Two-Start Pitchers – Week of 4/30

Hey guys,

Every Friday going forward, in addition to the analysis on the podcast, we’ll be posting our two-start pitcher notes right here on the blog. So let’s get started. Here are my thoughts on some of the more intriguing lineup decisions that you might face next week. Be sure to watch today’s podcast (coming out later) for Siano’s thoughts.


                                                                                                                                                        Mike Minor: vs. PIT, @COL

He’s a fly ball pitcher, which makes the start at Coors scary, but 4 ER over his last three starts spanning 21 1/3 innings, and the Pirates matchup is too good to resist. Pitch.

Randy Wolf: @SD, @SF

His last start was good enough that I’ll take a chance on him here. As far as matchups go, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Ubaldo Jimenez: @CWS, vs TEX

He’ll be pitched in the vast majority of leagues so this is more of a tread lightly warning. Still, I haven’t been impressed at all with Jimenez so far, particularly the mediocre K rate. This has disaster written all over it and I’d seriously consider sitting him if I had a better two-start option or even a lower ranked one-start guy with an exceptionally favorable matchup

Clay Buchholz: vs. OAK, vs. BAL

He’s not officially DTM but I personally don’t feel comfortable starting him under any circumstance right now, even in a two-start week with decent matchups. Ditch!

Luke Hochevar: @DET, vs. NYY

A really tough call but with these matchups I’ll say ditch in mixed leagues as long as you have a capable alternative option.

Jason Hammel: @NYY, @BOS

I don’t care how well he’s pitching. This is the week when his stats will see a major correction, and the Red Sox lineup is hot.

Juan Nicasio: vs. LAD, vs. ATL

Not in love with the matchups but in a deeper mixed league he’s been good enough to trust in a two-start week.

James McDonald: @ATL, vs. CIN

A little risky as these are not great matchups, but he’s coming off a gem and has yet to be really roughed up. A decent play in deep mixed leagues. A must-start in NL-only.

Jerome Williams: vs. MIN, vs. TOR

Not sold on him yet but the Twins’ offense ranks near the bottom in the AL in runs and the Jays haven’t hit too well on the road. I’ll be conservative and ditch but he’s not a bad gamble if you’re looking for a sleeper two-starter.


i was offered valverde for dee gordon i already have jeter as a ss and i need more saves should i do it


I might see if I could do a little better for Gordon, whose market value is through the roof right now. But if Valverde is the best you can do, it’s a perfectly acceptable trade.


or jeter for mariano

I’d rather do Gordon for Valverde.

What about Arroyo / Sale / Nolasco as 2-starters? I have weak pitching to go along with my stout offense, but its a 12 team h2h so it’s keeping me afloat in 1st early in the year. Would you start Marcum or Morrow over any of those three 2-starters next week?


For the time being, I see Sale as a worthy start regardless of the matchup. So he’s a definite pitch in a two-start week. Arroyo has two fairly favorable matchups (vs. CHC, @PIT) but I just don’t trust him. Pitch if you’re the gambling type but I’m ditching. He’s too disaster prone no matter the opponent.

As for Nolasco, I didn’t even include him here since he’s a must-start with those two matchups: @SF, @SD.


Where is the chart that catagoizes all the pitchers as ones you keep, or pitch and ditch?

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