Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, May 16


Blackburn @ Porcello

King Felix @ Jimenez – if you can’t start Ubaldo at home vs. the Mariners, where CAN you start him?

Kuroda @ Drabek – neither pitching very well of late; play it safe

Buchholz @ Hellickson – I’d like to see one more good start from Buchholz first

Milone @ Darvish – check Milone’s early home/away splits

Hunter @ Paulino

Floyd @ Williams

Capuano @ Richard

Bedard @ Gonzalez – assuming of course that Bedard is actually healthy!

Leake @ J. Santana – Leake’s rotation spot is in jeopardy

Buehrle @ Minor – Minor showing me just enough to stay alive…

Wolf @ Norris

Worley @ Garza

Corbin @ Moyer

J. Garcia @ Bumgarner


I need to bench one of my pitchers this week to meet the weekly start limit, but they all seem like decent plays. So of these guys who should I bench Nolasco vs atl, Cahill vs col, or Williams vs cws?

Hi Zach;
I need an OF. Which one? Scott, Dirks, or Sweeney.


I’d go Scott. I think he’s the safest choice and he’s guaranteed pretty much everyday at-bats.


I need a catcher, 2nd baseman and pitcher
catchers: A.J. Ellis or Lucroy OR
2B: Mark Ellis or Jemile Weeks
Pitcher: Blanton, McCarthy or Thayer
for Henry Rodriguez and/ or R.A. Dickey

or Anthony Bass to pick up


LuCroy (slightly over Ellis) and Weeks. As for the pitchers, it depends on how badly you need saves. I’d take Thayer over Rodriguez and McCarthy over Blanton and Dickey.


I was offered Josh Reddick for Colby Lewis. I am considering it. I need the offensive production and I have the pitching depth. Thinking about countering with Ian Kennedy. Similar stats but there is potential for more wins with Lewis and I still think Kennedy is a fair trade, 20 wins last year for a unproven with a hot start. agree or disagree?


That offer just wouldn’t interest me. I’m not sold on Reddick at all and don’t like the idea of trading for him right now. It’s a classic case of buying high on a guy with a paper thin big league track record.


I had that thought has well. He doens’t have that track record of putting up numbers like he is now. Thanks for the 2nd opinion.

My team is in first place but has been bitten by the injury bug. I’ve survived the first DL trips, but am in need of some insight. I have Storen and Daniel Hudson on my DL spots. I also have Youk and Cespedes taking up my only bench spots. I also have Kemp, who do you think I should cut so that I can pick up someone off the waiver?
Position eligibility doesn’t matter, my pick-up will be filling a utility position.



Honestly, I wouldn’t cut any of those guys. I know it’s frustrating to have a tied up roster but I think there’s a good chance your patience will be rewarded. The good news is that it sounds like Youk could be back in the lineup as soon as this weekend. So it’s really only a few more days that we’re talking about.


Thanks Zach!

Hi Zach, I just traded away CC for A-gon. A-gon is my utility now, since I have Tex at 1st. Plus A-gon was replacing a slumping Hosmer. To rejuvenate my pitching staff, what do you think about a straight Ethier for Greinke deal? Would an Ethier/Hosmer for Verlander be fair, too, or is one side giving up too much? I’m sitting in 1st/2nd in a 10-team mixed roto, 6×6 (OPS and Holds). Thanks, Mike (a different Mike)

A Different Mike,

I’m totally fine with the trade you made and am OK with the Ethier for Greinke swap. Ethier is usually a very fast starter so he’s not a bad sell high guy right now. I’d much rather do Ethier for Greinke than Ethier/Hosmer for Verlander.

drop henry rodriguez for soriano with robertson on the dl now? Reed and bell also available

Soriano just got taken but still some others available including peralta. Do I make a swap or sit tight with Rodriguez?

You might also have another option in Joaquin Benoit with valverde coming out of the game with that injury but I would wait to see if he goes on the dl


Yes, I’d do that, though I’d try to keep both closers if possible. Saves are saves and even if you’re benching Rodriguez you’re keeping him off someone else’s team. There is some value in that.


What do u think about this trade
I GET: Elvis andres
HE GETS: heart and dee
I have a lot of depth at the of position I actually have too many of them that I can’t get max production out of everyoneso I thought it would be in my best interest to make a move I can out of them I have Bruce, hOliday, trumbo and trout. I feel the only person with trade value that I would be willing to give is heart and I defiantly need more production from the Ss possition. Do u think I’m getting to much, not enough or is there a better ss I could get for the same price? Thanks Zach


Yeah, I’d do that. I expected Andrus’ SB total to be a little higher at this point in the season but he’s got plenty of time to pick up the pace. And we know he’ll score a ton of runs hitting in that lineup.


Thanks Zach

Hi Zach, is Jordan Walden gonna get the Angels gig back anytime soon? Seemed a very hasty decision to remove him (they clearly wanted to continue this years trend), and he’s been pitching better now.

I was kinda banking on him as a solid no2 closer on a good team that (usually) gets a lot of save chances. Hold onto him or drop for the next save chaser that comes around (dotel now probably).


I really expected his demotion to be over by now so at this point I have no idea what’s going to happen. I still think he’ll get the job back. When? That’s anybody’s guess. In deeper leagues, I’d hold onto him for awhile longer and hope that the switch happens sooner rather than later.


Hey Big Z, whats the deal with Frank Francisco. Is he still the closer? Guy’s been dropped in my league, and I could use more saves (couldnt we all) having lost Santos and Soria this year.

Is he still worth a claim over a guy like Dyson (bench bat), Cishek, Dotel?

Too late now man, he’s been claimed. Hope it doesn’t come back to bite me on the bum.


Yep, believe it or not, Francisco is still the closer! And one of the main reasons he still has the job is probably due to the complete ineptitude of the rest of the Mets’ bullpen. We thought Rauch might get a shot but then he comes into yesterday’s game and blows up. If you need saves, sure, go ahead and pick up Francisco. But get ready for a roller-coaster ride!


Who do you like better going forward. Smyly or Anthony Bass?

Big Mike,

Both have been great, but I’m going to say Bass…easier league, easier division and more favorable home ballpark.


Safe to drop Kyle Farnsworth? I have Rodney already


If you don’t have an open DL spot, yes. Farnsworth probably won’t be back for at least another month, and even then there’s no guarantee that he’ll reclaim the closer job from Rodney.


20 team league, 21 man roster, not much on waivers. I have Carlos Pena at 1’st, Ike Davis has been dropped do I use my 5th waiver position for him. Who to drop is not a problem would not be dropping Pena but I was wondering about losing my 5th spot on waiver priority to have Pena, Davis and Hafner on my roster.

Hey, ruiz, doumit, or arencibia ROS? 12 tm H2H with tb and obp in addition.

I drafted jp then dropped him 3 weeks ago for ruiz and have been enjoying the pleasant surprise. I also just grabbed doumit. I’m a big fan of Chooch in real baseball, but can he keep this up? His career ba is a lot lower, but the past few seasons have been a lot better, especially second half. I may keep him and doumit and see bc I do have 3 util spots (just 8 regular other position starters).

Thanks as always.


At this point, I’d have to go with Ruiz. Not only is he having an outstanding year but I also think he’s the least risky of that group. While he can’t possibly keep up his current HR pace, he also won’t kill your AVG like Arencibia potentially could.


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