Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, April 25


Sale @ Parker

Hochevar @ Jimenez

King Felix @ Wilk

Drabek @ Hammelgamble on Drabek, cash in the profits on Hammel

Wilson @ Hellickson

Hughes @ Feldman – Hughes is benched for now

Buchholz @ Hendriks – Buchholz has been terrible

Nicasio @ McDonald (Gm 1)

Chacin @ Morton (Gm 2) – Nicasio and Chacin have both been erratic but the Pirates can’t score

Happ @ Marcum

Lynn @ Volstad – keep an eye on Volstad though

Hamels @ Cahill

Zimmermann @ Wieland

Buehrle @ Dickey – Buehrle seems to be enjoying the NL

Zito @ Arroyo – ah, no

Beachy @ Lilly – Lilly an ordinary pitcher and Braves are #1 in NL in runs

***ZACH SAYS “Agreed. Drabek very risky though and I wouldn’t have a problem benching him. But he did handle the O’s quite well a couple starts ago.”


Hey Big Z what do you make of the hot start from Freese. I was high on him after his world series heroics, and was set on drafting him this year. Mike was high on him but Cory wasn’t which put me off (sorry Cory)!
But seeing as he’s raked so far I was thinking of targeting him in a trade (especially as he was drafted for $1 in my keeper so could be a very nice keeper at $5). Would you trade Butler straight up for him, or even Zimmerman if you can get something else back? The kid’s been raking so far.


Just answered this on the previous post. In short, I am liking Freese more and more and I’ve never been a fan of Butler.


Hey guys love the show,

I’m trying to make a trade in my 5×5 Roto league to improve my offense I offered someone Sandoval and Cole Hamels for Miguel Cabrera. My roster is loaded with pitching already with Verlander, Cain, weaver, Tim hudson and Daniel hudson. Everyone kept drafting all the hitters that I wanted so I just kept taking SP’s lol.

I’m surprised you picked ditch on cahill vs phillies. I know he got ruffed up last time out, but that was against hot hitting braves & phillies are hapless (hehe😉 ) offensively w/o Howard & Utley. But he has been wild so kinda see ur point; feel free 2 fill me in if I’m missing something. I’m rolling with him anyways in a points league where k’s r +3 & bb r only -1.

would you drop Big E for Johan?


Yeah, I think I might, but only if there are no other realistic SP options to drop.


I need a pitcher for at least a couple of starts. Which of these should I pick up?
the Other Rich


Of those three I feel the most comfortable in Vogelsong, though I’m a little nervous about today’s matchup @CIN. Detwiler is intriguing but I’m not crazy about his next two matchups, vs LAD and vs ARI. So ultimately, Vogelsong would be my choice.


Dear 411,
No on Cahill? even though he sports a 1.17 era and a .78 WHIP w/ a .115 avg against philly. You guys are the best.

Yup they clearly are😉

Never again question the 411 braintrust:-)



Thoughts on Trade:
Give: Penna and Gallardo
Get: N. Cruz

My 1B options are Tex, Lahair, C. Lee

5×5 mix roto, obp rather than ave, and 10 teams.

Seems to steep to me but thought I would check as Penna is running hot right now.



I’m not really into that trade, especially since it’s an OBP league where Pena’s low AVG isn’t as damaging since he does walk quite a bit. Not a bad trade but not something I’d do. Maybe it’s just because I’m not a big fan of Cruz and his injury history.


Good morning Zach,
My RPs in my 10 team, H2H league are Kimbrel, Perez, Marmol, and Santos (DL). Henry Rodriguez and Francisco Cordero are still available. Our moves are maxed at 40 (drop/add/trade) for the season. Is it worth dropping both Santos and Marmol to pick these two up or stand pat for ROS? Thanks for your opinion.
Rich D.


Stand pat. Kimbrel, Perez, Marmol and Santos (even though he’s injured) all have a pretty strong hold on the closer job while Rodriguez is a part-time closer and Cordero is a temporary closer. That said, I think it might be a good idea for you to pick up Cordero as a handcuff in the event that Santos’ injury is more serious than we think.


Is Big Erv worth a #3 waiver claim??? And would you rather have him than Jonathan Sanchez for Ks?? I need points in Ks, current SPs are Romero, Minor, Floyd, Jaime Garcia, Anibal Sanchez & J. Sanchez. Thoughts????


I definitely still prefer Erv over the ultra-erratic Sanchez and at this early stage of the season wouldn’t have a problem using my #3 waiver claim on him.


Im flip flopping on my decision about Cain when off the DL, was thinking of just dropping him or would you drop Fowler instead as it looks like he doesnt get everyday starts….also Presley and is a free agent in my league


I’d take Presley over both of them.


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