Pitch or Ditch for Friday, April 13


Big Erv @ Kuroda

Price @ Beckett – not panicking about Beckett

Scherzer @ Peavy – not panicking about Max

Lowe @ Hochevar

Hunter @ Morrow

Harrison @ Swarzak – the Twins could be this year’s team to pick on

Colon @ King Felix

Samardzija @ Wainwright – tough matchup for The Shark but let’s see if he’s legit

McDonald @ Cain

Arroyo @ Zimmermann

Dickey @ Lee

Harrell @ Nolasco

Wolf @ Jurrjens – either/or/both/neither

D. Hudson @ Nicasio – not trusting Nicaso in Coors vs. a good offense, yet

Richard @ Harang

                                                                                                                                                ***ZACH SAYS “I’d pass on Samardzija. Don’t trust him yet and the Cardinals aren’t exactly the team you want to test to see if he’s legit. I’ll also roll the dice on Harangatang at home vs. the Padres, aka my favorite team to pick on! Agree on rest.”


-The one time a year I’m not the biggest BIG ERV fan ever but pitch.

-Peavy wasn’t awful in Texas first start but another tough opponent in a hitters’ park. I’m not going to pick him up but if he’s on my team already I’d start him.

-Hunter coming off a good one but that was Minny. If he survives in Toronto maybe we start thinking about him. Ditch.

-Cory feeling it on TD Jesus, me not so much.

-James McDonald my blue plate special.

-No problem with trotting out Clayton Richard. It’s basically a home game.  Harang wasn’t good last time out so he’s a pitch if you dare.


Zach –

Continuing our conversations from prior PoD thread….After picking up I. Davis and dropping Joyce, I was doing it to leave margin for error on my Weekly PoD roster spots vs carrying two extra bats (start 12 bats and 9 arms each week). So, in my 12tm H2H pts “5man keeper” weekly lg my bats are McCann, Votto, Phillips, Longoria, Andrus, Kendrick, Freeman, Bourn, Braun, Gordon, Zobrist, and Hart (currently Davis on Bench). My arms are Bedard, Betancourt, Chacin, Dempster, Feliz, Floyd, Guerra, Hanrahan, T. Hudson, Leake, Lynn, Marcum, Nicasio, and Niese (again start 9 of these each week). I know some of my arms are PoD, but figured I needed the roster space bench wise for streaming arms vs locking it up by holding onto Joyce as 2nd bench bat.

Well now it turns out, an owner dropped D. Fowler. Can you rank Joyce, Davis, and Fowler as options and if you would start any of them over my other OF/ULT/CI bats, etc, and suggest what arms I should drop (and hope they are around for PoD weeks needed, etc) if I was to pick up 1, 2, or all 3 of these FA bats.

Just so you know, I am trying to work a trade to perhaps move my bat depth for a stronger arm(s); but as we have talked about, in this H2H format, I dont dislke the production the arms give me, as I expect my projected STUD bats will produce as expected to lead me to many victories, etc.

Appreciate any guidance on Joyce, Fowler, Davis, etc.


I’d definitely rank Davis #1 based on early-career results and potential. Joyce vs. Fowler is fairly close but I think I’d stick with Joyce. It looks like you’re very strong in speed already and that’s basically all Fowler brings to the table at this point. He’s also very injury-prone.


10-team HTH points league. Drop Brandon McCarthy for Jake Arrieta? Also, should I be worried about Sergio Santos this early into the season?


No and no! McCarthy remains a 411 favorite to break out this year and long-term for the season, I’d feel a lot more comfortable with him than the less experienced Arrieta. As for Santos, I’m not concerned. He looked good his last time out, nailing down the save while handing the W to a dominant Ricky Romero.


Hi guys,
What happened to the podcast? 10 mintues? You’re much too good to give us such a short show.
Hope to get much more 411 awesomeness in the coming shows.

Jerusalem, Israel


Could pick up two of these for today’s start: Harang, Harrell, Harrison, Peavy, Richard, Swarzak, or Wolf. Thoughts? Could you rank them in case one is grabbed before I get to them?

thanks as always,

Also who would you keep for catcher Ramos or Lucroy – Ramos would be eligible as a keeper at $1 (not that he likely will be) and lucroy is not eligible.

Ramos. It’s very close though. I also think that Ramos will land up getting more ABs than LuCroy considering how impressive Kottaras has been.



My top three, in order, would be Harrison, Harang and Richard. Definitely steer clear of Peavy vs. a scary DET lineup.


I have been offered a trade in a points league: Scoring Cats are Hits, walks, doubles, triples, HR, RBI, Runs, SB and errors. Wins, Loss, Save, Hold, Innings, K’s, walks, hits, and Earned Runs. I give Tommy Hanson and David Wright for A-Ram, Anibel Sanchez, Mariono Rivera. It is crazy not to jump on this offer correct?


Yeah, definitely make that trade. Hanson’s health issues over the past year or so are concerning and it’s very reasonable to think that Anibal could have the better year. Then it’s a matter of Wright for Ramirez and Rivera, which is a no-brainer.



i’ve decided to concentrate on hitting and starting pitching, and essentially ditch the closer catagory. my only reliever is Chapman. i have an abundance of starting pitching with the intention of spot starting a few guys to save on innings and play the matchups. my bench position players are only Andino (2nd, 3rd, SS) and either Boesch or D Young). my starting lineup is solid from top to bottom.

my question: i’m trying to justify dropping a starter to pick up either Clippard (steal wins) or another versatile bench option.

i have:
King Felix
Chapman (my one reliever currently)

I’m an Os season ticket holder so i’ve seen enough of Arrieta to know he has ace stuff but i’m concerned about him facing more AL East and not getting a ton of run support. Volquez i think will be fine assuming he cuts down on BB this season. love the run support for Holland and Harrison and gotta say I love that Samardzija was hitting 97 in the 9th of his first start.

I wanna drop McCarthy but i need someone to convince me to do so. Felix is my pitcher who might suffer from run support the most so i’m not sure having a guy like McCarthy makes sense. He’s solid but unspectacular and will likely end up with a losing record and/or a ton of no decisions.

if i drop McCarthy, should i consider dropping anyone else? i could use another bench guy I suppose (or a bullpen vulture like a Clippard or another 8th inning guy who could steal some wins).



First off, I’m not a fan of ditching any category, so right from the start I wouldn’t have followed that strategy. I’d actually try to deal one or two of those SPs for a reliable closer. You really don’t need 10 SPs! The problem here is that I like all those starters to the point where I wouldn’t drop any of them to pick up Clippard. I just don’t see the point. BTW, I think you’re a little too concerned with Wins, but that’s another story! Anyway, my approach would be to forget about middle relievers and look to use your excess starting pitching to obtain at least one and maybe two decent closers. Should you choose not to do that, just stand pat.


When is Fantasy 411 coming back on the MLB network?


We’re not! See the announcement on the top of many of the blog posts from late-March through early-April.


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