Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, May 2


Harrison @ Romero – not sure I trust Harrison, but some others might
J. Sanchez @ Verlander
Arrieta @ Nova  – Nova has been extremely hittable but has a 25-5 K-BB ratio, something’s gotta give!
McCarthy @ Bard
Beavan @ Shields
Tomlin @ Humber
Hendriks @ Weaver
Schwinden @ Wandy
Kershaw @ Pomeranz
Gallardo @ Luebke
Saunders @ Jackson – Saundo is hot and the Nationals are struggling badly offensively
Maholm @ Bailey
Halladay @ Hanson
Burnett @ Lynn
Zambrano @ Zito – Zito is hot and the Marlins are struggling offensively…

                                                                                                                                                  ZACH’S PICKS

Harrison @ Romero – Harrison roughed up by TB last time out and has historically struggled vs. Blue Jays (9.82 ERA from 2009-2011)
J. Sanchez @ Verlander
Arrieta @ Nova – Looks like Arrieta is turning back into a pumpkin. No way do I start him here.
McCarthy @ Bard – I trust both for this matchup.
Beavan @ Shields – Beavan very impressive thus far but I’ll play it safe and sit this one out.
Tomlin @ Humber – Doesn’t that perfect game seem like a long time ago?
Hendriks @ Weaver – Hendriks too erratic to trust.
Schwinden @ Wandy
Kershaw @ Pomeranz – Matt Kemp might hit four homers in this game!
Gallardo @ Luebke – Gallardo should rebound nicely after disastrous last start.
Saunders @ Jackson – Saundo! Pitch him while he’s hot.
Maholm @ Bailey – Homer has posted 3 straight quality starts. Worth a shot.
Halladay @ Hanson
Burnett @ Lynn – A.J. back on the mixed league radar but this matchup scares me. If he pitches well here I’ll definitely start him next time.
Zambrano @ Zito – Great matchup for Big Z. Still don’t trust Zito.

                                                                                                                                               ***MIKE SAYS:

-I finally came around on Harrison his last start and he betrayed me. Ditch

-Which Humber shows up? I doubt the perfect one or the crappy one. Hit the one in the middle Rocko.

-I’m rolling A.J. out there, only one I disagree on with CS even though he is still POD.


12 team dynasty league. Would you trade D. Wright $19 and Archie Bradley for Verlander $35 and Choo $25? My staff is Shields, Worley, Marcum, Kuroda, Cueto with Hudson and Fister on the DL. I’d have Sandoval to slide in at 3b and Gamel at CI.


Not a no-brainer but I like the idea. We always say to play to win now and this deal would help you do just that. And the prices of Verlander and Choo aren’t outrageous. Your staff could also use a bit of a boost.


What are your thoughts of dropping Dee Gordon? I’m looking at the following: Scuturo, Alexi Casilla and Ruben Tejada. I currently have Parra and Campana contributing to steals for my team. Thanks.


No way! I’m not a huge believer in Gordon until he can improve his OBP but he still carries plenty of value as an elite SB guy who can carry you in a category. If you want to trade him, that’s one thing. But dropping him would be a big mistake.


Another question. Another owner wants Willingham from me and I need a pitcher. Whom should I ask for, Bumgarner, Nalasco, Cueto or Hudson?
I currently have Bautista, Austin Jackson, Campana and Parra as my other outfielders. Thanks again


Bumgarner and Cueto (in that order) would be my top two choices. BUT I’m concerned that your outfield would be too weak after a Willingham trade. Not sure how badly you “need” a pitcher, but I have a feeling you might not need one as badly as you think.


hey just seeing if I made a dumb or good move….I just dropped Reimold since it seems like he is missing time often and picked up craig allen? I could of dropped Fowler instead but would like to have some speed on my bench


I’m OK with that. Reimold’s banged up and Craig proved last season that he can be an impact hitter.


I traded Furcal, Billy Butler, and Javy Guerra for Adrian Gonzalez in a 10 team league. How’d I do?


Great! I’m always a proponent of these type of trades where you deal multiple guys, none of whom are high-end players, for one stud. And this certainly fits the bill.


Got offered a trade:
Swisher and Darvish
Chris Young, Carlos Pena, Stephen Strasburg
What do you think? Thanks.


Love it. Strasburg is an upgrade over Darvish and on top of this you’re getting Young and Pena for Swisher. Your AVG might suffer a bit but if you can absorb this the deal is pretty much a no-brainer.


Should I drop Balfour for either J.J. Putz, Chris Perez, Scott Downs, Brett Myers, or Henry Rodriguez? Or just keep Balfour for now?


Why all those closers are available in your league is beyond me, but I’d try to scoop up as many of them as you can. After all, saves is a category! Long term, Putz and Myers would be my top two choices.


First trade question of the year: trade Strasburg & receive Hanley.

I currently have Beltre & Tulo @ 3B & SS then also have moustakas as back up.

Rotation also has Lester, Beckett, Scherzer, Shields, Colby Lewis, & Lynn.
I have 4 closers so I can drop one it trade for another starter…Mo, Kimbrel, Jim Johnson, & Aceves.

What do you think?
Appreciate all comments…

Also curious if you think Pettitte is worth the pick up in 10team league. I’d be dropping a closer,probably Aceves, or Lance Lynn.

Pass on Pettitte in a 10-team league as we have no idea how effective he’ll be. In 12+ team leagues, I’m all for adding Pettitte, but in 10-teamers it seems like a reach, especially since we haven’t even seen him make a big league start yet.



Absolutely yes. Your pitching is good enough without Strasburg, and you simply can’t pass up an opportunity to land a first-round caliber hitter for any pitcher, even though Hanley has been a little inconsistent so far. I’m assuming of course that you have a permanent starting spot open for Hanley with Beltre and Tulo already in your lineup.


I traded Ricky Romero and Tommy Hanson for Verlander. I picked up Lilly with the open roster spot. Losses and Walks are two extra pitching catagories. Did I pay too much? Thanks Guys.


I’m a big fan or Ricky Ro but I’m very concerned about Hanson’s erratic pitching and his health woes, so I’m OK with that trade, also factoring in the Lilly pickup. You did give up quite a bit but ultimately it’s a good gamble.


Thoughts on Jarrod Parker? Added him in a ten team mix keeper league for $2. Future ace on our hands?


I don’t see any reason to think he can’t be an ace down the road. Pitching in that ballpark in Oakland certainly doesn’t hurt. If I owned him for that price in a keeper league, I’d be plenty excited.


Hi guys
I just picked up Pedro Alvarez & chris Davis to replace longoria
Which one you like better over next 6-8 weeks.? I’m wondering if I should use the 2 roster spots or just keep one & use other roster spot for other needs.

Thank you


It’s a tough call but I personally prefer Alvarez, basically because we have already seen Davis for awhile now and more or less know what type of player he is. Alvarez is just a bit more intriguing. That said, I think I’d hold onto both for the time being to buy myself more time to make that decision. Or better yet, look into trading one while they’re hot.


Davis is good for 3 base in this league

Jed lowrie or Ian Desmond , ROS.?


I like Desmond for his power/speed potential, though I’m a bit dumbfounded as to why he has only one steal.



I see in my Leauge that Shin-Soo Choo is available as well as Josh Reddick and Michael Saunders. Should I consider dropping Alex Rios or BJ Upton for any of the three?



Choo is a must-add. I’d try to drop someone else for him but if ultimately Rios is your only option, I’d make that move. Definitely wouldn’t drop B.J.


Hey Zach,
Well, Mr. Matt Harrison was hit hard today by Toronto and that is his second undesirable performance in a row. I know he started out strongly but this is what’s available in my 10 team, h2h league:
Capuano, Vargas, Nolasco, Jarrod Parker, Vogelsong, Minor, McCarthy, Volquez, Westbrook, and Arroyo.
Bust a move or stand pat on Harrison? Thanks for your help.
Rich D.


Yeah, I’ve just about given up on Harrison and would dump him for either Nolasco, McCarthy or Vogelsong. I’d probably give Vogelsong the slight edge but feel free to play the matchups. In a 10-team league there will always be solid SP options available on the wire.


On a scale of fluffy bunnies to flesh eating virus, how scared should I be about Brandon McCarthy’s start against the Red Sox?


I think McCarthy has been good enough to earn our trust vs. an inconsistent Red Sox lineup.


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