Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, May 10


Price @ Sabathia
Lewis @ W. Chen  (Gm 1 of doubleheader)
Holland @ Hammel  (Gm 2 of doubleheader) – Hammel has handled TOR, NYY and BOS in order… I’ll chance him vs. TEX
Lowe @ Beckett – 12-10 BB-K says to not trust Lowe’s fast start
Alvarez @ Marquis
Scherzer @ Colon
Strasburg @ Correia
***MIKE SAYSHammel game log and Cory’s reasoning says pitch, gut says Rangers lineup equals pain coming. Nats can’t hit but got a little healthier with return of Zimmerman and LaRoche and Correia has turned back into a pumpkin, so I agree on that ditch. Agree on rest.”


Was just offered Tulo/Laroche/R.Zimmerman for my Granderson/Cueto. 5×5 10 team keeper. Have Dee as my SS, Lawrie at 3rd and Trumbo is my 1B until Morse comes back.


I like this trade for you, but if it will force you to bench Gordon I’d be a bit more hesitant. Still, I’d lean towards accepting.


I was offered Edwin Encarnacion and Lance Lynn for Jose Bautista.



Pass. I still have faith that Bautista will get it going and I hate deals where I’m selling low in order to buy high. More times than not, they end up being a disaster.


Johnny Giavotella…worth a flier in a 13 team league with 10 bench spots?? Not much on the wire, I could use another hitter, even if just for Mondays/Thursdays.


Sure, why not? That’s an awfully deep bench!


Dear fantasy experts. Should I drop Mike Trout for Allan Craig in a 10 team h2h standard mix league?? What do you guys think? Thanks for the advice.


Nah, hold onto Trout. Too much upside to give up on. If you can add Craig for someone else, that’s fine though.


Hey Zach,

I took a gamble and picked up Friedrich for his start yesterday and he looked good (I know it was only SD). My question is if he gets another start it would be against SF so is he worth holding onto through the weekend? Could pick up Norris or Porcello for tomorrow.



Yes, I’d hold onto him for at least his next start. I love picking on those Giants!


Trade offer:
Send: Pedroia, Haren, A Gordon
Receive: M Young, Stanton
Need a 3B and the extra roster spot with gardner back, but is that too much?


Yeah, I think you’re giving up a bit too much there. Even if we call Pedroia to Stanton a wash (and I’d definitely prefer Pedroia), it comes down to Haren AND Gordon for Young. Haren for Young is a pretty fair trade, so you’re basically giving up Gordon for nothing. No way!


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