Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, May 5-7



Hammel @ Cook – I’ll be sold on Hammel if he pitches well here, but playing it safe.

Floyd @ Scherzer – Both are risky but I’ll take my chances.

Holland @ Lowe – Not giving up on Holland yet. Disaster alert for Lowe.

Kuroda @ Paulino – Yankee lineup struggling but ditch on Paulino in his season debut.

Colon @ Hellickson – I have a bad feeling about Colon here so start at your own risk.

Drabek @ Wilson

Marquis @ King Felix – Marquis coming off QS but I’m not a believer, even in this matchup.

Capuano @ Garza – Capuano’s on a roll.

Worley @ Gonzalez

Corbin @ J. Santana

Wolf @ Bumgarner – Wolf disappointing @SD but you can’t possibly bench him here.

Leake @ McDonald – Leake way too erratic thus far.

J. Garcia @ Norris – Bud too inconsistent to pitch here.

Minor @ Moyer – Not liking this matchup at all for fly ball prone Minor.

Buehrle @ Richard – PoD delight!


Sale @ Porcello – Porcello coming off great start but I need to see more from him.

Darvish @ Jimenez – Ubaldo’s a mess. No way do I pitch him vs. TEX.

Hunter @ Buchholz – Hope you didn’t invest much in Clay. He’s been flat-out terrible.

Milone @ Moore – After implosion at Fenway, not trusting Milone vs. the big boys.

Hughes @ Hochevar – Luke is too disaster prone to pitch vs. Yanks.

Hutchison @ Williams – At home, ride Jerome while he’s hot.

Blackburn @ Noesi – Blackburn a decent option in very deep mixed or AL-only.

Cahill @ Dickey – Dickey’s ERA is skewed by one awful start.

Latos @ Morton – Latos so unpredictable but if you can’t trust him for this one, why is he still on your team?

Wainwright @ Happ – Happ very impressive so far but this matchup is just too risky.

Harang @ Volstad – Harang’s medium risk, minimal reward. Ditch.

Beachy @ Nicasio

Nolasco @ Wieland – I’m waiting for one of those 3 IP, 8 ER outings from Ricky, but chances are it won’t happen here.

Marcum @ Cain

Hamels @ Zimmermann


Humber @ Tomlin (Gm 1 of doubleheader)

TBD (CWS) @ Masterson (Gm 2 of doubleheader) – Masterson close to earning back my trust but not yet.

Feliz @ Matusz

Weaver @ Liriano

Doubront @ J. Sanchez – Doubront roughed up by A’s…now that’s a bad sign.

Verlander @ Beavan

Niese @ Halladay

Hanson @ Samardzija – Pitch on Samardzija if you’re feeling lucky.

Zambrano @ Wandy

Arroyo @ Gallardo – Not concerned about Gallardo.

Lynn @ Saunders – I’ll take a shot on Saundo but feel free to bench for this tough matchup.

Chacin @ Volquez – Chacin is DTM as far as I’m concerned.

Zito @ Lilly – Who’s the real Barry Zito? Closer to the one you saw last time out.


Jordan Zimmermann and Kimbrel for Matt Carpenter and Chris Perez. Who wins? I have an all pitcher bench right now and I would get Carpenter and Perez.

When is it time to give up on Jose Bautista? I have him and I am getting frustrated with his poor performance this year.

Not yet. Maybe during the last week of September!



Who do you think? That’s actually veto worthy in my opinion.


Is Joe Blanton good option? I can drop Matt Harrison, Grant Balfour, or Mike Adams.

Got a guy who lost Rivera…. Is this a good trade: Give-Valverde and Get-Austin Jackson? Keeper league and Jackson is a dollar.


Yeah, I’ve been very impressed by Jackson so far and would certainly consider making that trade if you can afford to lose Valverde’s saves. He’s also been very hittable this year, so it’s not like you’re giving up an elite closer.


With Nolan Reimold headed to the DL, ahould I drop him for Luke Scott? (I’m hesitant just cause the DL move’s gonna be retroactive)


If you don’t have any open DL spots or any better options to drop, I’m OK with that. Scott’s definitely worth a roster spot in a 12-team mixed and should probably be in your active lineup, depending of course on the roster size. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if he finishes the season with better all-around numbers than Reimold.


Another player just dropped Brandon Phillips and Nelson Cruz. I’ve got Altuve at 2B and Prado as my 4th OF (already have 2 3B). Do I drop by Altuve and Prado for Phillips/Cruz?

BTW: 10 team, 5×5, non-keeper league.


Dropping Philli[ps and Cruz? That’s crazy! I’d pick both up immediately but would find two other players to drop. Altuve’s the real deal, everyone! And Prado still warrants a roster spot.


So I just did two trades I traded away Mark Teixeira, Miguel Cabrera, Jhonny Peralta, and Josh Johnson and got back Jose Bautista, Eric Hosmer, David Ortiz, Ricky Romero, and Jim Johnson. And I also just lost Rivera and had Chris Sale who just became a closer. How did I do? Thanks.


A blockbuster! I’m OK with it. Even though you gave up the best player in the deal, you got back a ton.


In a keeper league, would you trade one of Kirk Neuwehuis, Eric Thames, and Allen Craig for Danny Duffy or Drew Pomeranz? It’s a 20 team league and my other outfielders are Justin Upton, Matt Holliday, and Jason Heyward, so depth isn’t much of a problem for me. The other team has only 2 outfielders so it’s very likely a proposed deal will be accepted.
The Manoman
Here’s a link to my team if you would like to see it:


Yeah, I’d definitely look into trading for Pomeranz. He pitches in a tough park but I like what I’ve seen from him so far and think that he can develop into a quality #2 type starter fairly quickly. My first choice would probably be to trade Thames.


I just got offered pujols,longoria and youklis, for mike young and bryce harper…is this a good trade for me? I already have ZIimmerman comin off dl on tuesday.i also got agone and fielder at the corners.i like pujols to turn it around.longo is out a while and youk cant stay healty.pujols is still the best player in this trade.

You’re a lucky man, to play with such idiots in your league.

Haha. Pujols, Longoria, A-Gon and Fielder on the same team? You definitely need to be in a more challenging league, DB!


Someone want to offer me A-Rod for Ian Kennedy. I’m tempted because I need the bats. Should I do it?


Yeah, that’s fair value, particularly because A-Rod plays a position that has been an absolute disaster for owners this year (injuries, poor performance, etc.)


Thinking of picking up Samardzija and dumping Neftali Perez….. Any thoughts?


I’d pass on that. Samardzija’s still too inconsistent and prone to blowup starts. Feliz has been shaky too but at least he has a two year long track record of performing well in the big leagues, even though it was in the closer role.


ROS Anibal Sanchez or Jake Peavy? I don’t like Peavy’s injury risks…Thanks


Peavy offers the higher reward but he also comes with more risk, most of it being health related. I like to minimize risk. My choice would be Anibal. I also tend to give the edge to the NL pitcher when it’s a close call.


ROS Fielder or Cano? Thanks


The position factor would lead me to choose Cano. He went before Fielder in the vast majority of drafts this year, and despite Cano’s slow start, I still don’t disagree with that ranking.


With Berkman on the DL still and Ike struggling like crazy I’m hurting bad for 1B in my 12tm keeper league (5 keepers). I put out word and got offers from two people:

1. EE and Gio or Romero for Jennings and Beachy or Morrow. I’ve always liked EE and of course the one year I don’t draft him he takes off. Can he keep up enough to be a top 30 player or top 7 1B? I want to get more for Jennings and like Morrow and Beachy a lot, but I also like Romero.

2. Cuddyer for Berkman. I liked Berkman a lot coming in, but the calf thing scares me a lot. Cuddyer seems like a pretty stable, consistent option.

What do you think about these offers? Should I try and shoot for a top 1B instead? I’m looking to move Jennings, Bonifacio and some of my SP depth.



I like the second trade as I was never really a fan of Berkman’s going into the season due to the health question marks. I’m not all that enthused about the first trade. Is Romero an upgrade over Beachy/Morrow? Yes. But is it worth it to give up Jennings in hopes that this will be the E5 breakout year? I’m not so sure. Keep in mind that E5 has put together these types of stretches before. I’m not saying he won’t have a career year this season, but I’d rather not part with Jennings.


Good morning Zach!
I hope you had a good weekend. Obviously better than Josh Johnson had. I’m at a point where I’m disinterested in waiting for him to bounce back (even in that huge park) so I am looking to drop him and add either Gavin Floyd or Doug Fister. My first thought would be Floyd. Any thoughts? Thanks.
Rich D.

Actually, I would like to expand that to Gavin Floyd, Doug Fister, Joe Saunders, and Chris Capuano. Thanks.
Rich D.


I’d definitely rank Floyd #1 on that list, followed by Fister. That said, I would resist the urge to flat out drop Johnson. I’m fed up with him too, but I also think that some players warrant more than one month’s worth of patience. If you can afford to pick up Floyd without dropping Johnson, that would be my preferred move.


thinking of dropping Matt Moore? Also hurting in my OF which just lost Werth…..needing to free up roster space for OF help….thinking of dropping Ike for Torres or Reddick? I have Morales and A Gon also at 1B although A gon isnt doing much either


I’d stand pat. Those sound like panic moves!


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