Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, April 21-23



Feliz @ Verlander

Humber @ Beavan – Beavan very impressive so far.

F. Garcia @ Doubront – Slugfest alert!

Pavano @ Shields – I’ll trust Pavano here.

Hutchison @ Mendoza

Arrieta @ Weaver – Let’s find out if Arrieta’s for real.

Gomez @ McCarthy – Great opportunity for McCarthy to get back on track.

Leake @ Maholm

An. Sanchez @ Strasburg

Vogelsong @ Pelfrey – Pelfrey too erratic to trust in just about any matchup.

Kershaw @ Weiland

Westbrook @ Correia – Not a terrible matchup for Correia vs. Berkman-less lineup but too risky.

Pomeranz @ Narveson – Pomeranz worth monitoring going forward though.

Hanson @ Saunders – Can Saundo handle a non-awful lineup? Stay tuned.

Halladay @ Luebke


Lewis @ Smyly

Liriano @ Niemann – Liriano’s DTM until further notice.

Romero @ Duffy – Duffy’s not a must-start here but I think he’s earned it.

W. Chen @ Haren – Chen intriguing but I’m not sold on him yet outside of very favorable matchups.

Masterson @ Ross – Ross a sneaky start in deeper leagues.

Danks @ Millwood – Inconsistent Danks should thrive in this one.

Sabathia @ Bard – Disaster alert for Bard, especially if he continues to walk the ballpark.

Lincecum @ Gee – Gee very much on the fantasy map again.

Johnson @ Gonzalez

Lohse @ Bedard – One of these days Bedard will get a win…ridiculous!

Billingsley @ Wandy

Guthrie @ Gallardo

Cueto @ Dempster – Dempster’s been lights out through three starts.

Blanton @ Bass – Blanton disappointing in last start. I’d be shocked if he doesn’t pitch well here.

Delgado @ Kennedy – Not a good time to take a chance on Delgado.


Kuroda @ Holland – Playing it safe and sitting Kuroda…starting to get very concerned.

Lester @ Marquis – Expect Lester to rebound from disaster outing.

Morrow @ B. Chen – I’ve got no issue with pitching Chen in favorable matchups but this isn’t one of them.

Peavy @ Colon – Seems like Peavy has finally figured out the AL.

Moyer @ Lincoln – Moyer a great story but not PoD material for the time being.

Bumgarner @ Santana

J. Garcia @ Garza

Harrell @ Greinke – Need to see more from Harrell before recommending him.

Lee @ D. Hudson

Jurrjens @ Capuano – Jurrjens cannot be trusted. Capuano is due for a blowup sometime in the near future.


Hey 411,

5×5 roto . I’ve been offered B Phillips and Ubaldo for my Yu Darvish and T Bauer.

My current 2B is Kelly J and Utley and my other pitchers are Kershaw, Gallardo, Haren, Marcum, Beachy, Sale, Billingsley.

Should I accept and upgrade at 2B?



Just answered this on the earlier post.


Would you trader Longoria or Wright for Bautista at 3rd?


Yeah, absolutely. Bautista’s the unquestioned #1 3B.


12 team dynasty league. would you trade Wright $19 for Pedroia $39 and Darvish $16? I’ve got Kipnis and J. Weeks at 2b right now and Sandoval and Gamel to fill in for Wright. Thanks.


As much as I like Pedroia, you’re taking on 36 bucks in salary in this deal. 39 is an awfully high price for Pedroia and while 16 is fair for Darvish, he does come with more risk than say if you could get a Ricky Romero for 16 or even a Gio Gonzalez. And let’s not underrate Wright here. He’s still a steal for 19.


Would you prefer Luke Scott or Reimold ROS?


I like Scott but I can see why a lot of people would choose Reimold. He’s the new trendy pickup but Scott is the proven veteran who you know will approach 25 homers if given fairly regular playing time. And I think he will get it.


What level outfielder would you trade for Michael Morse in a 9-keeper OBP league? I’m thinking of rolling the dice and hoping Morse comes back healthy for the second half or sooner. I’ve got Austin Jackson, Brennan Boesch, Dexter Fowler, and Alejandro De Aza for 2 OF slots on my team (along with McCutchen, Holliday, Jennings, and Ellsbury on my DL; start 5 OF). I could use an upgrade at 1B/CI. I don’t think Morse would make my 9-keeper cut, so it’s likely a deal for this year only. Thanks


That’s a tough call because I don’t think trading any one of that first group of OFs is enough, but McCutchen/Holliday/Jennings are all too much to give up. Maybe see if you can put together a package of say Jackson and Boesch and perhaps an additional player? Something like that.


Thanks for the feedback. The owner of Morse offered him straight up for Jackson. I accepted the trade. Thanks again for the input.

Is it time to trade Wainwright?i’m getting worried..


No. And why exactly would you want to trade him now? That’s called selling low, and I don’t like it one bit!


Open spot with Berkman on the DL in my 12 tm H2H 7×7 w BS and L. I punted RP figuring I will always win/tie BS and could stock up on bats and streamline SP by matchups. I was PoDing but now kept Lilly, Danks and Niese. Bedard, Chacin, Vargas and J Sanchez are available. My SP is Hamels, Gallardo, Garza, Beachy, Holland, Morrow, Nolasco, Norris in addition to the 3 mentioned above. Should I use the spot for PoD or just keep one of Chacin or Bedard and play matchups within my giant SP roster. Thanks!


I’d take a break from PoD. All of your current guys are grads on our latest PoD chart, so they do not deserve to be dropped for the time being.


Right I didnt plan on dropping any of my current SP. I have an extra spot bc of berkman on dl and was wondering if i should pod that spot or pick up one of the available guys… If I shouldn’t pod who would you grab to use? Thanks!

I’d use Bedard, until he gets hurt that is. He’s definitely a grad and I’d feel comfortable starting him in just about any matchup. Don’t care about the lack of wins.


I have an overload of outfielders and I need a new 2nd baseman. Should i trade/drop Hamilton, Beltran, Willingham, Bourn, Pence, Schafer, and Cuddyer? In 2nd base i have Ackley and Infante. I need to trade Ackley, as he is not solid on my team. Also, should i drop Berkman, since he is on the DL and is going to be for a while? Furthermore, Is a trade in which i give up Mariano Rivera and Beltran for Carlos Santana a smart trade? Thank you for any replies.

I would hold on to Hamilton like he’s a billion dollar lotto ticket, have you now seen him hitting everything thrown to the plate? he is in a contract year and will put up an MVP season, also have you not seen the Texas lineup? there is really no safe way to pich around hamilton. Depending on what you have for SP Rivera for Santana could be a very good move RP don’t generate alot of points. Move Berkman to your DL spot if your league has the DL available. I have Infante and Ackley both in my lineup but Ackley may be getting the boot because I just got a killer deal for Tim Lincecum. But if you can’t aquire a good second baseman in a trade I would hold onto Ackley because although Infante is off to a hot start the rest of the season Ackley will probably do you much better. Would also keep Pence and Cuddyer. pence because I like him and Cuddyer because he hits for power and plays in the Denver thin air. Hope that helped

Cuddyer is eligible at 2b in a lot of leaugues. Check to see if he is in yours. He could be your new 2b. Ackley will be alright though unless you can get someone like pedroia, kinsler or cano without overpaying. This is my opinion.


Can’t argue with anything Luke or John said above. Honestly, I wouldn’t trade/drop any of your OFs. I do like the trade for Santana though.


Hi Fantasy Experts. I play in a 10 team h2h standard mixed league. Somebody in my league dropped Brandon Morrow. I was thinking of picking him up and I do have a good pitching staff. Should I drop Aramis Ramirez for Morrow?? I can put Bautista at 3B. Or do you guys think Ramirez will turn it around soon and have a very productive season?? Or leave Morrow on the wire?? Thanks guys, I appreciate the help, have a nice day.


I believe I answered this question on a previous thread.


An impatient owner just cut Cameron Maybin. Is he worth a #2 waiver claim in a 10 team mixed league? I’d drop Fowler, De Aza, or Boesch to grab him. Thanks


Yeah, sure. I don’t put too much stock into waiver priority this early in the season as there’s plenty of time left to move back towards the front of the list. Plus, now is the time when league titles could be won by taking advantage of impatient owners!


I got offered a trade of Eric Hosmer, David Ortiz and Tim Lincecum for Mark Teixeria, Drew Stubbs and Bartolo Colon should I do this?


Yes, before the other owner comes to his senses! He’s basically handing you Lincecum on a silver platter.


I was thinking of offering a trade:
Send Ubaldo Jimenez
Receive Dee Gordon
I have a lot of pitching depth and I don’t really like Ubaldo but is Dee worth it? Thanks.


I do have my doubts about Gordon’s ability to consistently get on base, but that trade would be a steal (no pun intended) for you. I’d be shocked if the other owner accepts.


What do you think of AJ Burnett & Chris Sale rest of season? Which one do you trust more?


I trust Sale a bit more but this is basically due to my lack of trust in Burnett. Still, picking up A.J. in a 12-team mixed league isn’t a bad move. Maybe he can get his career back on track in the NL and in a less-pressurized environment than New York.


I need SP and can trade Swisher for Latos or Marcum. Who would you choose?


I’m not in love with either of those pitchers but if I had to pick one it would be Marcum. Less reward but a lot less risk considering Latos’ awful start.


Big Z more of a general question this time. Matt Wieters is turning into a stud and he’s been freakin awesome, so glad I kept him over Wieters thanks to you big man (for a measly $8!).

But its regarding these off days he gets. Sure give him the odd break from catching duties, but WHY does Buck never DH him? The guys arguably their best hitter atm, he’s just pinch hit late right now with a base knock. Has he DH’d much before in his career, and do you think Buck will be able to resist the idea much longer?

It sure would be a shame for Wieters to only play 120 games, the numbers he could put up over 150-160 could be massive for a fantasy catcher. SOmething that could stop him reaching the top echelon of catchers (above Napoli and C-San) even,

Over AVILA I meant to say obviously.


Unfortunately, I don’t have Buck’s phone number, so I can’t ask him! But yeah, as we always say, hitters hit, and I can’t imagine him not playing Wieters every chance he gets going forward. I wouldn’t worry about this.


Hi Zach, going back to my trade, do you think Kipnis is much of an upgrade over Ackley in an on-base league? Getting so fed up of Ackley as my 2B and all things Mariners, am looking at possibly working a trade with someone who has Kipnis on their bench (shouldnt take too much to aquire him). At least Kipnis is showing some upside, Ackley is showing zero upside…he’s been worse than some waiver wire 2B thus far.

Or Jemile Weeks over the two of them? (Another guy who should be available in a trade).


Unless you’re desperate for SBs, I prefer Kipnis over Weeks just because he’ll give you some power to go along with some speed. Like Ackley, Kipnis is also struggling in the AVG department, but at least he’s doing some other things (hitting homers, stealing bases) to make him worth starting. If Kipnis’ price isn’t too high, I’d definitely look into that. From a fantasy perspective, I’m not a big believer in Ackley for this year.


Hey Guys,

Adam Dunn just went on waivers. Is he worth a pick up? He had a great game the other night but not much else. I would probably drop carlos lee or delmon young. Thoughts?



Dunn deserves to be picked up, but the problem is that I still prefer Lee and Young. I’d stand pat if those are your only two drop candidates.


Guys, go with Casilla or Cordero for closer in a weekly league?


Hopefully you went with Cordero. As long as Santos is out, I prefer Cordero over Casilla just because we know that he’s the definitive closer. Although Casilla should receive the bulk of the save chances for the Giants, there’s still a possibility other guys get involved, as seen in the game this past Friday. Obviously, hold onto Casilla though.


With Sabathias last start rained out last night against boston he will get 2 this week. Hes going up againast Texas and Detroit this week. Tough week for him. Should I start him tonight or sit him? I also have Holland and hes pitching against the Yankees tonight…again start or sit?


Late response, but I would’ve said to pitch both.


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