Pitch or Ditch for Friday, April 27


Weaver @ Masterson *Masterson risky because he has been terrible last two starts but if you are still carrying him home cooking may be all he needs.

Verlander @ Nova *Nova is a grad until further notice.

McCarthy @ Arrieta *Neither guy an awful play here if you are looking to POD.

Beavan @ Romero *Beavan has nothing to be a ditch here but with the low Ks and a correction due I’m not feeling it in Canada.

Shields @ Harrison *Harrison looks legit

Bard @ Danks *I have a bad feeling about this which means a 1-0 classic.

TBD (KC) @ Pavano *Pavano rolling as are the Royals.

Maholm @ Halladay

Saunders @ Zambrano *Ride Big Z until he does something dumb. Saundo on a roll too.

Wandy @ Leake *Wandy rolling, Leake not so much.

Burnett @ Hanson *TEAM AJ

Estrada @ Westbrook *Westbrook not a pumpkin yet but I’m sure it happens soon.

Schwinden @ Pomeranz

Detwiler @ Kershaw *Detwiler has a 15/4 K/BB

Luebke @ Hacker


Would you try to sell high on Ethier? What could I expect to get back in return? The problem is that I am weakest in the OF right now as it is, so I would like to find some way to bolster that. Any ideas?

well Altuve was taken today….I have Cozart as MI/ bench player at times….would you prefer Omar Infante over him? Or do you feel Cozart will be more consistent for the ROS? Thinking of letting Big E pitch Saturday than decide if to drop him for Johan if still available or possibly letting Voglesong go although his k’s have been decent

ps would you drop Fowler in 10 team head to head….may drop cain also when off DL which leaves me with 6 OF’s


In a 10-teamer I really don’t have a problem with you dropping Fowler. That said, I’m not so sure that Cain warrants a roster spot either and I’d actually rather have Fowler than Cain, who has really done nothing yet at the big league level. We’re basically judging him on a very good spring training, which is always dangerous.

And I’d probably go with Infante over Cozart.


Pirates team OPS .594 on the road in ATL. I thought for sure Hanson would be your Pitch. AJ Burnett had a nice outing vs Cards but it was 1 GS.

Hey guys, time to sell high on J.D. Martinez / Beltran or they for real? 10tm H2H with fewer starters, more bench spots and extra stats like H, TB, BB, OBP, SLG. I also have J Upton, Holliday, Choo, Zobrist, Berkman (on DL) for just 3 OF and 2 UTIL with Pena, Pagan, Crisp on the bench and am getting frustrated trying to figure out who to start. I’m trying to package for an upgrade, and like Beltran for ROS, but am unsure about JD. Who should I move? Thanks!


If I had to pick one to sit, it would be J.D, But I’m definitely on board with the idea of trying to work a trade to help clear out the logjam.


So do i pitch Bard vs white sox.his ks are amazing and the white sox strike out a lot.or should i be cautious and sit him.its not like the white sox hitters are world beaters


See above. That’s what our pitch or ditch posts are for!


Is it irrational to sit Zobrist against lefties right now? He’s been awful against them and I have Aviles to plug in in his place.

Hey 411 guys,
I was wondering if it is possibly if you can post the PoD for each day before 12pm (pacific standard time). I’m over here on the west coast. That would be greatly appreciated, thanks guys.


Boesch & logan Morrison …are these 2 guys worth holding on to? Both off to slow starts, but a lot was expected going into season. Thx!


Run production wise, Boesch has actually been pretty good. He’s just struggled in the AVG department. I’d be patient with both unless there’s a guy on the wire who is a no-brainer pickup.


5X5 12 teams, I have one utility spot to fill ROS so position dosn’t matter. De Aza, Francoeur, Pagan, Luke Scott, LaHair, Rasmus, Kubel, Ros, LaRoche, Schierholtz?? SB may be my weakest category. Any suggestions evn anybody who would possibly be on the wire and not listed here? Thanks!


If steals are your weakest category, Pagan is your guy. I expect his SB production to pick up once he starts getting on base more often. And he’s definitely swinging the bat a lot better of late.


do you know of any sites that list Holds….I have 2 decent ones and Crain who is hurt now….do you think Crow will be good in that role as he is a FA or stick with Crain


How about MLB.com? Go to this page, hit the right arrow on Next Stats and sort by HLD



How long do we have to put up with the batting performance of Lynn? His general timing is not there, nor has he any idea how to hit the ball! For him to be batting in the 4th position is just not accepptable in any form whatsoever,He does no good for the team or himself. So make a change before he becomes a complete embarrasment to every one concerned.Thank You—herby2

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