Updated PoD Category Chart (5/8)

Hey guys,

As promised, here’s our first May update to our renowned Pitch or Ditch category chart:

PoD Chart 5-8-12

Once again, a reminder as to how it works:

We’ve divided all of the current starting rotation pitchers in the Majors into five groups: Aces, Grads (pitchers who you should be starting regardless of the matchup), Pitch or Ditch (guys who you should be picking up to start in favorable matchups but do not deserve a regular roster spot), DTMs (guys who we are fed up with and would not start under any circumstances for the time being) and Indifferents (guys who we don’t feel any ill-will towards but who just aren’t that good). Keep in mind that these classifications are very much subject to change throughout the season based on performance. We’ll be updating the chart every other Monday.

And here are the changes we’ve made since the last version:


Gio grad to ace

Bumgarner grad to ace

Wilson grad to ace

Zambrano PoD to grad

Hammel PoD to grad

Alvarez PoD to grad

Parker PoD to grad

Lynn PoD to grad

Samardzija PoD to grad

Smyly PoD to grad

Westbrook indifferent to PoD

Estrada indifferent to PoD


Johnson ace to grad

Cahill grad to PoD

Danks grad to PoD

Nova grad to PoD

Harrison grad to PoD

Ubaldo grad to PoD

Minor grad to PoD

Ross PoD to indifferent

Moyer PoD to indifferent

Harrell PoD to indifferent

Questions? Comments? Let’s hear it!



following trade was proposed in 13 team mixed: i get albert & strasburg, he gets grandy, aviles and axford. i’m doing well on offense (between 1st and 3rd in most categories,) but struggling with starting pitching stats (lester, haren, detwiler, scherzer, volquez.) i’m also relatively stacked at 1b with e5 & votto and i’ve got more closers than kevin spacey.
thoughts? am i alberting too hard here?

Mr. Mashed,

So long as you’ll be able to start all those CIs on a regular basis, I’m all for this trade. I’m sticking with Albert and still see Grandy to Albert as an upgrade. So then it comes down to Strasburg for Aviles and Axford, which is certainly a fair swap.


Curious about Alvarez being promoted to grad.
His K/9 is really low this year and in the minors he was never much above 6 per 9.


Can’t argue with the results though! Yeah, he doesn’t strike out many but he mostly makes up for it with his miniscule walk rate. Grads aren’t set in stone, so he could very well drop back down to PoD in a couple weeks, but all we’re saying is that if you have him right now, you shouldn’t drop him.


So with Danks’ recent demotion from grad to POD, would you drop him and pick up either Alvarez or Parker?

Instead of Alvarez or Parker, would you wait for Stauffer to come off the DL? Depending on how well his rehab start goes tomorrow, he could be coming off the DL soon.


If I had to drop Danks to pick up Parker, yeah, I think I would do that.


F411 Team –

First of all, love the weekly 2 start write ups to help us in the weekly leagues. Second, these PoD charts are wonderful data points in time. With that praise in mind….

….Maybe this is just a very unique year, and I am sure your plates are full; however, with this crazy closer situation/injuries/replacements, can you create a PoD-type (or rank in order of preference to own and start, at minimum) of the closer situation.

Perhaps a simple, Ace’s, Grads, DTMs, and Indifferent rating of the 30 (or any NEXT IN LINE), etc to help us sift through the weeds?


Well there’s already that I guess. It’s helpful.

Hi guys H2h CBSSPORTSLINE 10 team weekly points league. I seem to have collected relievers. I have hanahran, robertson, janson and now sale. I only have 5 SPs on roster right now wainright, cain, beachy, marcum, and latos. I think they are solid but am thinking maybe i should trade a closer or 2 what do you think i might get or should ask for each. ive floated out feelers on a. sanchez, peavy, j johnson, and worley. Your ideas would be greatly appreciated thanks…


I’d sooner keep those closers. Your staff is fine, Robertson is no lock to be a full-time closer going forward, and we have no idea what’s going on with Sale. Hanrahan and Jansen are really your only two stable closers, so I think you should stand pat.


One last question, Berkman is expected to come off the DL soon and I have to drop someone to make room. Who would you drop? Willingham, LaRoche, J.D. Martinez, Seager, Jed Lowrie, Danks (instead of picking up Alvarez, Parker, or Stauffer).



I’d drop Lowrie. He’s a career .257 hitter batting over .300 and is playing over his head in the power department.


Hi guys again. H2h weekly points cbssportsline 10 team league.
Mccarthy, nolasco, and Scherzer are guys Im looking at on the waiver wire with the intention of dropping k. morales. Morales while not bad just seems to be sitting on my bench behind votto and Utility spot is covered with kipnis so it seems like a good idea to me. What do you guys think about it and which of the three SPs do yall think has the best season from here on out? Thanks


I’d keep Morales. I think he’ll prove to be the most valuable player going forward and in a 10-team league there will always be quality SP options on the waiver wire. I wouldn’t be so hot to grab one of those pitchers. Another option would be to explore trading Morales. Simply dropping him would be a complete waste.


Hey guys love the show,

I’ve been trying to trade a SP for the past few weeks now with no luck because I have Hamels, Verlander, Weaver, and Cain. I believe I can make this trade, I give Hamels Pedroia, and Schafer for Pujols and Uggla. What do you guys think? I’m scared of the Pujols decline in order for this trade to work in my favor both Uggla and Pujols would have to hit over 30 Hrs.


I see this trade as a no-brainer. 30 HRs from Uggla is a yearly occurrence and I’m not panicking about Pujols. Plus, your starting pitching is absolutely stacked.


I was offered a trade:
Receive: Stanton
Send: Tulowitzki
Thoughts? I’m pretty tempted but want your opinion.

Oh and I have been struggling with home run production

New offer:
Receive: Stanton and M Young
Send: Haren, Pedroia, A Gordon
I need a 3B, more home runs, I have pitching depth and I need the extra roster spot with Gardner coming back. I know I’m giving up a lot. Thoughts?


Pass. Tulo is simply the more valuable player thanks in large part to the position he plays. Historically, he really picks it up in the second half of the season, so I wouldn’t worry about his OK but not great start. Trading him now would be selling low.


Pedroia and Harper for Beltre? I would get Beltre and I need a 3B because I just traded away two. But is Harper worth more than that? Keeper league.


You’re giving up way too much there. I don’t think I’d even do Pedroia for Beltre. Throwing in Harper, particularly in a keeper league, would be a mistake.


This guy is pushing Haren on me for Reyes and I have been rejecting him. Good move? (I have A. Cabrera) Do you think Reyes will bonce back?

Jon from Texas

P.S. hahahaha four home run Hamilton


Hold onto Reyes! That trade would be a terrible one for you.


Hey fantasy gurus. Ryan Howard is available on the wire. I play in a 10 team h2h mix league. Is Howard worth a pick up and stash him on my DL spot?? What do you guys think? Not sure when he will be back. Thank You guys for the help and have a nice day.


Sure. DL spots are meant to be used, so if you have an open one, there’s really no downside in doing that.


Also, is Carlos Quentin worth a pick up on a 10 team h2h mix league?? Thanks again guys, have a good one.


Quentin’s a real borderline pickup in a 10-teamer. I’d lean towards no for now. I’m concerned about Quentin’s power numbers now that he’ll be playing half his games at Petco.


Good to see my chart going strong! Loving seeing Gio and Mad-Bum as ‘Aces’ now too.

Couple of points, am STILL trying to trade for a 2B so I can lose Ackley. Firstly who do you prefer outta Kipnis ($0) and R Weeks ($11), Kipnis clearly a better keeper but how about this year?

Also what kinda starter would you equate to fair value to one of them outta: Lester, Cain, Bum, Gio, Peavy, Marcum, Minor, Holland.

Keep up the good work!
Thanks, BB.


I’ll take Kipnis. Weeks is injury-prone and he’s been flat out terrible so far this year. His SBs have also been in decline over the past few years. The keeper factor makes this choice even easier in my mind. In terms of fair value, Marcum sounds about right.


Hi 411,

5×5 roto keeper

My hitters are Mauer, Votto, Altuve/utley, Castro, C Davis/Longo, J Up, Granderson, A Jax, Butler, AD Jones.

Pitchers are Kershaw, YoGa, Haren, Darvish, Beachy, Scherzer, Marcum and Bills.

I’ve been offered A-Rod for Haren.
I wouldn’t be keeping either of these guys and I could play A-Rod at a Util spot when Longo gets back.

I’m somewhat worried about Harens innings and that C Davis may not keep it going? Also I would drop C Davis and grab Samarsja or Crazy Big Z.

Does A-rod have one more 30-100 season left? (If healthy)

Should I accept?


I’m totally fine with that. It’s a fair value deal and you’ve got more than enough starting pitching even without Haren.


To above, Samarsja just added so Zambrano, Niemann James McDonald, M Harrison, Arrieta are also available.

Hey Fantasy 411,
I want to make a push for David Price in a keeper league
My pitching is middle of the pack type stuff, the owner of David Price is weak at SS and 2nd, would offering him Phillips (low value right now I know) and Furcal be a decent offer?
I have Infante and Hill at 2nd and Asdrubal and Jhonny at SS. Attempt to make the deal or is my 2nd base too weak by getting rid of Phillips?


Phillips for Price is a fair offer but being that I’m not much of a Hill fan and don’t really trust Infante, I’d hang onto Phillips and forget about the Price trade if you’ll need to give up a 2B. It’s just not that worth it.


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