Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, May 1


Matusz @ Hughes

J. Sanchez @ Porcello

Feliz @ Hutchison

Parker @ Doubront – Doubront has been very impressive

Noesi @ Moore

Jimenez @ Sale – bench but not cut on Ubaldo

Liriano @ J. Williams – same for Liriano

Cahill @ Zimmermann – Nationals can’t score right now

Samardzija @ Arroyo – who knows which Samardzija will show up?

Hamels @ Beachy

Niese @ Happ – Happ’s increased K rate is intriguing

Morton @ Wainwright

Lilly @ Chacin

Marcum @ Volquez – still not trusting Volquez. Maybe I will if he’s dominant again here?

Nolasco @ Cain

                                                                                                                                               ***MIKE SAYS:

Sanchez @ Porcello *sigh, what could have been but may not ever be.
Some tough pills to swallow on the bench with Ubaldo and the LAD @ COL matchup but I’ll stick with CS.
***ZACH SAYS “I’d play it safe and sit Parker @BOS. Tough situation for a guy making his third career big league start. Volquez at home is tempting in deeper leagues but if you choose to start him make sure to not watch the game. It might drive you crazy!”


What do you guys think of this trade I give Hamels, Billingsley, and Freese for Miguel Cabrera and starlin castro.


I love it. You’re getting the best player in the deal in Cabrera plus a high-end SS for an ace, a guy in Billingsley who is a nice sell-high candidate and Freese. That’s a great return.


Hey Well lets see….P Alvarez seems to have the power stroke working again…would you use him at CI or DH ahead of Ike Davis/Morales…..my power has been lacking as well as my team!


I definitely wouldn’t cut Davis or Morales but if you have the roster space, Alvarez makes for a fine pickup and short-term fill-in. Long term, I’d still go with Davis/Morales but adding Alvarez to the mix does make sense.


Who should we pick up to back League in SEA? If Longoria or Morneau are hurt.. who do you think may get called up.

I haven’t watched a webisode in a while so maybe you have covered this but I guess there are a lot of guys on the maybe hurt category… Choo and Youk as well. You could do a show on who to have on your bench if one of these guys or more is going to be out for awhile.

Me.. I’m in a AL only league


Wilhelmsen is the likely second option behind League but I don’t see League losing the job anytime soon. I don’t really think the Rays and Twins will call up anyone worth considering for fantasy purposes should Longoria and/or Morneau miss an extended period of time (and there’s a report out there that Longoria could be out 6-8 weeks). I think the clubs will try to solve the problem by using guys already on their big league roster (Parmelee, S. Rodriguez/Keppinger, etc.)


Thinking about dropping markakis for reddick thoughts?


I wouldn’t. Markakis, despite the slow start, has a consistent (albeit boring) track record while Reddick is more of an unknown. Long-term, Markakis is the safer option, and I’d be scared that the second I pick up Reddick he’ll go ice cold!


411 emergency-

Ok, preparing for worst case 6-8 weeks without Longoria, Mixed, weekly, 5man keeper, H2H total Pts league. Singles=1pt; Doubles=2pt; Triples=3pt; Home Runs=4pt; Runs=1pt; Runs Batted In=1pt; Stolen Bases=2pt; Walks=.5 pt.

Part of me hopes they slide Zobrist to 3rd for 5games to be eligible, because then I have more flexibility, but if not or until then, these 3B eligible are on the wire.

Trumbo, Andino, P. Alvarez, C. Johnson, Chipper, Valencia, or Wiggington? From pts perspective, and playing time, etc. Who do you like?

Also, I would have to drop one of these arms: Chacin, Parker, Guerra, Jansen, or Bauer. I am thinking Chacin or Parker (as I am afraid Bauer will be scooped up quickly, and I both Guerra and Jansen are racking up points.



I’d lean towards Trumbo. He’s done a pretty nice job at the plate this year and as long as he hits the Angels will find a spot for him in the lineup. Alvarez is intriguing too but for points league purposes I’m a little concerned about the possibility of prolonged slumps. I’d drop Parker, the deciding factor being that he’s got some challenging matchups coming up. If you can pick him back up when his schedule gets lighter, great. If not, that’s OK too.


Hi guys
I have a question about foul play. In 20-team HTH-points league, where (starting) pitching has a huge upside on batters, 1 owner decided not to draft a catcher. I saw this just a couple of days ago, and I alerted the league to this fact.

He’s saying that the catchers that he could draft weren’t good enough, and if he would have to pick 1 up now, this would make his team worse, and because he’s in last place, I shouldn’t be concerned about his team. He also has an empty Util slot (partly because of injuries), and I feel that every team should at least carry enough (active) batters to be able to completely fill their line-up. I also think that if this were to be allowed, every team can follow his example. What is your take on this?

To be complete: It’s a 20-team HTH-points keeper league, with too many categories to name here, but pitching has a huge advantage, even though we have only 1 SP, 1 RP and no P-slots. And btw, I’m not the commish, nor is he.

Thanx Ivo


In all the leagues I play in, the computer forces you to draft a legal roster. I know for certain that the ESPN draft applet doesn’t let you go into the season with an empty starting slot. So my feeling is that it should be required to draft a legal roster. What the manager decides to do post-draft is really up to him. I don’t see the point in playing a man short as it obviously would hurt you overall (a catcher isn’t going to give you negative points over the course of the entire season). I don’t think there’s any clear way to police this in-season. Next year is a different story, provided that you guys put it to a vote.


Hey Zach,
Continuing on from previous thread about 3B with Longo out. Picked up Alvarez and now looking at a deal for Joey Bats. Started with Stanton for JB straight up. He wanted more and added on pitching with Vogelsong wich I can up to Gallardo or Bumgarner. My question is am I going to high at that point. Stanton has huge potential as well and JB hasn’t caught fire yet. Who do you like better by the end of the year (both too costly to be keepers)?

Sorry for the excessive posts. Thanks,


No way would I do Stanton and Gallardo/Bumgarner for JB. I still consider JB to be an upgrade over Stanton, but paying a high-end SP to get that upgrade is simply too costly. I’d probably do the Stanton and Vogelsong version. Let me know if I’m not understanding this trade correctly.


Hey Follow up to my question on P Alvarez, I have Beltre at 3B and Ike and Morales at CI/DH I also have A Cabrera at SS and Aviles who can play multiple positions….would you drop Cozart to make room for Alvarez?


Yeah, I’m OK with that. You’re pretty well covered at all those positions anyway so you have the luxury of focusing on upside alone. I think Alvarez is the better bet in that department.


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