Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, April 28-30



Haren @ Gomez

B. Chen @ Marquis – I’m very high on Chen for this matchup.

Smyly @ F. Garcia – Garcia very close to DTM status.

Millwood @ Morrow – K’s have been lacking for Morrow so far but I’m not concerned just yet.

Ross @ W. Chen – Gotta roll with “the other Chen” vs. lackluster lineup. Ross also a decent play here.

Lester @ Peavy

Niemann @ Lewis – Niemann has been solid thus far but this is a dangerous one.

Estrada @ Lohse

Harrell @ Cueto

Wells @ Blanton – After struggling @SF and then @SD, Blanton has lost my trust.

Kennedy @ An. Sanchez

Bedard @ Delgado – Challenging matchup for Bedard but he’s the kind of guy you pitch vs. everyone, that is until he gets injured.

Gee @ Guthrie – This could get ugly for both.

Bass @ Lincecum – Need to keep trotting Lincecum out there. Bass worth a shot in deep leagues.

Strasburg @ Billingsley – I’ll give Billingsley a mulligan for his last outing.


Big Erv @ Lowe – Erv deserves one more chance before I’d think about benching or cutting him.

Scherzer @ Sabathia – Much like Erv, Scherzer very risky, but when he’s on he can dominate any lineup. I’d totally understand if you choose to bench him though.

Vargas @ Alvarez – Outstanding matchup for Alvarez.

Colon @ Hunter

Beckett @ Floyd – Red Sox lineup is hot so I’d lean towards sitting Floyd. Not much upside here.

J. Sanchez @ Blackburn

Price @ Holland

Miley @ Johnson – Miley impressive in first start but I need to see more.

Norris @ Latos – Norris a gamble but he’s still racking up the whiffs.

Garza @ Kendrick

Correia @ T. Hudson – Correia’s hot but he’s due for a blowup soon. Nice way for Hudson to open his 2012.

Greinke @ J. Garcia

J. Santana @ Moyer

Richard @ Bumgarner – Richard almost always a ditch on road but this is an exception.

Gonzalez @ Capuano – Capuano has been excellent at home.


Hammel @ Kuroda – Disaster alert for Hammel.

Hochevar @ Wilk – I’ll play it safe and sit Hochevar for this one.

Darvish @ Drabek – Drabek way too inconsistent to trust vs. upper-echelon offenses.

Milone @ Buchholz – Clay is very close to DTM.

King Felix @ Hellickson

Hendriks @ Wilson

Collmenter @ Buehrle

Samardzija @ Worley – Samardzija turning back into a pumpkin!

McDonald @ Minor – Not a good time to test out McDonald.

Dickey @ Happ – Dickey coming off a much needed bounce back performance.

Harang @ Nicasio – Nicasio a worthy play in deeper mixed leagues.

Wolf @ Wieland – Great matchup for Wolf.



Should I dropped Lorenzo Cain and picked up Bryce Harper? I am thinking I can see what Bryce does while I wait 4 to 6 weeks on Lorenzo. What do you think?



Yes! I highly doubt that Harper will be available for much longer. Go get him!


if Big E gives up Big hits again would you consider dropping him for I Nova or J Santana?


I think Johan is a must pickup but Big Erv seems to have gotten back on track. I’d try to roster both.



I did it… I was worried I would not have the time to pull off both moves before they wre gone. I dropped Lorenzo Cain for Bryce Harper and dropped Jeff Francour for Mike Trout. I figured that Lorenzo may not be up again for 4 or more weeks and Jeff may not have as good a seaons as last year. Also if Bryce fails and they have to send him down , by then I could add back Lorenzo. For now I was willing to take the risk and replacing them with top prospects instead. What do you think of these moves?

So I guess the debate starts who’s better. I thinking Trout?


Good thinking! Trout is considered the more ready prospect but he struggled over the weekend. We’ll see how this plays out but both are must-owns as long as they’re up in the big leagues.


Hey guys
ROS, Brennan boesch or Bryce harper?


I’d have to say Harper, though he’s the more risky choice. It basically comes down to the fact that I’m a lot more excited about Harper than I am about Boesch. Harper could be a true difference maker. Boesch is replaceable.


Hey fantasy experts,
ROS. kubel or boesch?


Kubel. I’ve always been a big fan of his as an undervalued power source, and he’s been the more consistent player so far this year. Also, he carries the more extensive track record.


hey guys who do i start next week rickie weeks or howie kendrick?and i can start 2 of these next week who should i start?1.youkilis.2.melky cabrera.3.bryce harper


Weeks offers a little more power upside, so I’d lean towards him. But without a MI slot, I don’t think it’s a great idea to own both as you’ll be faced with this tough decision every week. Wait until they heat up and then maybe look to trade one of them. Both are viable starters in pretty much any format.



Melky and Harper. Youk is banged up and has yet to display any sort of consistency at the plate. If you have the luxury of benching him for the time being, I’d do it.


Hi guys. With Pedro Alvarez heating up (3 homers in past week), am I nuts to start him over Michael Brantley (yuck, I know) in a weekly league at utility?

Follow up: My mistake. Brantley has to stay. So sit one of Alvarez, Ackley, Aviles, and Gamel for my utility slot. My biggest need is power.


Ackley. Only one homer so far and he isn’t even hitting for a good AVG. On a side note, I wouldn’t become too dependent on Aviles for power. He cannot continue hitting home runs at this rate.



Brantley is hot right now so personally, I wouldn’t. But it’s not a totally crazy idea if you’re already strong in speed.


I got offered Jose Bautista and Ricky Romero for Miguel Cabrera, 10 team h2h league. What do you think?


Sure! If you’re going to trade Miggy, that’s the return you should be seeking. Plus, you’d be buying very low on Joey Bats.


I know i’d be buying very low on Jose, but who would you rather have ROS Miguel or Jose, and do you think Jose will still put up similar numbers to last year?

Well, I doubt he’ll hit over .300 again, but .280-35-100 is still a reasonable expectation. I’d definitely rather have Miguel, but Romero is a borderline fantasy ace (a very strong #2), so if you need the pitching help it’s a solid trade.


who do you prefer Rasmus vs Fowler?


Fowler. Rasmus is starting to heat up but I need to see more from him before I can become a true believer. He’s teased us plenty of times in the past.


Need some help for 2 spots: my 1b/3b and Utility.
I’m looking at brian lahair, todd helton, lucas duda, morales, Gaby sanchez, Logan Morrison, and also Carlos Quentin should be coming off the DL soon. Which are the two best to players, keeping in mind one has to fit in the 1B/3B slot?


I’m very surprised that Duda is still available in your league. He’s definitely played well enough this year to be deserving of a pickup. Morales would be my other choice. He’s been up and down so far but I’m still on board the Kendrys bandwagon. Long-term, I think he’ll prove to be the best option of this entire group as he works off the rust of missing one and a half seasons.


My team is sitting in dead last and I don’t feel like a top five finish is in the cards. I am in a 10 team keeper league in which you get to keep 5 players at and above $6 and 5 under $5 for 5 years.
I was proposed a trade in which:
I receive Cole Hamels ($12) and J Kipnis ($2)
I trade Brandon Phillips ($14) and Gallardo ($23)
While I am not going to go with the deal now, would you do it at the end of May? I have 4 keepers over $5 already selected, so Hamels would be the fifth keeper.


Yeah, I think this is a very solid trade for you. Let’s see how Kipnis does over the next month or so. You’d be saving a lot of money here and I love the fact that you would be upgrading at SP and saving 11 bucks in the process.


Sometimes, fantasy baseball really gets on my nerves. On paper, my team looks great, yet I’ve been blown out of the water in the past 2 weeks and now sit in last place out of 10 teams, not to mention that I rank poorly in nearly every single category.
R: 7th (My stats = 115, 1st place stats = 161)
HR: 8th (27, 1st = 51)
RBI: 9th (97, 1st = 156)
OBP: 7th (.323, 1st = .386)
SLG: T-6th (.404, 1st = .536)
NSB: T-8th (6, 1st = 26)
K: T-2nd (185, 1st = 195)
ERA: 9th (3.78, 1st = 2.38)
WHIP: T-7th (1.29, 1st = 1.03)
K/BB: 7th (2.64, 1st = 3.02)
QS: T-4th (19, 1st = 27)
NSV: T-6th (6, 1st = 22)

Here’s the team that I’m working with.
C: Alex Avila
1B: Albert Pujols
2B: Dustin Pedroia
3B: Adrian Beltre
SS: Jimmy Rollins
CI: Adam LaRoche
MI: J.J. Hardy
OFs: Holliday, Willingham, Bourn, Pagan
Util: Chase Headley
SP: Haren, Gallardo, Marcum, Wandy, Floyd, Nolasco, Vogelsong
RP: Rivera, Valverde
BN: J.D. Martinez, Torii Hunter, Ryan Roberts, John Danks, Berkman (DL)
DL: Fister, Carpenter.

I don’t know what to do. Ordinarily if I found myself lacking in one area, I could try to address it individually without any problem, but this looks more like a total problem and I have no clue where to start. The teams in this league are so big that the FA market doesn’t exactly give me a lot of choices. At the very least, here’s the list of guys on the trading block as a potential starting point: Youkilis, Drew Stubbs, King Felix, Chacin, Bedard; J.P. Arencibia, Bautista, Alexei Ramirez; Morneau, Morales, Goldschmidt, Lester, Ervin Santana; Wieters, Sandoval, Carlos Pena, Beltran, Peavy. I really need some direction and advice. What areas need the most improvement, and what possible solutions are there? I know it’s only been 4 weeks, but I’m troubled by the lackluster performance of my team thus far and I really feel that something needs to change in order for me to remain competitive in my league. Help me 411, you’re my only hope.



First off, I don’t think that any lead is insurmountable at this point in the season. You’d be surprised how much ground you can gain in all categories with a couple of highly productive weeks.

Second, you’re a Pujols owner. And I can bet that the vast majority of Pujols owners aren’t doing too well in their leagues. No homers! Who would’ve thought that. I’m not concerned about him at all. He’s the kind of guy who can carry your team for a month. It does seem like you can use a bit more power, which is why I’d think about trying to buy low on Bautista. But I don’t really see any obvious area where you have a ton of depth to deal from. I think the best course of action is to just sit tight for the next few weeks and allow the stats to even themselves out. Making a panic move right now could come back to haunt you.


Thanks, I guess I just needed someone to talk me down out of doing something I’ll regret later.

What are your thoughts on keeping or dropping Jose Reyes and Max Scherzer? I’m geting impatient with both. Thank you for your help.


Drop Reyes? You’re kidding, right? A top 25 player? That would be an awful move. As for Scherzer, I’m growing a little impatient with him too, but I’m willing to give him a mulligan for yesterday’s outing as it was against the Yankees. Scherzer is still racking up the strikeouts, whiffing more than a batter per inning, so that’s always a good sign.


Should I sell high on either Jeter or E5, or keep them awhile longer or ROS. And should I see what I can get for josh johnson or hold onto him a little bit longer, I’m growing impatience with him and not sure if he will start showing some consistency in his starts. Thanks.


I’m always open to seeing what I can get for any player at any time, so this really depends on the offer, though I’m becoming more and more a Jeter/E5 believer by the day. As for JJ, I really don’t know why you’d be looking to trade him now while his value is so low. I’m not giving up on him yet.


Well I was looking at an offer for Jeter, E5 and J. Johnson and would be getting back Tulowitzki, Mark Reynolds and Ian Kennedy.

Yeah, I think I’d make that trade. Johnson for Kennedy is pretty much a wash when you factor in JJ’s injury history. Reynolds is clearly the worst player in the deal but Tulo is clearly the best. A very fair trade but ultimately getting Tulo is too enticing to pass up.



Thanks for the advice through the first month. I have Mark Reynolds on my team (10 team, 5×5 w/ OBP) He has been sitting on my bench for a montha and is atrocious. drafted him for the HR potential but at this point is he worth keeping on the roster? Could use the spot for another PoD or a backup catcher to fill in when ramos not playing. Thoughts?



I’d keep Reynolds for now as he has the potential to go on one of those tears where he hits 10 homers in two weeks. That said, the fact that you already have another capable 3B (I think that’s the case?) definitely makes Reynolds more expendable. I’d hold onto him in hopes that he could catch fire and at least regain some trade value so you wouldn’t have to get rid of him without at least getting a little something in return.


You are correct that I have another 3B. Well, I did. Longoria is now day to day which makes my situation interesting because reynolds is the only other 3B eligibility I have. I can forgo a pitching spot and pick up another fill in until Longo is back or Reynolds starts to streak. Going for a hot bat i could get Alvarez or Lowrie. Seems like a power vs OBP. Thoughts on who to chose?

Much appreciated,

Alvarez is on a roll right now so he’d be my choice for the time being. His ceiling is higher than Lowrie’s, and I’d definitely choose him in hopes that he can finally take that next step forward.


In response to the idea of buying low on Bautista, what do you think of this scenario? The Bautista owner has been looking for a catcher all season (even though he currently has 3), and has made offers for Avila in the past. What do you think of this trade idea?
Give: Headley and Avila
Get: Bautista and either Jesus Montero/A.J. Pierzynski/J.P. Arencibia.
I know Avila is probably the best catcher of the group, but can I live with the downgrade at C to boost power and my 3B/CI by having both Bautista and Beltre? If none of those catching options are any good, there are some FA options: Russell Martin, Kurt Suzuki, Jonathan Lucroy, Carlos Ruiz, Ramon Hernandez, Kottaras, Saltalamacchia, Iannetta, Miguel Olivo, Ryan Doumit, Hundley. Perhaps instead of one of his catchers, I go for a pitcher like Morrow, McCarthy, or Holland (if he wants a pitcher for compensation, I could give him Danks). What are your thoughts?



Any of those scenarios would be absolute steals for you. We’re talking about a first round player who is off to a slow start. Even if it’s Avila and Headley for Bautista, that’s a ridiculously good trade for you. The waiver wire catching depth looks pretty good too.


Trade question: Would you rather have Pujols and Granderson or Teixiera and CarGo? Thanks.

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