Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, April 26


Mendoza @ Tomlin – Tomlin worth a gamble in deep/unmixed leagues
Noesi @ Porcello – not quitting on Noesi, but bench for now… Porcello, ech
Williams @ Moore
Hutchison @ Matusz
Doubront @ Humber – cash in the profits on Humber or push your bets?
Vogelsong @ Bailey – Bailey worth a look against mid/lower-tier offenses
Nolasco @ Niese
Jackson @ Volquez
***MIKE SAYS “If Porcello is going to get healthy after that disaster then Mariners are delicious. Love the Humber pitch. At least it is home. Agree on rest.”


Jason Kipnis over Jemile Weeks. I own J.Upton, Reyes and Cargo to make up the little of Steals i would lose with Weeks. Any help would be great!

if your looking for power and rbi’s id say Kippy. You lose 25+ steals and potential runs if A’s decide to get hot. Probably better options out there, remeber its early. Kipnis>POP<Weeks


Yes, and I believe I answered this question on a previous blog post.


2 things; 1) Should I be worried about Paul Goldschmidt? And 2) Drop Ryan Raburn for Luke Scott?


Yes (to a degree) and yes. I think you’ll be in for a roller coaster ride with Goldschmidt but by the end of the year I can see him with a .260 AVG and 25 homers. The 18/5 K/BB ratio is alarming though. Hopefully you didn’t draft him as your starting 1B but rather your CI.

Scott was very underrated coming into this season. He’s a cheap 25 homers, is off to a great start and the fact that he’s a lefty means that he’ll play fairly regularly. He’s more of a sure thing than Raburn.


hey guys should i trade jeter straight up for mariano rivera i need a 3rd closer and i have dee gordon on my bench?


A very funny trade:-) I’m fine with it. Jeter’s bound to cool off (he won’t be batting .420 all year) and you’re essentially getting arguably the #1 closer in fantasy plus Gordon.


14 team mixed 5×5 standard with obp instead of avg, I’m going to have to drop someone, maybe two guys in my OF –

Alex Rios, Cody Ross, Brennan Boesch, and Allen Craig
(Hunter Pence, and Adam Jones as-well)
I’m thinking its Ross, then Craig or Boesch. I’m shopping ross like crazy but no takers, Rios has to bounce back, but I could see him having just as good a year as Boesch. I’d like to keep Craig as my 2b Phillips has been slow to start and he seems to be coming off the DL with a hot bat. Thanks in advance

12 team mixed h2h pts i was offered 2 deals for phillips 1 was 4 wainwright (who i like but scares me a lil) other was 4 j zimm (who i love but dont think is worth it) i got altuve n kipnis as backups i need SP should i take either ? n if not what pitchers r worth phillips thanks again


I don’t really like either of those deals. I think you could get a higher echelon pitcher for Phillips. Don’t feel like you have to trade him at any cost just because you have Kipnis and Altuve. Make sure you’re getting fair value, and a mid-rotation fantasy SP isn’t fair value.


A question for the 411, is this the start of a breakout for Cory’s boy Altuve? He’s been racking up the hits and im wondering if I should try and acquire him to play over Ackley in my keeper league (count OBP over AVG).


I’m a big believer in Altuve but it depends on what you’d have to give up. For this season, I slightly prefer Altuve, but long-term Ackley might prove to be the superior player, particularly in the power department. Again, it all depends on what you’re giving up, but I definitely think Altuve’s for real.


Hey Big Z, how do you tend to approach trading in keeper leagues? Reason being, I’ve run into a ton of starting pitching this year (something im not used to!). Have: Cain, Mad-Bum, Lester, Marcum, Gio, Holland, Peavy, and Minor…so 8 solid guys which is clearly a lot for a 10 team league with 1650 IP limits.
I’ve been shopping pitching for hitting, but only found 1 or 2 interested parties, with so-so offers. So my question is which of these would you do:
1. Start each SP each time out and build up a lot of innings, then trade some starters away for hitting come the summer firesale months (you know how it works in keepers🙂 ).
2. Start each SP each time out, but actively persue a trade now, even if I wouldnt be getting a huge impact bat (Cespedes, Phillips possible guys).
3. Pick and choose my starters to get the best matchups, and hopefully best numbers, averaging 6 out of 8 starts, and trade when trading comes active in the summer.
4. Similar to no3, but still actively persue a trade now.
Interested to hear your strategies! Thanks, BB.


In your case I like #1. All your guys are grads which means I’d feel comfortable pitching them in 95% of matchups, and I like the idea of waiting until midseason (unless of course you’re desperate for hitting now). In July, I think you’ll be getting better offers than the ones you’re getting now.


JJ Putz dropped. Is he worth a number 1 waiver claim in a shallow league?

would you drop Ike Davis for Altuve? I have Morales and A gon at 1st and also Kipnis and Aviles(2b/3b) or do you think Altuve may fall off significantly as for a earlier question I hesitate dropping Big E for Johan….what is your take on Big E you think he will turn it around and will Johan pitch a full season..also have Voglesong but he has been one of my more consistent starters

cozart vs Altuve?

Was offered Derek Jeter for Zack Greinke, thinking about countering with Colby Lewis? I have Kershaw, Shields, and Ian Kennedy as other top SP so I might be able to handle a SP loss. My current SS is JJ Hardy and I have a backup of Furcal but I often bench Furcal becasue of the power potential for Hardy. Should I trade for Jeter? or wait and see on Hardy?


I like it. Mike answered your question on today’s podcast so give it a listen!


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