Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, May 3


Millwood @ Niemann
Masterson @ Danks – both need to cut down the walks
Phelps @ Duffy – not risking Duffy vs. the Yankees
Morrow @ Haren
Blanton @ Delgado – Delgado’s K’s aren’t worth the risk
Dempster @ Bailey
Bedard @ Westbrook – don’t love Westbrook, but he’s on a roll…
An. Sanchez @ Vogelsong
Kennedy @ Detwiler – gotta use Detwiler while he’s hot


Hey Zach,

Does Harrison still deserve a roster spot? Sat him today against the Js but 2nd melt down in a row is a little conserning.



Dump if you have a decent alternative. I’ve lost my patience with him.


Trade question: Would you rather have Pujols and Granderson or Teixiera and CarGo? Thanks.


Pujols and Granderson. I still haven’t given up on Albert and Granderson/CarGo is pretty much a wash. Tex should finish with his usual solid numbers but I’d sooner take Pujols. The season’s only about 16 percent complete!


What’s your take on Phelps?

Big Mike,

My take is that I need to see him make one start before having a meaningful opinion. He’s a pretty solid prospect but I’m not about to recommend him in mixed leagues. Way too soon!



I think your done with yesterdays post. and I did not notice the date change. So sorry for posting a question in an older site. I will repost the following question:

I see in my Leauge that Shin-Soo Choo is available as well as Josh Reddick and Michael Saunders. Should I consider dropping Alex Rios or BJ Upton for any of the three?


I picked up Pedro Alvarez to fill in for Beltré for a few days. I am in need of saves and just got offered grant Balfour for Alvarez. How long will Balfour be keeping his job for? I won’t have a spot for Alvarez when Beltré returns.

Or should I try to get Scott downs from him?

Big Mike,

I’d definitely make that trade. I don’t think that Balfour’s closer job is in immediate danger and Alvarez is just a fill-in anyway. I’m not saying that Alvarez can’t have a decent year but now is as good a time as any to cash in your profits.



Just answered this on the previous blog post.


Zack should I drop Jemile Weeks and add Jose altuve, I really need some 2nd base production

Hello guys

I was offered a trade today and I have no idea why I even am thinking twice but I’m wondering if I’m missing something.

I’d trade Strasburg & Mo Rivera and get Miggy.

Currently 1B is Goldsmith, Morales, & Duda so obviously huge upgrade.
Rest of bats C Santana, J Kipnis, Tulo, Beltre, Willingham, McCutchen, Beltran, A Gordon, L Morrison, Stubbs, Heyward, Moustakas, & Ellsbury on DL

Rest of my staff is Lester, Scherzer, Shields, Beckett, C Lewis, Lynn, A Chapman, Kimbrel, Jim Johnson (Bal), Aceves(scares me)

I fear it leaves me too exposed for pitching…I can use extra spot to pick another SP…

It’s Miggy tho…can ya really say no?
Thanks as always,


Do it. Do it now!


Vogels, niemann, westbrook or dempster? H2H and we use L, QS, and k/9 in addition. I’m thinking niemann, vogs, westbrook, dempster (worried 1st start after injury, esp in cincy but he’s also worth rostering). Its so close. I’m a good bit behind on era whip and k/9. I’m a little closer on the other 3. Thanks!


I’d go Vogelsong, Niemann, Dempster, Westbrook but it is very close. Try to play the matchups as best you can.


E5 on the rampage! This is the year!

18 team dynasty league. Would you trade Jordan Zimmerman for Adrian Beltre?
and could you rank my pitchers? Zimmerman, Niese, Lynn, Holland and Hammel.


Yeah, definitely. Even though you’re giving up a young pitcher with a great deal of upside, you’re getting back an established high-end hitter, and I’ll take the hitter over the pitcher 100 times out of 100.

As for the ranking, I’d go Zimmermann, Holland, Niese, Lynn, Hammel, though this is definitely up for debate.


Is this trade of “double Js” fair:
Josh Johnson + Jordan Schafer for Jim Johnson + Tommy Milone?


I’d much rather have the Josh and Jordan pair but this is certainly not vetoable considering Johnson’s shaky start and his injury history.


What should I expect from Kendrys morales, ROS ? I had him in 2 leagues, dropped him in one cause I was overloaded w 1st baseman & outfielders. Now I’m being offered Peralta for him in another league ( my SS is Ian desmund). Is he going to get super hot or is he going to remain in & out of line up w very little power?


I’d pass on that being that you already have Desmond. I think that Kendrys will only get better as the season goes on, so know is definitely not the time to trade him. I’m also not high on Hardy at all this year. I think he could be a big-time bust.


Correction, I was offered JJ Hardy for Kendrys…

There’s a possible double start special on Danks next week (assuming he plays the 2nd game in the May 7th Double header at Cleveland and then Kansas City on 5/13), but Dank’s high amount of walks has me concerned. Would you start him next week against CLE/KC? I have to pick 2 out of the following 4: Danks, Floyd (at CLE), Nolasco (vs NYM), and Vogelsong (at LAD). Which two would be best?



Yes, considering that all your other options are one-start guys, I’d definitely give Danks another shot. My second pick would be Nolasco. He gets the slight edge over Vogelsong as I’d like to avoid pitchers who will be facing Matt Kemp, if possible!


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