Two-Start Pitchers – Week of 5/7

Happy Friday everyone,

Time for our weekly two-start pitchers post. Below you’ll find Cory and Mike’s thoughts (all of this info was discussed on today’s podcast) along with my notes. Keep in mind that these are borderline guys who could very well be available on your league’s waiver wire. That’s really the point of this. We don’t need to tell you to pitch Justin Verlander!


J.A. Happ  (vs. MIA, @PIT)

Both opposing offenses are weak. Not a huge fan of Happthere are signs that he’s developing into a more complete pitcher. Increased K rate as he’s throwing more sliders and curveballs.

Felix Doubront  (@KC, vs. CLE)

Leads AL in K/IP. Poor command but he’s faced tough lineups so far. Easier matchups this week


A.J. Burnett  (vs. WAS, vs. HOU)

Roughed up by Cards last time out. Astros are actually hitting pretty well this year. Not a bad NL-only play but too risky in mixed.

Carlos Zambrano  (@HOU, vs. NYM) 

Walk rate poor but it’s skewed by one 6 BB outing. Nice matchups this week.

Doug Fister  (@SEA, @OAK)

West Coast exacta! Risky to pitch anyone coming off DL but this is worth it.

                                                                                                                                                  ZACH’S NOTES

Matt Harrison  (@BAL, vs. LAA)

Awful in last two starts – 14 ER in 8 1/3 IP, though he did face two stellar lineups in TB and TOR. While these aren’t terrible matchups, you can’t feel comfortable starting him against anyone right now. Ditch.

Joe Saunders  (vs. STL, vs. SF)

Saundo!! Has gone at least six innings while allowing two runs or less in each of his first five starts this season. He’s allowed only one home run on the year, this after serving up 29 in 33 starts last season. Cardinals are obviously a tough matchup but Giants offense without Sandoval will be scary bad. I’ll take the risk and pitch.

Edinson Volquez  (vs. COL, @PHI)

Hard to trust but he’s really only had one poor start this season. K rate is strong, Rockies can’t hit on the road the Phillies’ lineup has been very erratic this year. Pitch.

Carlos Zambrano  (@HOU, vs NYM)

Big Z has posted four quality starts in five outings this year. He’s historically pitched well vs. the Astros, including this season, when he limited them to one run over six innings on April 14. He’s also enjoyed considerable success vs. the Mets during his career (2.86 ERA in five starts since the ’09 season). Pitch.

Barry Zito  (@LAD, @ARI)

Coming off brutal start vs. MIA, it’s really tough to trust him here. Kemp and Ethier alone make the Dodgers’ lineup ultra-challenging and he’s had a rough time pitching at Chase Field of late (6.50 ERA  2.00 WHIP since ’09).

A.J. Burnett  (vs. WAS, vs. HOU)

Turned back into a pumpkin last time out, though it was against the Cardinals. Decent option in NL-only leagues but latest shellacking should remind us that he cannot be relied upon in mixed leagues just yet.

Jarrod Parker  (vs. TOR, vs. DET)

Very tough set of matchups but he got the job done at Fenway, which is no easy feat. Being that both of these games are at home, I’ll roll the dice and say pitch, though it’s totally understandable if you’d rather take the conservative route.


i just traded kipnis 4 j zimm needed sp i have altuve n phillios still thoughts? n i was offered j upton 4 a-gone worth it ?even tho leaves me with only goldschidt at 1st?


I’m fine with the Kipnis trade…fair value. Depending on your other OFs, I’d lean towards accepting the Upton offer.


So had a deal worked out for Miggy…trade away Strasburg & Mo Rivera…that was accepted but then vetoed by league the next day when Mo decided to tear His ACL Shagging fly balls.

So now deal has to be reworked…I was sent offer for Strasburg & Willingham for Miggy.

My questions are do you think Willingham will keep up this pace and does Strasburg really have innings limit?



Do that trade immediately! Willingham’s current AVG is way above his career mark so now is as good a time as any to sell high. He should still give you 25-plus homers but expect an average around .270.


Hey guys love the show, I have really deep SP in Cain, Verlander, Weaver, and Hamels. I was looking to trade Hamels for Jennings. This is a 5×5 Rot. What’re your thoughts? Should I do this deal? Or try for a better bat.


I always try to look for the very best offer so I might try to see if I could do better. But Jennings is certainly a decent return. I have a feeling though that you might be able to do better.


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