Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, May 17


Noesi @ McAllister – good PoD opportunity for young pitcher with good K potential
Walters @ Fister
McCarthy @ Harrison – Harrison has not been sharp lately
Matusz @ Hochevar – which Hochevar will show up?
Sale @ Wilson
Hughes @ Hutchison
Doubront @ Moore – Doubront is passing the tests…
Latos @ Dickey
Cahill @ Nicasio – not sure I trust Cahill in Coors
Wainwright @ Cain
McDonald @ Zimmermann – I think McDonald is legit, and gotta love the matchup
Nolasco @ Beachy
Marcum @ Happ
Halladay @ Volstad – Volstad’s last start before Triple-A… ?
Harang @ Volquez – OK, I’ll take a shot at home vs. the Kemp-less Dodgers


Out of Smyly and Anthony Bass who do you like better for the rest of the year?


Just answered this on the previous post.


I need your help. I understand that Chris Young will come off the DL within the next 2 weeks. I need to drop a player when this happens. I’m looking at Henderson Alvarez, Vogelsong, Jerome Williams, Angel Pagan or Dee Gordon. I currently have Jose Reyes at s.s., and Bautista, De Aza, Austin Jackson and Willingham at outfield. I also have C.J. Wilson, Colby Lewis, Scherzer, Tommy Hanson, Morrow, Edwin Jackson, Dan Haren, and Carlos Zambrano as my other pitchers. Thanks in advance for your continuous help.


Definitely one of the pitchers…probably Alvarez due to his low strikeout output.


E5’s a man on a mission!

Drafted him for a couple of bucks I think in my keeper, if he keeps this up he’ll be an awesome keeper too.

Just gotta watch out for those cold spells though, as when he’s cold, he’s arctic.

Hi guys,
I just picked up desmund & put Aybar on the bench. How much more time do I give Aybar before I release him? It’s hard to believe he’s been THIS bad….


I can’t imagine it could get any worse for Aybar! I’d be willing to give him more time, at least a few more weeks. At least he doubled yesterday!


lets see im getting fed up with players going on the DL…..have 2 on DL and like 3 others who are DL but Im keeping active cause dont want to keep picking up players….have Doumit who I picked up for Ramos and now looking at catcher position the best available is Wilin Rosario….should I pick him or just wait til Doumit is available again? J Montero is my other catcher


The good news is that at the last minute the Twins decided against putting Doumit on the DL, so maybe his injury is less serious than originally thought. I’d just sit tight with him for now.


Really like my Giants pitchers (Cain and Mad-Bum) but im really worried about that travesty of an offence. Without Panda there is only 2 major-league hitters in the lineup really, and without a proper masher they’re gonna struggle scoring runs all year long = few wins.

Therefore should I be looking to shop one of them (as have both on one team) in order to try and get more wins? I know you guys say don’t chase wins but which is more likely Cain winning 20 or Cain on the Giants, or say CC on the Yanks…the more runs the team scores and better it is should equal more wins long term surely.

As much as its a horrible category, it is a category which counts, so just wondering your thoughts on this.


Depends on the trade and yes, when the comparison is close, it’s fine to use win potential as a tiebreaker, so to speak. But I wouldn’t overrate it to the point where I’m selling too low. Wins is a category, but it’s only one category. And there’s a great deal of value in a guy like Cain, whose consistency is unmatched by the vast majority of starting pitchers in the game.


Zach what do you think about Andrus’ low steal totals this year. He’s having no problems getting on base, and providing a great AVG, but has only 6 steals so far.

It looks to me likely a tactical decision not to send Andrus, and why would they need to really with the mashers they have behind him. Therefore if he’s not going to get his 35+ steals (and only 20-25), his value becomes significantly diminished so would you look to trade him away now?

Or do you reckon he’ll get his steals just in bunches, maybe once a few of their hitters start cooling off (if Hamilton ever does!).


So long as there’s no injury involved (and there are no indications that this is the case), I wouldn’t worry about it. SBs can come in bunches, and Andrus has a pretty impressive track record when it comes to speed.


Would you trade Matt Holliday straight up for Evan Longoria in a head-to-head category based keeper league? I’ve got several injured players (Ellsbury, Bailey, Morse, Jennings and Youkilis), so adding another would hurt for at least a couple of days. I’d have to carry an empty starting slot until Youkilis came back as I only have 2 DL slots and 3 bench slots. Thanks


A fair trade and one that I’d lean towards making in a keeper league. You’re getting a lot younger while at the same time addressing position scarcity. A 3B is simply more valuable than a comparable OF.


Hey Z,

One of the guys in my league is working to get Darvish. I got him for $13 and expect him to be a keeper as long as he keeps rolling. My question is am I better to make a run at this year and get a high priced guy like Cabrera who will not be a keeper at the price or hedge and grab a guy like E5 and a closer where E5 would be a keeper at $5. Still think Darvish has more upside but I could use an extra bat either way. Oh and the Barry above with the comment on E5 is not the guy in my league. Ha.



I’m always a proponent of playing to win now, so if you could get a guy like Cabrera for Darvish, I’d absolutely do it. Even though Darvish looks like the real deal right now and $13 is a nice price, we simply don’t know how he’ll hold up in the latter months of the season as the innings pile up and hitters adjust to him. You know what you’re going to get from M-Cab.


Thanks Zach,

I was leaning that way. Have a follow up question for you as well. Looking at trying to get a little value from Gordon while there is little still there. what is your thought on this.
Give: Gordon and C. Lee
Get: Michael Young and Crawford
Getting crawford on the DL might cause me to have to drop reynolds and I picked up Lowrie to backfill SS.



If its Dee Gordon that deals a steal, take it to the bank and run!

If C.Lee is Carlos Lee, absolutely, even though I’m skeptical as to whether Crawford can return to his old form. If it is Cliff Lee, I’m passing.


Yeah, Dee gordon just taking someone on the DL to fill a bench spot.

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