Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, April 18


Marquis @ Kuroda

Price @ Morrow

Holland @ Beckett – Great test for the Dutch Oven

Hunter @ Peavy

Scherzer @ Hochevar – Not giving up on Hochever, but tough matchup

Colon @ Big Erv

Lowe @ Vargas – Lowe worth a gamble in deeper leagues

Dickey @ Jurrjens

McDonald @ D. Hudson – great matchup for Hudson to right the ship

Harrell @ Zimmermann

Garza @ Buehrle

Capuano @ Greinke – not trust Cappy in Milwaukee, not yet

Latos @ J. Garcia

Richard @ Nicasio – not a slam-dunk for Nicasio, but worth a gamble early

Lee @ Cain


Zmoney –

Trying to working a trade to acquire T. Lincecum, do you think offering C. Hart & N. Feliz is overpaying or insult? If too much, what about a Leake, Floyd, type presuming Hart is required??

2nd question….do you have Freeman over I. Davis, or I. Davis over Freeman rest of season (Pts league)? Or wash?



I definitely don’t think the Hart/Feliz offer is insulting. I might start out with Hart/Leake or Floyd but if he insists on Feliz and you feel like you need the pitching and your OF is strong enough to absorb the loss of Hart, I’m fine with that too.


As for Davis/Freeman, to me they are very similar in value. Davis’ injury issues last year make him a little more risky since we have yet to see him put together a full season of high-quality numbers, but he has a little more power upside. Ultimately though, I’d go with Freeman. We’ve seen him do it already and even with the new dimensions of Citi Field, you have to wonder if Davis will ever become a legit 30 HR type guy.


Good morning Zach,
My rotation: Josh Johnson, Daniel Hudson, Chris Sale, Ricky Romero, Brandon Morrow, and Justin Masterson.
Available: Vogelsong, Fister, Minor, Floyd, Niese.
Stand pat or possibly make a switch for ROS. This is a 10 team, H2H. I just want to make sure I’m not missing anything. Thanks for all of your advice.
Rich D.


I’d stand pat. And the fact that it’s a 10-team league means that there will always be decent SP options on the waiver wire throughout the season, so you can afford to sit back for awhile and watch things develop.


Hey guys, looking to replace B. Wilson. 12 team dynasty league. Would you deal Gordon $5 and Utley $4 for Boesch $5 and Papelbon $17? Have Bentacourt, C. Perez, J. Lopez and A. Reed.


Which Gordon? Either way, I’m not in love with the trade. Papelbon for 17 is a decent discount in a dynasty league but not a great one, and as risky as Utley is, he’s still a $4 second baseman who we know produces at a high level when healthy. I’d definitely actively look for a closer, but try looking elsewhere.


Hey guys, I have Stubbs as my fourth outfielder, drop him for Nolan Reimold? Also keep Peralta at SS or pick up Ian Desmond? H2H Points league. Love the blog keep up the good work.

Hey Big Z, any idea when the 1st PoD charts coming up? Don’t forget I was the brains behind the idea!🙂

BB, East End


We did a pre-regular season one a couple weeks ago. I think we’ll do one at some point early next week.


Hi Zach,
Anything good for dinner? How about this to chew on? Alfonso Soriano or J.D. Martinez for ROS? My current OF in a 10 team, H2H is Kemp, Granderson, Berkman, and Soriano as my 4th. Thanks and eat lots.
Rich D.


Depends on your taste (good one, right?) I’d lean towards Soriano. He might hurt your AVG but at least you know he’ll give you 25 homers if he can stay on the field. Martinez looks like a promising player but we don’t really know what to expect from now through the end of the season. Soriano is the slightly safer pick in my mind.


Hey guys. I’ve been offered Andrus+Sean Marshall for Hanley. If I give up Hanley I would have Andrus or Asdrubal Cabrera at SS and Aramis Ramirez at 3B (I’ve been playing Hanley at 3B ever since he gained eligibility). I have Bailey so I’m chasing saves (fun!) and I already have Chapman. I hate to give up the best player in the deal but is it worth it under the circumstances? As it stands now I’m set at SS and 3B but need a closer, if I do this deal I would have two great SS and a closer+handcuff, but a 3B who so far has been stinking up Miller Park. The guy making the offer has Freese at 3B, but a counteroffer of Freese+Marshall for Hanley is obviously not worth it. Or is it?


That offer isn’t horrible but trading Hanley wouldn’t be my preferred way to acquire a closer. But if you’re going to trade Hanley, I think you can do better than Marshall, who is totally unproven in the role. Continue shopping around.

And by the way, A-Ram is a pretty good fallback option at 3B. He’ll get it going (HR last night!)


Unfair trade? Is this vetoable by the commish

Get Kemp
Give McCutch, Leubke, O’flahnery


A bad trade but not vetoable. McCutch is a top-25 player and Luebke carries a ton of upside, so a case can be made that it’s reasonable.


Trade offer:
Haren and Gio or
I would receive Hamilton and I have a lot of pitching depth and kind of need some RBIs but I’m not sure if Hamilton is really reliable and worth it.


A pretty fair trade but personally, I’m not a big Hamilton fan. He’s just too injury-prone. If I’m going to trade a clear-cut ace plus a guy who could reach ace status by year’s end, I’d want a guy who’s a bit more reliable. See what other kind of offers you can get for the Haren/Gio package.



i got offered lincecum brett myers and jesus montero for johan santana beckett and derek jeter should i do it?


I’d lean towards no but a lot depends on who your other SS options are. Jeter’s really the key to this trade in my mind, and so far he’s looking very good.


I had 8 starting pitchers so it was either Voglesong or J Santana and I dropped Santana? really thought about Lincecum but will give him more time? I picked up Reimold hoping he continues with at least decent production….when BJ returns thinking of dropping Presley….bad, good or mutual on the decision


Yeah, although I do like him, I’m OK with dropping Presley when B.J. comes off the DL. I probably would’ve dropped Vogelsong rather than Johan though. As for Lincecum, I’m glad you didn’t drop him. This is a guy who’s a multiple time Cy Young award winner. He deserves a much longer leash than two weeks!


Hey guys. Capps and Marshall are both available in my 10 tm league that also counts k/9. Worth dropping any of broxton, Francisco, or aceves for them? (also farnsworth on the dl). Thanks!


Yeah, I’d drop Broxton for Marshall. Broxton is still very risky despite the solid start and his job security is the weakest among your current group. Marshall offers a lot more strikeout upside than Capps.


Your thoughts on this trade…

Send: Bourjos and Stanton

Receive: Cano

Thanks, Zach.


I like it! You’re getting the best player in the deal, a sure-fire first rounder. Stanton is ultra-valuable too but not as valuable as Cano, who also plays at a weaker position. Bourjos is a non-factor here.


Hi Zach
20 team keeper league, top 12 makes playoffs. Should I trade Jennings for Ellsbury assuming I will make the playoffs.


This might sound crazy but I wouldn’t do it. We have no idea when Ellsbury will come back and you should always play to win now. You can never really assume anything in fantasy baseball, so thinking that you’ve already clinched a playoff spot could turn out to haunt you. And oh yeah, Jennings is a pretty darn good keeper in his own right.


Who would you drop between Chipper and Presley? I have K Morales, A Gon and Beltre and Ike at CI although Chipper is my only 3B back up…..for outfield I have 8 players including Presley…..you think Cain is worth holding onto?


I’d much sooner drop Cain than Presley, but I’d try to hold onto Chipper.


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