Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, April 19


Hammel @ Floyd
Swarzak @ Hughes – can’t trust Hughes in Yankee Stadium, period
Darvish @ Wilk
Hellickson @ Alvarez
Milone @ Wilson
Tomlin @ King Felix
Samardzija @ Nolasco – Samardzija 13-1 K-BB in 13.2 IP!
Harang @ Wolf – too risky for either
Arroyo @ Wainwright – not jumping ship yet
Norris @ Jackson
Minor @ Collmenter – I’ll give him a few more chances
Worley @ Wieland


Is henderson alvarez legit?im wondering if to pick him up and drop dickey


I think I’d hold onto Dickey for now. The fact remains that Alvarez pitches in a very tough division and his strikeout rate is microscopic.




Well, Gardner just went on the DL, so there’s your answer! Still, long-term I like Gardner so if you have DL room, he makes for a smart pickup.


Alvarez, Minor, or EJax?


Considering Minor’s early inconsistency, I like E-Jax for now, but Minor could very well turn out to be the best option long-term this season.


I currently am rolling with vance worley but trevor cahill is somehow available. who do you like for ros

Hi fantasy experts. I am in a 10 team h2h mixed league, I was wondering if I should make this trade, I will trade Mark Teixeria and pitcher Hector Santiago for Paul Konerko and Howie Kendrick?? I do have other closers to back me up and I do have kinsler as my starting 2B. What do you guys think? Thank You,.much appreciated. Have a nice day!


I’m assuming you’ll slot Kendrick into your MI spot? If so, I really like this trade. Santiago is a candidate to lose his closer job at any moment and Kendrick more than makes up for the not so huge 1B downgrade from Tex to Konerko.


Yes, Thanks for your help Zach, have a good day.

Should i pick up Edwin Jackson for Frank Francisco? And is a trade of Hunter Pence and Dustin Ackley for Dustin Pedroia good? I have an excess of Outfielders: Josh Hamilton, Micheal Cuddyer, Michael Bourn, Carlos Beltran, Matt Kemp, Josh Willingham, Jordan Schafer, and Lance Berkman. Thanks for any replies.


No and yes. As long as Francisco is the Mets’ closer, he carries more value than E-Jax, who is a solid pitcher but a replaceable one. Saves are scarce. As for the trade, it’s a very balanced one, but since I’m not really an Ackley fan from a fantasy perspective, I’d be willing to pay Pence for the 2B upgrade. Far from a slam dunk though.


Is Stauffer worthy of taking up a bench spot in a 6 team NL only league? My DL spot is already being used up.


A 6-team NL-only league basically translates into a 12-team mixed, and in a standard mixed league I wouldn’t think twice about dropping Stauffer if I had a better player already residing in my DL spot. He’s borderline Pitch or Ditch status in my mind.


Hey guys,
would it be a good idea to drop geovany soto for A.J. Pierzynski,i desperately need RBI’s and AVG.
thanks, Jay


While Soto still carries a little more upside, he’s really struggling right now and is coming off a mediocre 2011 season. I’ve seen enough of Pierzynski to believe that he can be a quality starting backstop in 12-team mixed leagues this year, so yeah, I’m OK with you making that move.


Someone I was talking with actually suggested trading FOR Tim Lincecum at this point. What do you think? Is it a good idea to buy low on Lincecum and stash him on the bench until he starts to heat up? Here’s what my rotation looks like now: Haren, Gallardo, Marcum, Wandy, Danks, Floyd, Nolasco, Vogelsong, Fister (DL), Carpenter (DL). The scoring stats in my league are: K, ERA, WHIP, K/BB, QS, and NSV. Who would be a good candidate to make a low-ball offer on Lincecum that a desperate owner might accept?



Although I think your rotation is pretty good as is, I’m always a supporter of buying low on struggling stars with track records. Now is the time to take advantage of frustrated owners who can’t seem to realize that the season is six months long, not two weeks. Maybe offer one of your mid-tier pitchers (Marcum, Wandy) and a possible throw-in bat if needed. See what happens.


Hey Zach,

First let me explain my league, a 12 team league. There are points given for almost every category you can think of, and also negative points for mistakes or “negative” categories. Points for R(1.5), singles-homeruns(1-4), RBI(2), SB(2), BB(1), IBB(1), OFA(5), Hitting for the Cycle(45 points), DPT(.5), 3-points per IP, W(6), CG(15), Shutout(30), Saves(5), K(1), GIDP(2), Holds(3), Relief App(2), QS(3). Negatives for Errors(-2), GIDP(-2), K(-1), L(-4), H(-1), ER(-3), BB(-1), and Blown SV(-4). Combining these gives some real point values like a 2-run HR gives you 9.5 points and complete game shutout gives you anywhere from 83 to 97 points or more depending on how many BB, K, H and so on. Taking this into consideration, my draft strategy was simple, if I can’t get Cano in the first round (I was picking 9th overall, all other 1st round picks of interest to me would be gone), I was going to go with Kershaw and Verlander rounds 1 and 2 (thinking of the CG Shutout points, didn’t get Verlander though). Here is my current team after some add/drops and a trade (Greinke for CC) – Clayton Kershaw, Roy Halladay, C.C. Sabathia, Álex Rodríguez, Mike Napoli, Asdrubal Cabrera, Howie Kendrick, Matt Moore, Corey Hart, Miguel Montero, J.J. Putz, Billy Butler, Nick Markakis, J.J. Hardy, Yoenis Céspedes, Jhoulys Chacin, Emilio Bonifacio, Omar Infante, Matt Thornton, Ryan Vogelsong, Gavin Floyd, Mark Buehrle, J.D. Martinez, Brett Myers, Greg Holland, Lance Lynn, Mike Leake, and Matt Harrison, with Allen Craig, A.J. Burnett, and Carlos De La Rosa on the DL. I am currently in first place, thanks to my hitters and no thanks to my disappointing pitching thus far. I was offered David Price and Rafael Soriano for Roy Halladay, which I could spit on, but I was thinking of countering with the Doc and J.D. Martinez for HanRam and Gio Gonzalez. What do you think, should I counter offer or just tell him to go get a day job? The Doc has been my most consistent SP thus far (and being sat after 99 pitches thru 8 IP made me want to break something on opening day!).


It does seem like your league format places added importance on starting pitching, so I’m not going to get on you too much for having a great pitching staff but an average lineup!

Anyway, I don’t see what you’re trying to accomplish by downgrading your starting pitching just so you can get Soriano, a non-closer who is by no means dominant (I know Holds is a category but I never put too much stock into it). Pass.


Thanks for the quick reply Zach but I think you misunderstood, it was a long post. I have no plans whatsoever to accept that trade but I was going to offer a countertrade since I know he is interested in Doc Halladay. I give The Good Doctor and J.D. Martinez for Hanley Ramirez and Gio Gonzalez. Definite upgrade in the lineup and I can live with Gio even though I can forget about getting any Complete Games from him. I love Hanley and even though I’m giving away a top starter that will get atleast 3 complete game shutouts, if Hanley stays on the tear he’s on, even though Marlins Park is huge, then it should even out. Let me know if I make sense.

Thanks again.

Can you think of a better trade I can offer, with the staff I have to try and get Hanley from him?

Oh, yeah, just forgot to address the second part! If you can pull that trade off it would be a steal in my opinion. Halladay for HanRam is pretty fair, so getting HanRam AND Gio, a solid No.2 SP? That’s a no-brainer.


10-team mixed head to head league with additional categories (OBP, Holds, Batting average against). I drafted my starting 1B late and got Goldschmidt in the 17th round. I’m concerned about his playing time as he’s sitting once or twice a week for Overbay. In a not-so-deep league like mine I’m sweating the lack of playing time. The waiver wire is a bit thin at 1B (Gaby Sanchez, Yonder Alonso, James Loney, Daniel Murphy, Mitch Moreland). Without listing my entire team (I’m good on speed but looking a bit short on power) would you suggest sticking with Goldshmidt, picking up a waiver wire guy, or exploring a trade (even though it’s early in the season)? Thanks


If you’re short in power, giving up on Goldschmidt isn’t a good idea as he offers a lot more power potential than any of those waiver wire guys. I don’t think it’s ever too early to explore trades but April trades tend to be panic trades which tend to be trades you’ll land up regretting. I think I’d stand pat for the next few weeks and if Goldschmidt continues to struggle start thinking about trades.


Thanks for the tip earlier. Here’s another. Pick one SP to bench for next week:
– Marcum vs HOU
– Wandy vs CIN
– Danks vs BOS
– Floyd @ Oak, vs BOS
– Nolasco @ NYM
– Vogelsong vs CIN

I definitely feel that Floyd with his two starts should automatically get a spot next week along with Haren (@ CLE) and Gallardo (@ STL), unless there is something that I’m not seeing in his match ups against Oakland and Boston that would not make him a good start. What do you think?



Yeah, Floyd’s two-start status combined with Oakland’s weak offense is reason enough to start him. I’d sit Danks. I know the Red Sox are struggling but their bats could wake up at any moment. It’s not like I’d bench Danks if this were a daily league, but out of all your choices, he’s the one I’m most concerned about.


Latos and Big Erv were both just dropped in my 13 team rotisserie. My staff is mostly PoD guys right. Are these two going to rebound from their terrible starts and are they worth bidding on? Also Mat Gamels just became available. What’s your thoughts on him?

Thanks for your help!
Big Mike

Big Mike,

Yes, I still view both of those pitchers as above PoD level, so I’d definitely try to pick both of them up. I’m higher on Erv than I am on Latos though.

I had no idea what to expect from Gamel entering the season, but I’ve been very impressed so far. He’s been hitting for a solid AVG and finally found his power stroke this week as he clubbed his first homer. He’s absolutely worth a roster spot in a 13-teamer.


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