Pitch or Ditch for Friday, May 11


King Felix @ Kuroda – If Kuroda struggles vs. SEA, it’s time to really panic.

Hellickson @ TBD (BAL)

Jimenez @ Buchholz – Not trusting Ubaldo at Fenway.

Wilson @ Darvish

Paulino @ Floyd – Paulino very impressive vs. Yanks but I’m scared of this matchup. Start if you’re the gambling type.

Drabek @ Blackburn – Great matchup for Drabek but he’s simply allowing too many baserunners.

Porcello @ Milone – Porcello worth a shot here.

Norris @ McDonald

Richard @ Worley – Expect Worley to bounce back from rough last outing.

J. Santana @ Buehrle

Gonzalez @ Leake – I’ll roll the dice on Leake.

Garza @ Wolf – Pass on Wolf. He couldn’t get the job done @SD and @SF. I’m finished with him for now.

Minor @ J. Garcia – Minor first needs to prove that he can handle the tougher lineups.

Bumgarner @ Corbin

Moyer @ Capuano – Capuano on fire and COL has had trouble hitting on the road.


Friedrich, White or Pomeranz for ROS?


I’ll say Pomeranz. Friedrich’s career minor league numbers are rather mediocre, so my confidence in him is limited. Pomeranz has been inconsistent thus far but I think he’ll only get better, to the point where he’ll be a PoD grad by the second half of the season.


So I declined the last offer as you said I should, and here is the new one he offered:
Receive: Bourn, Stanton, Michael Young
Send: Pedroia, Haren, A Gordon
I need some steals and a 3B. Thoughts?


Yeah, I’m OK with that trade provided that you have a decent 2B to replace Pedroia. Haren for Bourn is a fair swap, as is Gordon for Young.


I am actually benching King Felix. Call me crazy.

Yeah ur nuts. In 3 starts at yankee stadium he is 3-0 with a era of 0.38. Whats not to like

Surprisingly 1b has been a very weak position for me and very little out there to grab. Currently I have goldschmidt. Ike davis, told helton, Adam Lind, gabby Sanchez, Ty wiggington, and Garrett jones are avail. Are any of these guys worth picking up over goldy?


I don’t think I’d flat out drop Goldschmidt for Davis, as I still think Goldschmidt has a higher ceiling, but I’d add Ike regardless, maybe for a pitcher. Perhaps Ike’s stellar performance on Wednesday will get him going. Position depth certainly can’t hurt!


What are your thoughts about this trade? Encarnacion and Texiera for Bautista and Jose Reyes? I currently have Prado at 3rd and Dee Gordon (as backup ss). Thanks.


I’d hold onto Bautista/Reyes. E5 is the only one of the four who’s putting up strong numbers, but he’s also the riskiest. A strong argument can be made that you’re giving up the two best players in the deal, and you’re giving them up at a considerable discount.


I think i need another hitter but i have chris young coming back from the dl i have montero/ruiz for catcher kendrick at 1b while pablo is on the dl cano, cozart, alexi, jose bautista, pacman ethier melky and allen craig for hitters my pitchers are weaver hammels lester beachy hanson henderson alvarez capuano putz casilla motte and storen on the dl should i make a trade and who should i try and move and what should i try to get in return

Would you rather pitch Floyd or Capuano for tonight? Need a win bad.


Never chase wins, but I’d lean towards Floyd. He’s just a little safer and doesn’t walk as many guys as Capuano.


I have Heyward, Bourn, Kemp, BJ Upton, and Pence in my outfield, only start three plus two util so all 5 are starting right now. I have been trying to do a two for one trade involving either upton or pence and a pitcher for some better starting pitching since the only thing keeping me out of first right now is ERA and WHIP due to a couple blowups. Is Pence and Moore for David Price enough or should I be looking for somebody else? I want the extra roster spot for POD until Storen comes back. Thanks.


I think that’s more than enough. Pence for Price seems fair.


Would you cut Andrew Bailey in a league where all closers are owned? I’ve got two DL slots, but also have Ellsbury, Morse, and Youkilis. Youk may be back next week, but I’m still using bench slots (we have 3) on injured players. My current closers are Rodney and Cishek, but I also have Addison Reed, Venters, Adams, and Boggs. Holds is a category, so most quality middle relievers are also owned.

Most teams start 6 relievers (3 min/6 max) and 3 starters (3 min/6 max) due to our pitching categories (Net wins instead of wins, K/9 instead of K, batting average against). It’s a bit of a different league when it comes to pitching. Thanks


I think you have little choice but to hang onto Bailey in a deep league where all closers are owned. I’m assuming that saves is a category, and you really only have one definite closer on your roster in Rodney, and he’s shaky to begin with. I’d have a hard time cutting Bailey, even though it sounds like he won’t be back until July.


Drop Wade Miley for James McDonald?


Yes. McDonald carries more upside in my mind, and his K rate is a lot higher.


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