Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, April 17


Liriano @ Sabathia – Don’t trust Liriano in this matchup

Niemann @ Romero

Lewis @ Lester

W. Chen @ Danks – Risk/reward on Danks

Smyly @ B. Chen

Ross @ Haren

Masterson @ Millwood

Wandy @ Gonzalez

Dempster @ Johnson

J. Santana @ Delgado – Gamble on Delgado in deeper leagues?

Billingsley @ Gallardo – Is Billingsley “for real”? This will help find out

Cueto @ Lohse – Cincy not scoring much these days so roll with Lohse for now

Bass @ Moyer

Karstens @ Kennedy

Blanton @ Bumgarner


-Blanton not a bad gamble if needy. Can’t believe I’m saying that but the matchup  works.

-I was fairly impressed with W. Chen his last start, if he does well here he starts to get on radar.

-Niemann risky and against better judgment but I’ll trust CS here.

***ZACH SAYS “In deeper leagues, I’d roll the dice on Blanton. I picked him up in my NL-only for the two-start week as you can’t really get a more favorable pair of matchups than @SF and @SD. He’s a must-play in NL-onlys. In a 12-team mixed, I’m OK with sitting this one out and pitching him vs. the Pads if he does reasonably well on Tuesday. Not that I don’t like Niemann this year, but I’m not gambling on him @TOR. Too scary.”


pick one…niemann or danks.


Danks. As I mentioned, I’m very scared of Niemann’s matchup. The Jays’ lineup can put up big numbers at home.


Someone just dropped ryan Howard in my league. should I pick him up and put him in a DL slot? Right now my DL player is Morse.


Yeah, it sounds like Morse and Howard will return to action at around the same time. If anything, I think Howard will be the first to come back. All things equal, Howard is the more attractive option, so if you only have the one DL spot, I’d use it on Howard.


hello with brain wilson likely going down for the season who do you think i should pick up to get saves in san fransico i know they say that it might be a comittee between 3 whos the best option


Cory and Mike discuss this on today’s podcast so make sure to listen to it. The sense is that it’s between Romo and Casilla so ideally you should try to pick up both of them. Romo’s stuff translates well to the closer role but it’s possible the Giants decide that he’s more valuable to them in a setup capacity.


How confident are you about Josh Johnson vs cubs?


I know he’s gotten off to a somewhat mediocre start, but Johnson’s the kind of guy who you have to pitch regardless of the matchup…until he gets hurt, which will probably happen eventually!


Being a Mariner fan, I have gotten to see a lot of A’s games early in the season. I am a Yoenis Cespedes owner and, while his power is impressive, his strikeouts worry me. Should I shop him after 3 early HRs? What is reasonable to ask? I need some speed. Would Brett Gardner be too much? Too little? How about Cameron Maybin?


I’m generally not a huge believer in making trades this early in the season, but if you need speed and could get either Gardner or Maybin (Gardner being my first choice) for Cespedes, a guy with two weeks of big league experience who we have no idea how he’ll produce going forward, by all means do it.


Offered both trades to 2 different owners and the Maybin one was accepted. I’m happy about it. Cespedes has looked quite over-matched at times and I think as the league figures him out it will happen even more frequently.

My OF is Werth/ Boesch/ Jennings/ Presley/ Fowler with BJ and Cain on the DL so you think they all have more upside/potential than Reimold? My OF is the weak link that I see for my team…..do you think Ike Davis/ K morales/ or Chipper could be offered for a more consistent outfielder? Would you start Kipnis at DH over those 3


I need to see more from Reimold before starting him over any of your current guys. He’s shown flashes of brilliance in the past before flaming out, so I’m not sold yet. In terms of Davis/Morales/Chipper, I’d continue using those three over Kipnis for now.


what do you mean by podcast you mean the show cause i dont see the 411 show on my guide anymore did they do away with it sorry for not knowing what you mean also


We’re no longer on MLB Network this year. Rather, we are doing daily podcasts (audio and video versions available) that can be found on iTunes and the MLB.com podcast page: http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/audio/podcast/?tcid=mm_mlb_vid

Hope this helps!


What kind of NL only league are you in where Joe Blanton is not rostered?


10-team H2H Points where you get pretty heavily penalized for poor starts. We also have only four total bench spots. Also, FAAB bidding is on Fridays so maybe Blanton’s impressive Thursday performance didn’t quite sink in yet. Still, you’re right that he probably didn’t belong on the wire.


Hey Zach, I’m really conflicted on who i should pick up for my last two pitching positions. I’ve been considering Zito, Lohse and Balfour, what do you think? I already have Cliff Lee, Ian Kennedy, Matt Moore, Jonathan Papelbon, Heath Bell, Justin Masterson, and Jordan Walden. Thanks.
Also I have Peralta, butler, hosmer and aybar that i’m sceptical about, and i’m curious if you thinking adding omar infante for one of them would be a smart move, and if so who to drop?


I’m totally not sold on Zito yet, so he’d be the odd man out of those three pitchers.
And pass on Infante. Stick with your current hitters. They all have more upside.


Sorry, also i have angel pagan, and nate sheirholtz that i’ve been considering along with omar, your thoughts?

Nah, I’d pass on those two as well.


which side do you guys like better beckett and aybar or lincecum and dee gordon?


Lincecum and Gordon. While Gordon’s OBP is concerning, at least you know he’ll run pretty much every time he reaches base! Not a fan of Beckett at all. Too inconsistent and injury-prone. I’d sooner gamble on a Lincecum bounceback.


Hey Fantasy 411,
Where would you say my biggest need is at? I play in a 10 team Mixed league.
3B – Headley and Gamel
OF – Choo, Maybin, Delmon Young, Crisp, JD Martinez, Fowler, and Presley
SP – Big Erv, Kershaw, Gallardo, Minor, J Santana, Wandy, Holland and Bauer


3B. In a 10-team mixed league, that’s a pretty weak pair. See if you can trade for an upgrade. Maybe deal one of your better SPs (Gallardo, Erv?) for a high-end 3B? Try to keep Kershaw though. Look into it.


Pitch kuroda this week vs twins?Im not sold on kuroda cuttin it in the al east as yet


Yes, he’s absolutely earned it, and it’s not like the Twins’ offense is top-notch.


Do u think jordan schaffer is legit?He is gettin on base alot and i do need steals.i currently only have the one man show in dee gordon and jemelie aint doin a darn thing for me.


He’s definitely worth a pickup, depending on who you’d be dropping, but I’d keep the expectations in check. He’s teased us before! But the good news is that he should be in the lineup regularly as the Stros need every bit of offensive help that they can get.


Would you drop Boesch for Reimold?


Not at this point, for the main reason I mentioned in an earlier answer on this thread. I’m a lot more confident in Boesch hitting in that scary good DET lineup.


Matt Wieters baby! Is it Mike who’s pumped this time?🙂

Those swings on the HR’s yesterday just looked effortless. Now he’s showed why he was once tagged “Joe Mauer, with power”

Hey Big Z, what you making of the White Sox closer situation. A BS for Santi last night and he has looked a bit shaky, whereas Thornton’s been crusin’ so far…reckon a change could come soon?

Need to pick potential closers up before they get named in my league to get them, would you drop any of these guys for Thornton: R Roberts (bench bat), 7th starter in Peavy (is he back?), B Lidge (could be behind H-Rod now for saves?).

Thanks, BB


If Peavy is indeed your 7th SP, I wouldn’t have a problem dropping him for Thornton, who I think is a must-add at this point.


Is Freeman’s poor performance a slump that I should ignore or should I look for some sort of replacement at 1st in your opinion?


I’d give Freeman more time. Too early to panic.


im in a daily league, would you start Cozart vs Lohse or Kipnis vs Millwood….Cozart has been consistent with Kipnis having more power…who do you like on a more consistent basis


I like Kipnis…more power and just a more attractive fantasy option overall.


Hi Zach, in an on-base league who do you like better out of D Ackley or R Roberts?

Wanna pick up a hot Reimold to replace Torii as my 5th OF but am struggling to decide who to cut. I currently have Roberts on the bench, I prefer Ackley as a hitter but in Safeco and with that cast he’s been pretty boring so far.

Still thinking in a 10 teamer Roberts is expendable slightly moreso, you agree? Or would you cut Torii outright?


It’s close but I think I’d hold onto Ackley. He’s gotten off to a mediocre start but I think he’s the better bet to hit for the higher AVG and post the higher OBP. Roberts probably has more upside in homers and steals but he could really hurt your AVG/OBP. To me, Ackley’s a bit safer. You’re right though about him being boring!


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