Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, May 15


Lowe @ Marquis – still skeptical of Lowe but gotta love the matchup

Scherzer @ Peavy

Beavan @ Beckett – if you can’t trust Beckett here…

Sabathia @ W.Chen – Chen has been great, but the HR/FB regression monster is looming…

Colon @ Big Erv

Price @ Alvarez

Mazzaro @ Lewis

Lyles @ Lee

Bass @ Strasburg – Bass 38 K’s in 35.0 IP as a starter

Maholm @ Lohse – don’t trust Lohse, but the matchup…

Cueto @ T. Hudson

Greinke @ Gee – Gee is a toss-up

Correia @ Johnson – if you can’t just JJ here…

Miley @ Billingsley

Guthrie @ Lincecum

***MIKE SAYS “No arguments here. I feel like W. Chen deserves a shot but he keeps getting tough matchups and is due for a stinker.”


Hey I picked up stauffer over the weekend. POD tonight at wash? Thanks!


I’m always leery of starting guys fresh off the DL but I’d go for it on Stauffer, even though he’s on the road. The Nats offense is mediocre at best.


First, is Lance Lynn or Brandon McCarthy worth dropping for Ervin Santana? Second, Drop J.D. Martinez & Paul Goldschmidt (separate drops) for Josh Reddick & Ike Davis? And last, best option out of these guys; Brett Myers, Santiago Casilla, Matt Capps, Dale Thayer or Addison Reed? (Sorry it’s a lot, BTW)


I like Erv but Lynn and McCarthy are pitching too well right now for you to drop them.

I’d make both of those other moves, particularly the Martinez for Reddick one.


Thanks for the advice on the first two questions but what about the closer options (best option out of those guys)? (Again, sorry about the questions being so long)

Oops! Myers has been very solid so far and has a firm grip on the Astros’ closer job, so he’d be my first choice. Casilla’s my second choice but the presence of Sergio Romo knocks his value down a bit. I like Casilla and think he’ll do just fine, but should he struggle the Giants know that they have another very capable ninth inning option.


Is Masterson worth holding onto or is he now more of a POD guy?


Masterson was a grad on our latest PoD chart and I do think he’s still worth holding onto, but barely. One more stinker and he’s back to PoD in my opinion.


who do you like better….Ike Davis or Hosmer?


ROS I’d say Hosmer and his AVG and power combination. I’m not giving up on him despite the slow start.


Some dropped utly in my leage is he worth picking up I have espinosa but I would hav to drop either lomo or trout but if I had to drop one it would be lomo I would think if it’s worth it your thoughts


Yeah, I’d drop Morrison for Utley. Not much risk in making that move.


O one more thing I hav ubaldo and I am just about fed up with his inconsistency he’s Turing into Oliver Perez with the mets is he worth dropping for John danks


Yeah, both of those guys have been infuriating to own but I think I’d hold onto Ubaldo. Simply put, an effective Ubaldo is more valuable than an effective Danks. I’m not saying that either will right the ship anytime soon, but we’ve already seen what Ubaldo can do when he’s on top of his game. His upside is higher than Danks’.


Thanks just found out that trout has identical numbers to Morrison and trouts been up for half the time lol it’s just a matter of time before Miami implodes anyway lol

To replace Desmond Jennings on the DL, Andy Dirks who is nursing a hamstring or Allen Craig who may not be able to play everyday?


I’d give the edge to Craig. He was so impressive in his limited ABs last year and I simply see him as the better all-around hitter. The playing time is a bit of a concern but I think he’ll get enough ABs from here on out to have a decent amount of value. Also, Dirks has the potential to be more of an AVG liability.


One more question, about pitching this time. Should I hold onto Vargas or replace him with Scott Diamond, Jake Westbrook, Holland, or Volquez?

I can’t believe I’m actually recommending Volquez but he’s been very impressive so far, and his K upside is greater than Vargas’.


Should I drop Henry Rodriguez for one of these guys: Morneau, Doumit, C. Johnson, Tony Campana or Thayer?


Yeah, even though Thayer’s time as closer will end upon the return of Huston Street, Street’s extensive injury history combined with Rodriguez’s awful pitching would lead me to make that move.


So you think Thayer? Thanks and Doumit just got picked up

Yeah, I’d go Thayer, though Morneau is definitely worth a speculative add if you’ve got the roster space.


12 team hxh mixed.
Drop League or Rodney for Soriano? I feel Soriano will have more opportunities for saves than League will with Seattle.
The time to move is now!



Nah, the reality is that League and Rodney are definitive closers whereas Soriano still seems to be in a timeshare until we see otherwise. I’d try to pick up Soriano anyway though. Putting more stock into who you think will have more “opportunities for saves” based on the strength of the team they play for over job security would be a mistake. Job security is the single most important factor when making these kinds of decisions.


Appreciate it Zach!

Now go ahead and grab Soriano…but don’t drop any of those other closers.



Trying to pick up a little speed with Gardner and Crisp out. I know you are not supposed to chase SB but have a lot of ground to be gained there. Was thinking of offering H. Kendrick for Bonifacio to gain speed for HR and RBI potential. Thoughts?



Even though Kendrick runs a little too, I’m fine with that trade. You’re definitely not overpaying.


Should I pick up alceides Escobar at as I just picked up seagler and I have cozart and Alexi or should I try and trade for a shortstop thanks Zac


I don’t think you have to do anything. Long-term, I have faith in Alexei.

Zach (with an H)

Hi Zach unsuprisingly due to R Weeks’ awfulness and injury, my trade partners withdrawn Kipnis from his block.

He doesnt seem willing to sell Weeks for pennies on the dollar though, so with only the upside-less Ackley at 2B, is it worth a gamble? Best case scenario he gets back to the Weeks of old, worst case he continues to stink but I only paid a small price for him.

Guess the real question is do you have much faith in Rickie turning it around? For him to be this bad he mustve been hiding this injury for a while no?

Interesting case I guess, a real buy low for sure.

God damn typo, I mean he DOES seem willing to sell Weeks for pennies on the dollar. Sorry.


I’m always up for buying low on anyone, particularly if it’s a guy with top-tier ability. That said, I’ve never been a fan of Weeks, whether it be due to the low AVG, the streaky play or the constant injuries. I think he’ll pick it up some as long as he’s relatively healthy, but I’m not convinced of that. I guess what it all comes down to is the price you’ll need to pay.


Need some help… should I trade Brandon Phillips and Nelson Cruz for Robinson Cano and Michael Morse?


It’s risky considering Morse’s health situation, but I think it’s a risk worth taking. Cano is by far the best player in the deal, Phillips is in the decline stage of his career, Cruz is injury-prone and Morse is expected back in about three weeks.


Good morning Zach,
If Robertson ends up on the DL with this rib cage injury and Soriano becomes the closer, would you drop Santos (DL) to pick up Soriano? I need help with RP and in a 10 team, H2H league with a max on moves for the season at 40.
Rich D.


Yes, I would…though my first choice would be to pick up Soriano while hanging onto Santos.


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