Updated Pitch or Ditch Category Chart (4/23)

Hey guys,

Now that we’re a few weeks into the season, time for an update to our Pitch or Ditch category chart!

First, a reminder as to how it works:

We’ve divided all of the current starting rotation pitchers in the Majors into five groups: Aces, Grads (pitchers who you should be starting regardless of the matchup), Pitch or Ditch (guys who you should be picking up to start in favorable matchups but do not deserve a regular roster spot), DTMs (guys who we are fed up with and would not start under any circumstances for the time being) and Indifferents (guys who we don’t feel any ill-will towards but who just aren’t that good). Keep in mind that these classifications are very much subject to change throughout the season based on performance. We’ll be updating the chart every other Monday.

POD Chart – 4-26 Update (Excel)

POD Chart – 4-26 Update (PDF)

Here are the notable changes we’ve made since the last version:


Nova PoD to grad

Duffy indifferent to PoD

B. Chen indifferent to PoD

W. Chen indifferent to PoD

Doubront indifferent to PoD

Williams indifferent to PoD

Morton indifferent to PoD

Lynn indifferent to PoD

Gee indifferent to PoD

Saunders indifferent to PoD

Arroyo DTM to PoD

Pelfrey DTM to PoD


Liriano PoD to DTM

Collmenter PoD to DTM

Hunter PoD to indifferent

F. Garcia PoD to indifferent

Jurrjens grad to PoD

Questions? Comments? Let’s hear it!



What’s the deal with Worley on the D-Backs? You have TBD on the chart instead of his name.

First, V. Worley is on the Phillies; Second, W. Miley is making the next start for AZ in place of D. Hudson (but that news may not have been out in time for this PoD Chart; Third, and perhaps most importantly, it should have been T. Bauer, who should be the most logical choice in the long run once Collmenter gets jettisoned properly as well for the Dbacks staff improvement.



Agreed on Bauer and thanks for saying exactly what I was going to say regarding the PoD chart:-) When sorting through 150 starting pitchers, sometimes I’m not up to date to the hour. You guys can figure this stuff out!


Do you guys keep stats on how the pitchers you pitch do? I have played fantasy baseball for about a decade and would love to try the PoD. Some other sites keep the stats of the streamers they recommend.


We did it last year for the pitchers picked in the PoD segment of the MLB Network show (2 pitches, 2 ditches for each analyst). Head to the blog archives from last September to download the Excel file. Not doing it this year since we’re no longer on the Network and keeping track of every single pitch would be incredibly time consuming.


What are you thoughts rankings wise with these guys – Hultzen, Skaggs, Shelby Miller, or Julio Teheran, I have the option to pick up any of them for keepers in my league and I’m leaning towards Hultzen, but Skaggs has the NL west to deal with and besides his struggles this year Teheran has great potential.

Thanks in advance, I’m thinking lynn goes from POD to grad in the next month …


Not a minor league expert so don’t want to give you an uneducated answer, but stay tuned to our podcasts as we’re hoping to have MILB guru Jonathan Mayo on one of our upcoming shows in the near future. I’ll set this question aside for that show.


hey guys ellsbury aramis ramirez and rickie weeks just hit the waiver wire can u please rank these 3 in order for the rest of the year i wanna know who to claim


First off, that’s nuts. Second, I’d pick up all three! No need to rank.


Great to see the 411’s finally dished out the DTM tag to Liriano like he deserves!

Am very close to making an offer for Kipnis (have Ackley) as discussed in the other thread. As for value would Broxton or C Perez for Kipnis straight up be fair (he needs closers)? Also if you would do that deal, would you have any hesitancies to outright cut Ackley then…I wouldn’t need him with my other guys (Andrus at MI, Butler at Util) and don’t think he’d bring much trade value (10 team keeper league). Thanks.


I’m not one to make rash decisions but honestly I wouldn’t want any part of Liriano for the rest of this year. Something’s very wrong, and I’d have no issue flat out cutting him.

I think you could offer even less for Kipnis. Might not be necessary to give up both of those closers being that he has Kipnis on his bench anyway. You have the leverage here. Maybe one of the closers and, if necessary, a throw in.

And yeah, even in a keeper, as ling as it’s not like a 10-man keeper, in a 10-team league I wouldn’t be opposed to cutting Ackley.


Hey Big Z what do you make of the hot start from Freese. I was high on him after his world series heroics, and was set on drafting him this year. Mike was high on him but Cory wasn’t which put me off (sorry Cory)!
But seeing as he’s raked so far I was thinking of targeting him in a trade (especially as he was drafted for $1 in my keeper so could be a very nice keeper at $5). Would you trade Butler straight up for him, or even Zimmerman if you can get something else back? The kid’s been raking so far.


Yeah, I’d definitely be open to trading Butler for Freese taking into account (A) Butler’s lack of power upside and (B) the fact that he’s DH only in most leagues. Not a fan of the guy.


Jurrjens should be demoted down to DTM, not PoD, as he has already been busted down to AAA following his disastrous outing last night against the Dodgers. He stinks!

Received: braun, trading: tulowitski
I know its a fair deal but should I do it?
of: Choo,maybin, jd martinez are my best
SS: Peralta backin up Tulo but I feel he can handle the rest of the year being productive in that tigers line up.
This is a ten team keeper league tulo being 37$ and braun $37


A toss-up but I’m fine with you making the deal. Your current OF is definitely on the weak side and Peralta’s at least an adequate replacement at SS.


I’m surprised Lohse isn’t a grad but Worley is

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