
Vargas @ Holland
Latos @ Gonzalez
Greinke @ Garza
Bumgarner @ Moyer
Buehrle @ Blanton – this isn’t the 2009 Phillies
Kennedy @ Bass – Bass is one to watch in deeper leagues
Karstens @ Capuano – good matchup to gamble on both
***ZACH SAYS “I’d pass on Liriano. He was awful last year and mediocre in his 2012 debut. I need to see some consistency over a multi-start stretch before I can trust him again. Maybe I’d pitch him vs. a weak lineup, but the Angels offense is far from weak. Agree on rest.”


Is Samardzija a good pick up right now? My current pitchers are Weaver, Axford, Brandon McCarthy, Balfour, Jonathan Sanchez, Jurrjens, Kimbrel, Clippard, Hanrahan, Jordan Zimmermann and Vance Worley. I could also give up Helton or Loney and I would still have a full lineup.


Samardzija needs to do more than pitch just one great game to fully earn my trust. That said, I really don’t have a problem with you picking him up for Loney since he’s merely a bench player for you anyway.


Is it too early to drop Chacin? I was kinda wary of bidding on him during draft, paid $7 and it seems like its been instant regret ever since. Kinda feel like this guy is gonna make me sick quite often this year.
The rest of the staff is Weaver, Gallardo, Zimmerman, Beachy, Luebke, Sale, Pomeranz, and Tommy Milone plus this guy Chacin.
Made a trade for Storen (please come back), picked up Marshall and Henry Rodriguez..

Available waiver wire guys would be Nicasio, C. Richard, Zito, Duffy, Hunter, Drabek , Miley. What are your thoughts?


Stick with Chacin. I’m not in love with any of those waiver wire guys and Chacin deserves a little more patience.


Hammel is also available

10 team h2h. Carlos Lee just went to the waiver wire. I already have Fielder and Gaby Sanchez as my 1B. Is Sanchez any better or worse than Lee? I have the #2 waiver order and I’m not sure if it’s worth it or not. Very rarely does anyone worth a waiver spot even hit the wire in this league so that’s why I feel like I might as well use it here and try and get some value. I also have Billingsley on my team and depending on how well he does tonight, he’d be the guy I drop. Thanks for the advice!


I’d try to add Lee regardless, but if it comes down to Lee vs. Sanchez I’d still give the younger Sanchez the edge. Lee’s best days are clearly behind him while Sanchez is hitting in a young and exciting lineup.


Hey 411,

Kershaw trade follow up:

10 team 5×5 roto keeper with OBP instead of BA and play 2 Util spots.

Every year we can keep 4 hitters and 2 pitchers or 3 hitters and 3 pitchers.

I know it’s early for trades but I’ve been offered this deal.

I would give Bumgarner, Garza and Maybin and receive Kershaw and Austin Jackson.

My present outfielders (start 3) and Util spots are J Upton, Grandy, Markakis, Maybin, Adam Jones, B Butler.

My other bats are Mauer, Votto, K Johnson/ Utley, S Castro, Longoria

My arms are Haren, Gallardo, Madison B, Darvish, Garza, Beachy, C Sale, Marcum, Billingsley.

Should I accept?

Thanks once again,


Tempting but I’d pass. I like the depth of your starting rotation and although you’d be getting the best player in the deal, you’d be giving up two high-end #2 SPs while also taking the OF downgrade. I like both Bumgarner and Garza a lot this year.


Hey Lincecum has looked very poor all through spring and now through his 1st 2 starts, will he be any better or would you look elsewhere for a different starter…or think maybe bench him for a couple of starts and see if he improves…..with velocity down he worries me

Tim Lincecum has another bad game. So, two bad games so far. Although I am not expert and have him in my fantasy team. I recommend benching him until he produce a good game. It is better to give up a WIN from him than earning a Lost with high era and whip.


Too early to do something that drastic. The guy has been a top-5 SP for years now and deserves a much longer leash than two starts.


what your take on Johan Santana for this season


A great guy to have on your team, particularly since you likely didn’t invest heavily in him. That said, it’s unfair to expect him to return to his Cy Young form. Still, low-risk, high-reward.


Is Jeff Niemann vs Detroit lineup a bit risky? Detroit has MIguel Cabrera, Prince Fielder, Austin Jackson, Alex Avila, and many more. They all batters that can produce at least a few runs in any given game. Jeff Niemann might win, but I feel you will earn a high ERA. Drew Smyly will debut tomorrow for Detroit and against Rays offense. Surely, the Rays offense will chew him up. I have Jeff Niemann in my team, but I will play it safe and bench him.

I’m looking to pick up a backup 1B who would you recommend out of these: Gaby Sanchez, Mark Trumbo, Edwin Encarnacion, or Carlos Pena? 10 team h2h.


Those guys are all very similar in value. I think I’d go with E5 for now, but in a 10-teamer there will always be solid waiver wire options, so feel free to go in a different direction should Encarnacion struggle.


Hey Guys,

Fill in Seager or Figgins in at 3B for today (I have an incomplete roster and can pick one up to fill in).



Seager. I’ve been really impressed with him thus far and am not sold on Figgins’ return from the dead just yet.


Just wanted to recognize the good advice. Picked him up and just hit a solo shot!


So Baker’s done with season ending surgery. Would you drop him and pick up Ryan Vogelsong in his place since Vogelsong is expected to come off the DL this Sunday? Or would you recommend one of these other guys: Zito, Clayton Richard, Danny Duffy, Ross Detwiler, Hammel, Arrieta, Milone, Tommy Hunter, Lowe, Matt Harrison, or Westbrook. I wish I had better options, but I think Vogelsong should do just fine.



I’d go with Vogelsong for now. He deserves a shot considering his outstanding 2011. But keep close tabs on those other guys as at least one of them might prove to be a better option in the long run.


I have Kipnis and Aviles on my bench right now….would you keep both or drop one….I have Kinsler and Cozart and A Cabrera as my starting MI maybe looking for a spot for another starting pitcher(Santana-NYM)…..what is your take on Rivera(OF)…is he worth a roster spot


That’s too many MIs. I’d go ahead and drop Aviles and pick up Johan. Rivera’s also worth a spot but Johan is the bigger difference maker right now.


thx Zach I picked up Johan and dropped Aviles,,,,,,last one I have Werth/Boesch/ Jennings/ BJ as OFs and wondering if you would drop Cain, Fowler, or Presley for Rivera? Of course When BJ is back he will be put in the starting 5 Have a few open slots today due to teams day off


Nah, sit tight. I still prefer the guys you have, at least for the next couple weeks.


besides Rivera what is your take on Schafer? Think he would get on base enough to make his speed a factor in a 10 team head to head league

Schafer is an intriguing option in deeper leagues but he’s simply not 10-team mixed material. Let’s not go crazy over one 3 SB game.


I need some steals, should I pick up Angel Pagan or Jordan Schafer?


Well, right now I’d say Schafer just because Pagan is in a terrible slump. Long-term, Pagan is probably the better choice but I couldn’t bring myself to pick him up at this time.


Hi Zach,

I hope you are doing well. I have a chance to add either Ivan Nova or Chris Sale as I need SP help. Which would you favor and why?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Rich D.


I’d say Sale for his high strikeout upside. Yeah, Nova struck out seven in his debut, but you just can’t expect him to deliver you strikeouts on a consistent basis. Sale might be a little more risky, but the reward is significant.


I have B.J. Upton on my team & with him on the DL and Johnny Damon getting signed today, should I drop B.J. for Damon?

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