Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, May 9


Morrow @ McCarthy

Peavy @ Gomez

Niemann @ Phelps – bench but don’t cut on Niemann

Lewis @ W. Chen – borderline start for Lewis… amazing K-BB but very hittable

Big Erv @ Pavano

Lester @ B. Chen

Smyly @ Vargas

Cueto @ Greinke

T. Hudson @ Maholm

Freidrich @ Bass – Freidrich a must-pick-up in NL keeper leagues

Gee @ Lee – still optimistic on Gee

Detwiler @ Bedard – should be 1-0, which means it’ll be 13-11

Johnson @ Harrell

Lohse @ Miley – gotta ride both

Lincecum @ Billingsley

                                                                                                                                               ***MIKE SAYS “Agreed. I like W. Chen but this is one where I’m not too sure so you’re better off playing it safe.”

                                                                                                                                               ***ZACH SAYS “I’d pass on Miley. I sense that a statistical correction is in store, and it could very well happen vs. Cards. Agree on rest.”


OK so someone dropped Youkilis. I’m debating wether its worth it or not to pick him up & stash him on DL til he gets back…
I’d have to drop either Dudas or Morrison. My other LF is A Gordon. Not much depth there but I have plenty of 1B depth…I have Miggy, Goldschmidt, & Morales. I plan to play Youkilis at Util spot
Is it worth it to drop Dudas for Youkilis?

Thanks as always,

What do you think of middlebrooks? Worth utility spot?

Thanks again,

Yeah, definitely! Mike and Cory discussed Middlebrooks on today’s podcast and we’re all very bullish on him.



I’m fine with you picking up Youk but would sooner drop Morrison than Duda.


Parker or Smyly for tmrw?

Either one worth holding over Volquez or Nolasco? Plan to drop one of them…
Thanks as always,


Parker actually just got switched to today. I prefer Smyly’s matchup though. Long-term, I’d go with Parker over Volquez, who just makes me too nervous.


Can Capuano keep this up?Fools gold or too legit to quit..


He’s still a matchups guy in my opinion. Also a health risk.


Hosmer was just dropped so I picked him up and dropped J Crain I have A Gon at 1B and have been switching between Morales/Alvarez at CI or DH with Infante at DH at times….would you drop any of them or use Hosmer in place of them at this time or sit Hosmer and wait for him to warm up I recently dropped Ike for Torres as I needed some OF depth and some speed


Hosmer should be starting at all times. I’d rank that group Hosmer, Morales, Alvarez, Infante.


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