Pitch or Ditch for Friday, May 4


Peavy @ Smyly *Peavy your pitcher of the month for AL. Smyly on a tear.

Lewis @ Gomez

W. Chen @ Lester *Chen’s biggest test to date. Probably safer to leave him on bench. He pitches well here we may be on to something. WHIP still high at 1.32

Ross @ Price

Sabathia @ B. Chen

Alvarez @ Big Erv *NEVER, SAY, DIE

Pavano @ Vargas *Vargas has been OK and Twins can’t hit at all. I’ll never trust Pavano even though a good start here wouldn’t be shocking. Just not my cup of tea.

Billingsley @ Maholm *One burp by Chad, otherwise pretty darn good. Cubs are terrible hitting team.

Cueto @ Correia

Kendrick @ Strasburg

Miley @ Gee *Miley owns the NL East! Look it up. Gee’s ERA and WHIP a little misleading since he got annihilated in one start vs SF.

Lohse @ Harrell

T. Hudson @ Moscoso *No way on Hudson here. These aren’t the Pirates.

Johnson @ Bass *Bass has been much better than Johnson. If you can’t pitch JJ in PETCO where are you supposed to pitch him?

Greinke @ Lincecum *This is nice yes?


Do you believe I should keep D.Holland or release him and pick up Gee? Please reply back, thanks!
Austin from nybisons


Keep Holland. He has much more upside than Gee, particularly in the strikeout department. He also has a great opportunity to rack up plenty of wins thanks to that juggernaut Rangers’ lineup.



My 2 DL slots are already filled with (Lee and Storen) and with Sandoval down this causes a problem. I have only one player available for a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd base slot. With Sandoval gone this leaves my 1B/3B slot vacant. Which of the five options do you favor, since it seems I can’t get a fair trade out of this.?

1) Wait this out,.and play without the 1B/3B slot filled till Sandovals return.
2) Drop Drew Storen and pick up one of the Third basemen available.
3) Drop Sandoval and pick up one of the Third basemen available.
4) Pick up Nolan Arenado now since he is close to being caled up, and drop Sandoval.
5) Drop one of the following outfielders for one of the third basemen avaialble below:

Justin Upton
Shin-Soo Choo
Alex Gordon
Adam Jones
Jason Werth
B.J. Upton
Josh Willimham
Bryce Harper
MIke Trout

Active Third basemen avaialble::

Alex Liddi 3B
Will Middlebrooks 3B
Daniel Murphy 2B, 1B, 3B,
Sean Rodriguez SS, 3B, 3B
Kyle Seager, 3B


That’s a very tough one. I can’t believe I’m saying this but if you have at least two other reliable closers on your roster I think I’d just drop Storen. He’s not expected back until at least early July, which is about a month longer than the amount of time Sandoval is expected to miss. Dropping Sandoval is a definite no-no and I hate the idea of playing without a CI for a full month. I also would have a hard time deciding which of those OFs to drop. A trade would obviously be my preferred choice though.


This has been a big injure or bust for me and they just keep coming. With Big Panda Pablo out which of these is the best replacement?

Chris Davis (errrrr…)
Chris Johnson
Jed Lowire (hmmm two Astro 3rd base eligible men)
Pedro Alvarez
Chipper Jones
Ty Wigginton

Jon from Texas


Tell me about it! I own Sandoval in three leagues and am going crazy trying to pull off quick trades for third basemen as I’m unimpressed with the waiver wire choices. If I had to pick one of those guys, it would be Alvarez with Davis close behind.


Who’s the top choice to replace Marmol in Chicago??

Big Mike,

Sounds like Dolis and Russell will share the role for now, but this situation could get quite messy. Be sure to catch today’s podcast when it comes out, as Mike and Cory will discuss this.


would u trade tex and kendrick for pujols


Not a bad trade but that’s a little steep for me personally. If possible, try downgrading the 2B you’d be giving up.


I was offered Eric Hosmer, David Ortiz and Jim Johnson for Mark Teixeira, Jhonny Peralta, and Josh Johnson. I was thinking about doing this trade especially since I have Rivera and he just got hurt, not sure how bad it is or if he will go on the DL at all and I might need another closer.

So I did that trade, and I am also thinking about doing another trade for Jose Bautista and Ricky Romero and give up Miguel Cabrera. Since I just gave up Josh Johnson in the other trade and would want to get another SP with ace type potential. What do you think?


Yeah, I love the first trade. Second trade is a tad risky considering Bautista’s slow start but I’d roll the dice that he can finish with a .270-35-100 type line, and I’m a huge believer in Romero.


Does Danks performance yesterday against Cleveland (7 IP, 9 H, 6 ER, 1 K, 1 BB) change your mind about starting him next week against Cleveland and Kansas City? Or would you still stick with him for the double start special despite this less than stellar performance? I give Danks credit for reducing the number of walks, but 1 strikeout over 7 innings? REALLY?! [facepalm]



Very disappointing I know, but I’d give him one more shot for the two-start week. If he falters there, I’d bench until further notice.


Im lookin for quality pitching:-I trade away Bryce harper and huston street for Jon Lester.Is this a good trade for me?


Honestly, I’d pass. I often find that owners don’t “need” pitching as much as they think they do, and Harper could turn out to be a monster from here on out. Street is an injury-risk but he’s always very solid when healthy.


Crystal ball 411,
Have a problem which needs help ASAP! Roto mixed And just lost Mo Rivera. Picking thru the scraps and Soriano and robertson not available. Best choices are Juan Cruz, Brian shaw, Edward mujica, clay Hensley, Brian Fuentes, Ramon Ramirez? Thinking Fuentes with Balfour struggling is my best choice.

Cheers and keep the show rolling,

I have the same Rivera problem, except Soriano is still available (Robertson isn’t). My league focuses on Net Saves (So blown saves matter). My other options also include: Fernando Rodney, Capps, Santiago Casilla, Frank Francisco, and Alfredo Aceves. I’m leaning more towards Rodney since he has 9 NSVs, and I’m not sure if Soriano will get the closing job in NY, but if he does, he’ll probably get plenty of work.


Funny(ish) Side Note: Rotowire.com made the same Johnson in PETCO comment about Gallardo’s recent struggles, but more in the context that if you can’t get a good outing from him in PETCO, where can you start him? Thoughts?


Yeah, Fuentes looks like the best option of a very unimpressive group. Mujica is worth monitoring as well.


Fantasy keeper question: Halladay, McCutchen, Rollins vs Price, Reyes, Adam Jones.

Which side?

Halladay is getting up there in age. I would probably go the younger side – Price, Reyes and A Jones not too shabby. Although I am not sure how Jones is a keeper for you. Must be a deep league.


Halladay/McCutchen/Rollins. Rollins to Reyes is a downgrade but Price to Halladay is a definite upgrade and I’d still take McCutchen over Jones, despite Jones’ hot start.


Unless of course this is one of those long-term keeper leagues with $ values etc. All things equal I’d still lean towards the Halladay side…

Got offered Desmond Jennings for Bourn. I should do this deal, right?

should i trade youkilis and kendrick for josh johnson i already have weeks at 2nd im deep in the outfield so i can put bautista at 3rd what do u think


I’m OK with that. Risk on both sides but I’m very down on Youk right now.


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