Pitch or Ditch for Friday, April 20


Nova @ Buchholz – not trusting either in this matchup

Harrison @ Porcello – see above…try another day

Hendriks @ Moore

Drabek @ Hochevar – one’s off to a strong start, the other is not

Matusz @ Williams – play it safe on both

Jimenez @ Godfrey

Sale @ Noesi

Bailey @ Volstad – not giving up on Homer, but play safe for now

Zambrano @ Detwiler

Lynn @ Morton

Zito @ Niese

Lilly @ Happ

Chacin @ Marcum

Beachy @ Cahill

Hamels @ Volquez – have I mentioned I don’t trust Volquez anywhere against anyone?

                                                                                                                                                   ZACH’S PICKS

Nova @ Buchholz – Not overly optimistic about Nova here though. You’re basically chasing a win. Buchholz has been brutal so far. Ditch.

Harrison @ Porcello – Good test for Harrison.

Hendriks @ Moore – Hendriks worth monitoring though.

Drabek @ Hochevar – I’m close to trusting Drabek but not yet.

Matusz @ Williams

Jimenez @ Godfrey – I’ll roll the dice on Godfrey at home

Sale @ Noesi

Bailey @ Volstad – Good opportunity for Homer to right the ship.

Zambrano @ Detwiler – High risk, medium reward on both.

Lynn @ Morton – Lynn has earned it.

Zito @ Niese – Not a Zito believer. Period.

Lilly @ Happ

Chacin @ Marcum – Chacin can’t be trusted right now.

Beachy @ Cahill

Hamels @ Volquez – Even at home, Volquez too disaster-prone to start.


What do you think of Heyward for Desmond Jennings?
Just curious for thoughts


Love it, particularly if you need speed. Heyward still has all that potential but he has yet to really put it together at the big league level over an extended period of time. Jennings has already thrived at the big league level and is a true difference maker in the SB department.


Bit risky starting Minor in Chase today don’t you reckon? Not sure of the specifics but recall his ERA is something like 5.5 on the road compared to 2.5 at home.

Do you buy much into those splits? Having Minor in one league, im tempted just to follow the splits and only pitch him at home for now, until he proves otherwise.


Just checked and you’re right about those splits. Minor has a career road ERA in the high 5’s. Although I often do pay attention to splits, I also think it’s a bit too early to take Minor’s splits too seriously since the sample size is small. I’m not going to say he’s a must-start as Chase Field is often a tough park to pitch in, but also remember that the D-Backs are without Chris Young and Justin Upton is not expected to play today, so that lineup is a lot less dangerous right now.


Hi Zach,
Met Goose Gossage the other day. He still looks like he could bring it. Ok, Kuroda or Masterson for ROS? Someone just dropped him in my 10T, H2H. Thanks.
Rich D.


As much as it pains me to say it being a Yankee fan, I’m going with Masterson. I know it’s early but I’m getting close to panic territory on Kuroda. This could be a Javy Vazquez situation all over again, a guy who is just meant for the NL. His lack of overpowering stuff means that every location mistake he makes is magnified. I can see him getting 14 wins, but I think it’ll come with an ERA over 4. At least with Masterson we’ve seen him put together a full productive season in the AL.


who would you keep in a starting position for the next 3 months, wilson ramos or A.J. Pierzynski,i can put one in the utility if i bench Ike Davis
thanks, jay


Long-term I’m sticking with Ramos. Pierzynski is a solid hitter but he’s playing over his head right now, particularly in the power department. Ramos is a lot younger with a lot more upside and I just think that his worst case scenario is better than Pierzynski’s worst case scenario…if that makes sense.


Ok so I drafted a very young team hoping to catch some lightning in a bottle. Who you think I should keep and who do I deal? I realize it’s early but trying to see weaknesses in my team. It’s a 10team H2H mixed league 6×6 including Hits & Losses.

C Santana, P Goldschmidt, J Kipnis, Tulo, Beltre, A Gordon, D Stubbs, J Heyward, C Beltran, J Ellsbury, A McCutchen, Duda, Moustakas, K Morales, L Morrison, J Willingham.

Strasburg, Lester, Scherzer, J Shields, Beckett, C Lewis, H Alverez (PoD), Kimbrel, Mo, Jim Johnson, Chapman, A Aceves & Pineda.

Whatcha think? I appreciate any feedback.


I’d be very happy with that team. I do see a bit of a weakness in speed with Ellsbury now out but I’d try to address that through the waiver wire rather than via trade. Especially in a 10-team mixed league, It’s too early to give up significant pieces when there are probably several appealing options on the wire.


Schafer is available but plays CF so i have logjam with McCutchen & Stubbs….I can put him at Util for some days.
Who you think I should drop for him? Chapman, Aceves or PoD slot?

Any other options you can see?
Thanks again!

What do you think about dropping Francouer and picking up De Aza?


Both are struggling in the AVG department but at least De Aza is showing some pop and speed. Francoeur might be the safer pick over the long haul since we know he has 20 HR power, but his inconsistency is maddening. I’d take a chance on De Aza.


I dunno I’m starting Volquez. The Phillies can’t hit the ball! 5 hits and 7 K’s vs Joe Weiland, so while Volquez probably won’t win, I’d expect at least 7-8 K’s for him and maybe a run or two allowed.

hey Zach Thx for a earlier post, I also like Presley as a back up OF for my team so will probably drop Lorenzo Cain instead…would you drop cain also over Reimold…..the past 2 seasons my team has finished 1 and 2 but got beat good in week 1 and so far week 2 so dont want to make any hasty moves yet,,,,,


Yeah, go ahead and drop Cain. Reimold has won me over now and Cain did virtually nothing during the first week or so of the season before landing on the DL. All the optimism around Cain was centered around his torrid spring, but that seems like a distant memory now.


In a standard 5×5 mixed, which side of this trade do you like better…basically swapping SS and UTIL spots: Rollins/Hart or Desmond/Konerko


Rollins/Hart. I’m a lot more comfortable with Rollins going forward than Desmond. Ultimately, that’s the deciding factor. By year’s end, Desmond could very well be by far the #4 player of this group.


My outfield is banged up with Upton, C. Young, and Cain out. Which saves speculator should I drop for Parra- Holland or Thorton?


Considering Santiago’s recent struggles, I’d sooner hold onto Thornton than Holland. Also, Broxton is doing a solid job thus far and Holland is a lot less experienced than Thornton, who by the way has been dominant this year.


Hey Big Z, keep faith with Cory’s boy Wilson Ramos? Drafted him late in a deep 16 teamer, but he’s had a slow start and isnt even playing that much- 2 games on 1 game off.

Other options on the wire are: Soto, R-Hern, Thole, Mesoraco and Doumit.

I liked the sound of Ramos as he’s a guy with decent pop who shouldnt kill your AVG, so if he’s a better long term bet think I’ll still keep him around.


Yeah, I’m keeping the faith. I own Ramos in three different leagues and am not concerned yet. Although some of those waiver wire options are appealing, I’d definitely stick with Wilson.


Hey 411,
Will you rank D. Gordon, Stubbs, and Melky Cabrera?
I have Minor and the owners with these players like have an interest in Minor. What would be the best for Minor. One owner really hates stubbs!

My outfield is decent with Choo, J.D. Martinez, and Maybin being my top 3.
My SS position is strong with Tulo and Peralta, but if I received Dee I could trade Tulo for a good return.

This is a ten team keeper if that helps


I’ll say Gordon, Melky, Stubbs, Gordon being first due to his position. I’d be open to trading Minor for any one of those three but I don’t really see what you’re trying to do here. It seems like you’re just making a trade for the sake of making a trade and if this whole ordeal leads to a trade of Tulo, I don’t see the point.


Hi Zach, currently have Dunn and Gaby platooning at CI (10 team, OBP league). Do you see Dunn turning things around and at least providing 25+ homers?

If not theres a team in my league who’s shopping Goldschmidt and Freeman and said he could use a closer, I was considering entertaining a deal like S Santos for Freeman.


I have mixed feelings on Dunn. Can he hit 25 homers? Sure. But who knows how low the AVG will be and he’s such a headache to own. If you have two other solid closers, I’d definitely be open to a Santos-Freeman deal. Freeman is just a much more stable CI option. I’d rather have Freeman than Goldschmidt by the way.


I just offered Austin Jackson for Wainwright. I have Kemp, Bourn, Jones, and even Kendrick OF eligible for 4 OF spots. Is this a good buy-low sell-high since I added Jackson after the draft? It’s a h2h league so I’m counting on Wainwright turning around by the 2nd half.


I do think that Jackson will have a pretty productive season but this is definitely a great opportunity to buy low on Wainwright. And it seems like you’re pretty solid in the outfield.


I keep thinking I’m seeing Siano on ESPN, but it’s just Jon Gruden. hahaha


Good one! There’s definitely some resemblance there.

I’m looking to pick up a SP who would you take between Chris Sale or Vance Worley?


Worley. He’s been pitching very well this year and has more of a track record than Sale.


What do you think about trading Nick Markakis for Carlos Beltran when you already own Adam Jones?


Fair value, but I do think that Beltran’s ceiling is a bit higher than that of Markakis, health permitting of course. I’d make that trade.


just traded bonafacio 4 beachy in 12 tm mixed h2h pts i needed sp badly n bonafacio speed will b missed but he barely made my lineup because i had better ppl at 3rd ss n OF was this worth it


Yeah, I’m fine with that.


Hi Zach,
Yankees / Boston today. The first of 18. It should be a holiday for us. Ok, Berkman is on the DL so I need an OF for the interim. JD Martinez or Drew Stubbs (who seems to be heating up since being placed in the 2-hole). Thoughts?

Rich D.


I like Stubbs. I think he offers higher upside as a dominant speed guy.


Hey 411,

5×5 roto . I’ve been offered B Phillips and Ubaldo for my Yu Darvish and T Bauer.

My current 2B is Kelly J and Utley and my other pitchers are Kershaw, Gallardo, Haren, Marcum, Beachy, Sale, Billingsley.

Should I accept and upgrade at 2B?



Yeah, I like it, particularly in a non-keeper. It does seem like a waste though to have K-Jo or Utley sit on your bench. Still, the trade is a fine one.


Hey Guys,

My hitting is in pretty bad shape. I know it is early but I last in runs, hrs and rbi. I have some good guys like longoria, tex, stanton, and uggla who have not been doing much so far. Is it too early to make a move and let these guys settle out to where they will normally be in these categories? I have Dee Gordon and am thinking of moving him while he is atop the leader board in steals since he is pretty bad in the remaining categories. I have BJ upton off the DL today and Gardner who just went on to make up for speed (also crisp if he ever gets on base). Thoughts on whether he is worth moving?



I wouldn’t panic at all about those power guys. As for Gordon, I do think that he’s a very strong sell high candidate due to his lousy AVG and OBP. He’s a one-trick pony, and if you can get good value for him now, I’d jump at the opportunity, particularly if you have or can acquire another SS.


Hi Fantasy Experts. I play in a 10 team h2h standard mixed league. Somebody in my league dropped Brandon Morrow. I was thinking of picking him up and I do have a good pitching staff. Should I drop Aramis Ramirez for Morrow?? I can put Bautista at 3B. Or do you guys think Ramirez will turn it around soon and have a very productive season?? Or leave Morrow on the wire?? Thanks guys, I appreciate the help, have a nice day.

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