Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, May 8


Danks @ Masterson – cut down the walks please fellas

Shields @ Nova

Feliz @ Arrieta – both are high risk/high reward

Haren @ Diamond

Bard @ Duffy

Romero @ Parker

Verlander @ Millwood – mismatch of the year?

Batista @ Blanton – roll with it

Jackson @ Burnett – if Burnett gets blown up here, he’s DTM

Delgado @ Dempster

An. Sanchez @ An. Rodriguez

Bailey @ Estrada – both are high risk/moderate reward

Westbrook @ Kennedy

TBD (COL) @ Suppan

Vogelsong @ Kershaw

                                                                                                                                               ***MIKE SAYS “Agree. I think I cut Nova in one league which makes him POD in mixed but I believe in rebound eventually.”                                                                                                                                                ***ZACH SAYS “I’d take a chance on Feliz. He’s coming off his worst start of the year but it was @TOR. Ditch on Burnett coming off latest implosion. Agree on rest.”


Just traded Miguel Cabrera and Encarnacion for Adrian Gonzalez and Cano.
Did I win? I got so excited when I found the offer, I may have not thought about it enough. Thanks.


An absolute steal for you. Even Cory would say that!


Hey zach.u didnt answer my question.is bryce harper and mike young for pujols longo and youk a good deal for me.U may have read my question incorrectly.i only own agone and fielder and zimmerman at 3b.thanks.im concerned with the dead roster space with longo and youk for another 2 months if i accept the trade

Dude, he figured that you could figure it out because it’s so obvious. C’mon man, the Pujols side! No question.

Thanks for answering, Stephen!


How much patience should I have with Clay Bucholz? Would you drop him for James McDonald?


Not much. Was never a fan of this guy and wouldn’t have any problem dropping him in standard sized mixed leagues. Drop for McDonald? Sure, why not!


We have all heard ” speed doesn’t slump”. Well, I have the following players on 3 different teams:
kinsler, desmund, Granderson & Aybar. I was under the impression when I drafted these players that I could count on at least 20-30 from each of them. Since I do not draft speed only players, I am in last place in steals in all 3 leagues because these players have 4 steal, COMBINED!,! Not to mention Kemp only has 2, but that is probably because he never stops at 1st base! Anyway, is there a reason these 4 guys aren’t running?
Just call me perplexed.

Im sure he will start getting walked more frequently and that should give him more SB opportunities. If you add his Singles, doubles, and Walks with no one on + singles and doubles with RISP – singles, doubles, and walks with RISP w/2 outs and – SB = 30. So 30 of his 98 AB have been “Opportunities to Steal”, that’s only 30%, with the dodgers doing as well as they are there hasnt been an overwhelming urge. Appreciate his HR and Triples while he is getting them and not being intentionally walked and be patient because the BB and SB will come.


I hear you! I own both Desmond and Aybar in Tout and figured I could get around 50 combined steals from them. As you can probably guess, I’m dead last in steals. I really have no idea what’s going on with those two. At least Desmond is contributing in other ways. As for Aybar, he just isn’t hitting, and we all know how tough it is to steal first base! I expect him to turn things around once he breaks out of his season-long funk.


do you think Werth is someone worth hanging onto the DL? Or just drop him if the injury may cause him to not to be productive if/when he does return

If you have the room why not…otherwise if you dont have the room, who else in comparison would take his DL spot on your roster?


Depends on who else is occupying your DL slots. Of course I’d try to hang onto him if possible. There’s really nothing to lose.


Sell high on Gio or stand pat? He’s on fire! I love it. Everyone wants him. Thanks.


Depends on who’s being offered but I would be in no rush to trade Gio. The guy’s legit.


I have Fowler currently, would you consider Reddick a better option?


Nah, stick with Fowler.


In a keeper league and in last place with a team of waiver wire guys.
What are the thought on this move?
Receive: Freeman ($1) and Sandoval ($13)
Send: Choo ($19) and Fielder ($27)
I have Headley at third currently and I not really a fan of him. What is your view of Sandoval, this guy can’t seem to be healthy? (weight and hand).


I don’t think this is a bad trade but I don’t understand why you would make it right now. Sandoval will be out for at least another month and Choo’s value will only go up should he prove that he’s healthy. Plus, it’s simply too early to give up on this season. Pass.





Pass. Granderson to Pujols has to be considered a wash at this point, if not a slight downgrade. Uggla to Weeks is an obvious downgrade. I don’t like this trade at all for you.


Thoughts on keeping Chris Sale since his switch to closer and Joe Saunders since his shelling yesterday? Available replacements for Sale are Jansen and Chris Perez. Available replacements for Saunders are Kuroda, Holland, Niese, Jerome Williams, Zambrano, Blanton.


I’d definitely try to hold onto Sale but grab Jansen immediately! I also have no idea why Perez is available in your league. He’s still the closer. As for Saundo, I’d have no problem dropping him for any one of those available SPs. Zambrano and Holland would be my top two choices.


Hey Zach,

I am glad to say that I did not end up trading Stanton as he has been on a power rush.

I got an offer where I get Holliday and give Tex.
My current 1B options are Tex, Penna, Lahair and C. Lee.
My OF right now is Stanton, Lahair, Lee, and a fill in of campanna or kendrick with Gardner and Crisp on the DL.

5×5 with OBP rather than ave. 10 team mix

Tex has been off to a slow start and Holliday had his injuries last year. Who do you like better from here on out? Worth the move?

Thanks as always,


I’d stick with Tex. He’s a little safer, in terms of both health and production, and it sounds like position isn’t really an issue for you. Remember that Tex always gets off to slow starts but in the end the numbers will be there.


I have Zach Cozart is it worth dropping him for JJ Hardy? Or am I better off with the upside of Cozart?


Hardy is off to a slow start in the AVG department but he has picked it up of late, and the power is there. I’d go with him over the less proven Cozart. Hardy might hit .250 but 25 homers is a safe bet.


How much patience should we have with Clay Bucholz? What do you think of James McDonald as a replacement?
Also, in the Padres bullpen, do you go with Cashner, Gregerson, or Thayer?


I answered this question earlier.


Is Joe Blanton a good option right now? I can drop Matt Harrison, Grant Balfour, or Mike Adams.

I also have the hit king himself, Brandon McCarthy.

And after seeing the promotions/demotions chart, I dropped Balfour for Samardzjia


I’m OK with dropping Harrison for Blanton, but in a standard sized mixed league, I have a feeling that there are better waiver wire options than Blanton.


I wouldn’t have dropped Balfour. Mid-tier closers tend to have more value than mid-tier starters. After all, saves is a category. I like the idea of picking up Samardzija but wish you would’ve found someone else to drop.


My Hamilton for tulo/konerko 5×5 10 team keeper. Good deal? Or….either Hamilton or granderson for weaver?

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