Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, April 24


J. Sanchez @ Lowe

Vargas @ Scherzer

Alvarez @ Hunter

Big Erv @ Price

Kuroda @ Darvish – not giving up on Kuroda but play it safe here

Beckett @ Blackburn

Floyd @ Milone

Nicasio @ McDonald – great matchup for Nicasio

Johnson @ J. Santana

Cain @ Latos – this is where Latos starts to turn it around

Wainwright @ Samardzija – not sweating Waino yet; Shark back to PoD after blowup vs. Marlins

Norris @ Wolf

Worley @ Collmenter – Worley is legit

Gonzalez @ Richard – yep, start Richard at home

Minor @ Harang – Harang is a toss-up but I don’t trust him yet

***MIKE SAYS “Full disclosure I’d trot out Kuroda, but if you think that is crazy I don’t have a strong argument to tell you you’re wrong. Agree on rest.”


What’s good 411? 12 team h2h 6×6. I have Reyes at ss, with Dee sitting on my bench most days. Could use help in SP department. Trade Reyes or Gordon? And what should I expect in return for each? Have been told top tier+middle arm for Reyes. Darvish or Lohse too much to ask for Gordon?

I’ve been holding on to Pettite on my bench, waiting for May when he is due to hit majors. Mat Latos was just released in my league. Would you drop Pettitte for Latos? Latos blow up of 8 runs concerns me, that can do a lot of long term damage in a root league era


I’d try to own both if I could but ultimately I think I’d just hold onto Pettitte. You’ve waited this long so you might as well reap the rewards. Latos has more upside but I am very concerned about him right now. Who knows, maybe he’s hurt.


I meant roto league ERA.

ROS Ubaldo or Josh Johnson. Thanks.


Johnson. He might be more of an injury risk, but on performance alone he’s the far better bet to put up superior numbers, despite the slow start. Ubaldo has been way too erratic ever since joining the Indians last year.


Someone just offered me a trade:
I send: Chris Young and Stephen Strasburg
I receive: Curtis Granderson and Yu Darvish
Yay or nay?


Yay. Granderson’s by far the best player in the deal and while Darvish is no Strasburg, he still carries ace-type potential. Every time I own the inconsistent Young he makes me so frustrated that this year I decided to avoid him, and I’m stress free!


Trust me on pitching J.Sanchez tomorrow!

I got offered Tim Lincecum for Josh Johnson, yes or no?


An interesting trade but yeah, I’d do that. Both pitchers are struggling (Lincecum more so than Johnson) but Johnson’s the bigger health risk. And when both are 100 percent healthy, Lincecum’s the more valuable pitcher!


Hi 411 just a question about the PoD strategy. Is it centered around 12 team leagues? It does seem a little aggressive at times to pitch some of these guys in matchups in a 12 team league, like Holland vs the Yanks for example…you’re kinda dicing with death with that one. Had Gee who was recommended who bombed last night too, he seems pretty inconsistent to trust.

Not a dig at the 411 as its great having all this info. In deeper leagues go for these guys sure, but in standard 12 team leagues it just might be better to play it safe, to avoid these potential blowup starts. With how both have been, might Darvish vs Kuroda might be a better sit for both tonight considering the offences and park, do you feel its really worth the risk on these kinda matchups?

That does sound like a rant so apologies…all im saying is should we as fantasy owners be a little more cautious at times with some of these guys dependant on matchups? I.e even though a guy like Holland’s a grad, don’t start him every time out (skip the toughest of matchups).


Yeah, I do agree that there are exceptions (vs. Yankees, vs. Rangers, @Rockies, etc.) for the non high-end guys, so it’s not an exact science. But early in the season we tend to be a little more aggressive just because the sample size of starts is small so we often give certain guys the benefit of the doubt. Plus, there’s still so much time left to make up ground in the ratio categories.


Also thoughts on Nate Schierholtz for a ten team mixed league?


Cory and Nellie discussed Nate on today’s podcast (audio version to be available soon on iTunes). We like him but in a 10-team league? Personally, I think you can do better. That park is a tough place to put up big offensive numbers.


I see it says to pitch E Santana tonight, do you think thats a good start vs TB? Hes been roughed up this year…..also still thinking of dropping Cain when hes off the DL or would you drop someone like Ike Davis instead…I want to hold on to Fowler as for now…what is your take on Fowler?


I’m not giving up on Erv yet. If he struggles tonight, I might start to think about sitting him.

I’d much sooner drop Cain than Davis, and though I’m not a huge fan of Fowler, Cain has close to zero MLB regular season experience, so he needs to earn my trust.


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