Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, May 12-14

Why does Saundo look so mean?



Williams @ Harrison – Williams has been impressive, but this is a terrible matchup.

Noesi @ Hughes – I’ll give Hughes a shot here.

Moore @ Matusz – Moore deserves a little more patience.

Tomlin @ Doubront – Keep an eye on Doubront going forward, but he’s too risky to pitch right now.

Hochevar @ Stults – Hochevar just can’t seem to find any sort of consistency.

Hutchison @ Walters

Fister @ McCarthy – Tough challenge for McCarthy in return to mound but at home I’ll throw him out there.

Volstad @ Marcum

Dickey @ Nolasco – Dickey 5-for-6 in quality starts.

Happ @ Morton – Happ always risky but I’ll use him for this matchup.

Volquez @ Halladay – Volquez always a candidate to implode but he’s been very solid.

Zimmermann @ Latos

Beachy @ Wainwright

Cain @ Cahill

Nicasio @ Harang – This could be 3-2 or 10-9. Either pitch both or ditch both. I’ll pitch.


Beavan @ Pettitte – Andy’s first start since October 2010…why not?

Masterson @ Bard – Masterson pitching OK of late but high BB rate will eventually come back to haunt him.

Shields @ Arrieta – Three of Arrieta’s last four starts have been ugly. Ditch!

Duffy @ Humber

Romero @ Diamond – I need to see more from Diamond before I can trust him vs. above average offense.

Verlander @ Parker

Weaver @ Feliz – Feliz back in my good graces.

Niese @ Zambrano

Jackson @ Arroyo

Wandy @ Burnett – A.J. bounced back big time in his last start.

Suppan @ Hamels

Samardzija @ Estrada

Hanson @ Lynn

Pomeranz @ Lilly – Haven’t lost faith in Pomeranz but I’m taking a break from him.

Zito @ Saunders – Saundo turning back into a pumpkin but I think he does well here.


Nova @ Hammel – Both are risky though.

Niemann @ Morrow – Not a great situation for Niemann but I’ll gamble.

Millwood @ Lester

B. Chen @ TBD (TEX)

Gomez @ Pavano – Pavano’s too hit or miss.

Smyly @ Danks – Smyly’s on a roll. Danks’ last start was encouraging.

Ross @ Haren

Dempster @ Westbrook – Westbrook bound to have a disaster outing, but I don’t think it happens here.

Suppan @ Detwiler – Detwiler the official 411 blue-plate special of the day.

An. Rodriguez @ Blanton – Still don’t fully trust Blanton. Astros’ lineup not so terrible after all.

Bailey @ Delgado

Gallardo @ Batista

Bedard @ An. Sanchez – Injured Bedard might not make this start.

Kennedy @ Kershaw

White @ Vogelsong



Dang you Brett Gardner. Which of these players will best my team overall in a 20 team?
Vlad Guerrero (I heard he just signed a minor league deal)
Johnny Gomes
Brain Bogusevic (there is no right spelling to that last name)
Carig Gentry
Wilson Lopez
Paul Maholm
Jeff Niemann
(and just to scrape the bottom a bit more) Jeff Suppan


Bogusevic is the guy I’d be looking at. He’s getting pretty much regular ABs and is always a threat to steal. He best makes up for the production you’re missing from Gardner.


*Jon from texas

lol Suppan got picked up replace him Tommy Milone

Also Replace Niemann with Jake Arrieta
Vlad Guerrero
Johnny Gomes
Brain Bogusevic
Carig Gentry
Wilson Lopez
Paul Maholm
Tommy Milone
Jake Arrieta
No real need other than a player

I’d stick with Niemann. He’s pitched well all year and is coming off a dominant outing on the road vs. the Yankees.


ROS Seager or Alvarez? We have OBP and TB in addition. Thanks!


I’ve been very impressed with Seager and would feel a lot more comfortable with him than Alvarez. He’s been a lot more consistent and with Alvarez I’m always concerned that the next mega-slump is right around the corner.


Phillips or Infante for the rest of the season? I can’t tell what the exact pros and cons would be. Thanks!!


Phillips, without question. Just take a look at their year-by-year career stats and you’ll know why.


I traded for Sandoval the day before he got injured and gave away Encarcionon, and Betancourt. So who are some good options to fill in until he’s healthy again??!! Help!!


Seager? Middlebrooks? Those are the two guys I’m using to replace Sandoval in the leagues that I own him in.


Much chance of A Craig shifting to 2B once the Big Puma returns, and providing us fantasy owners with a tasty 2B option from then on?

What do you expect to happen, as I cant see them platooning Berkman, but im not sure they feel Craig is capable at 2B. More likely a shift to the OF for Craig (thus his value remaining static)?

Personally, I’m an avid Cardinals fan and follow just about everything written about them. And I know a little bit about how Matheny manages. Not an expert, but I don’t think we’re willing to put Craig in at 2nd. There’s already a position battle set in place on purpose for Schumaker, Greene, and Descalso. Only because all of them show promise and they stay hot when they aren’t given the guarantee that they’ll play everyday. That’s the strategy Matheny’s going to stick with I think. Plus Craig would be a nightmare covering 2nd in all honesty. He’s not athletic enough. I think between Beltran covering center occasionally, and Berkman and Jay’s days off. You might get 400 at bats out of him at the most.


Anything is possible at this point but as long as Craig keeps hitting, they’ll find a spot for him and he’ll get close to regular at-bats. Those position logjams have a way of working out.


i’ve got 6 SPs and would like to drop at least 1. Thoughts?
Haren, Bard, Lester, Scherzer, Detwiler, Volquez


To me, Bard’s the odd man out here. He’s putting up mediocre numbers and has zero track record as a big league starter.


sorry, 13 team / mixed.

Ubaldo Jimenez was dropped in my league should I pick him up?


Depends on who you’d be dropping but I’m very down on Ubaldo and have no clue what’s going on with him.He’s definitely not a must-add.


What are your thoughts on this trade proposal I got today? Give: Avila, Beltre, and Berkman. Get: Bautista and A.J. Pierzynski. I’m looking for a boost in power, but am I giving up too much?



Yeah, I do think that’s a bit much. I think you can make this trade without even including Berkman.


What 3B should I target in return for either Billy Butler or Adam Dunn?


Depends on how Butler and Dunn are valued in your league. See what’s out there and if you want to run some names by me, go for it!


Crippling news about Ramos, for those with him in deeper 1C leagues. Know Cory had this lid down for a breakout. My 3rd player lost for the year now after Pineda and Luebke, being a 16 teamer this leagues starting to look lost for me (though I do have Trout and Carpenter when he returns).

Which of these available dregs do you like as a C replacement: Soto (not sure I can stomach the awful AVG), Lucroy, Salty, Ellis, Hundley, Mesoraco, Rosario.


Right now, I’d go with LuCroy as he’s hitting for a strong AVG and does offer some power upside. Salty, Ellis and Soto are definitely worth watching though as they might prove to be better options long-term.


Good morning Zach,
Please rate the following pitchers for ROS. This is a 10 team, H2H league:
Thanks and have a good day.
Rich D.


Floyd, Nolasco (yep, I’m still loyal to a fault), Samardzija, Capuano, Vargas, Westbrook.


Hey Well I lost Ramos so picked up Doumit…you feel he is a capable fill in? My OF at this time is D Jennings/ BJ Upton/ Boesch/ A Torres/ and Reddick and A Craig both who I picked up last week and helped me win…I have Fowler as a back up and Cain/Werth on the DL…..Would you drop any of them for Ibanez/ Dirks/Pierre/ or Bogusevic or Dyson? I also have Morales/ Hosmer as reserves behind A Gon for 1B/CI as I start Aviles at CI and Beltre at 3B think I should hold onto Morales/Hosmer? thx


Yes, no, yes. Dirks is worth monitoring though, and I’d be tempted to pick him up for Boesch, but not yet.


Now for my starting pitchers….Have Gallardo/ Morrow/ Lincecum/ Big E/ Worley/ and Moore….would you drop any for Zambrano/ Smyly/ Volquez/ Vargas


Not right now, but the fact that all those guys are available suggests to me that your league’s waiver wire will always be stocked with quality SP options, so I wouldn’t be too inclined to make changes, for the time being.


So I traded for the Panda the day before he got injured (E5 and Betancourt for him) and then he gets hurt. You can imagine the frustration…but tell me I might have still made a good deal since he’s coming back and who’s a good replacement for him??


I addressed the replacement question above and yes, you made a good trade. Some things we just can’t control.


What are your thoughts on Matt Moore’s struggles? Hold on for two more starts at least?


Yeah, he’s definitely a hold, though I kind of expected him to hit some bumps in the road. In non-keeper leagues at least, he was going way too early in drafts considering his lack of big league experience. No way does he deserve to be dropped though. Too much upside.


If I was going to pick up Justin Morneau who should I drop, Dickey or Niese?


That’s a tough one. I personally prefer Niese as he’s younger and has more strikeout potential.


I’m in a 8 team AL only league and have quite a few guys that might get saves but only 4 RP spots..Fuentes and Janssen are probably locks but after that I have Reed and Santiago in Chicago, Pestano in Clevland, Balfour in Oakland and Perkins in Min…what other 2 pitchers have the best chance to get saves this week?


Reed is definitely one. The second is a total toss-up.as there’s about a one percent chance that any of them will get saves this week barring an injury. I guess I’d go with Pestano and his elite level ratios.


Mark Reynolds(DL) and Ian stewart were both dropped in my league….either worth a pick up….mostly looking at Reynolds but would need to drop Hosmer/ Infante or Morales to make room?


I’d pass. Reynolds is too frustrating to own.


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