Pitch or Ditch for Friday, May 18


Arroyo @ Pettitte – wait and see on Pettitte

Zambrano @ Masterson

Morton @ Verlander – Morton is a matchup guy… not this matchup!

Niese @ Romero

Hanson @ Shields

Saunders @ Mendoza

Humber @ Samardzija

Arrieta @ Jackson

Bard @ Hamels

Feliz @ Wandy

Diamond @ Estrada

Millwood @ White – keep an eye on White though

Weaver @ Suppan

Parker @ Zito

Lynn @ Lilly


Not trusting Arroyo against this scuffling Yankee lineup?


I rarely trust Arroyo, and the scuffling Yankee lineup can explode at any moment. I’m not chancing it. Arroyo has a tendency to have those disaster outings, and I wouldn’t want to be the guy who suffers from one of those.


I like having a backup at all my positions, which means I have a lot of 2-3 position eligible guys on my squad, Bonifacio, Kendrick, Allen Craig… But I recently traded Mike Napoli for Anibal Sanchez, Napoli was my main option at catcher with Miguel Montero as my back-up/utility guy. Now Montero is my main guy and I picked up Jonathan Lucroy to back-up but I’m thinking I should drop Lucroy and pick up Andy Dirks instead, the kid is raking and hitting in front of Miggy and Prince has to be the best spot in any lineup (coincidentally how I felt about Kendrick hitting in front of Pujols, but we see how that turned out…). Should I relinquish the use of a second catcher and go for Dirks? Either one would be competing with Kendrick for my 3rd Util spot in the lineup daily, but if either catcher is sat the other can take the catcher position with Kendrick forced into the 3rd Util spot, which isn’t so great at the moment the way he’s going and he also gets sat sometimes. Thanks in advance!


I’m not totally sold on Dirks yet but I’d still make that move. In a 1 C league, I just don’t see the need to carry an extra catcher as there will always be quality options on the wire (unless everyone else is carrying a backup) in the event of an injury to your starter.


Thanks Zach. It looks like Craig is going on the DL though so I’m gonna drop Chacin from one of my DL spots and put Craig there which will open up a spot on the roster for Dirks without having to drop Lucroy. I guess I’ll make that choice next week when Cespedes comes off the DL.

Would you trade Allen Craig for Jaime I have melky Adam Jones ethier and Chris young coming back cano at second and my pitchers are weaver Hanson beachy Lester hammels and capuano for pitchers


It’s a fair value trade but I wouldn’t do it. I think your rotation is fine as is and Craig is simply the more appealing fantasy option, whether he stays on your roster or you look to trade him down the road.


What do you think about me sending Bourn and Hosmer for Miguel Cabrera?


You’re paying quite a bit for M-Cab but if you can afford the loss of Bourn’s speed, I’d do it. A classic “get the best player in the deal” situation.


Please rank ROS: Marshall, Putz, Nathan, R. Soriano, and Casilla. Thanks!


Taking into account performance, job security and injury risk, I’d go Nathan, Casilla, Putz, Marshall, Soriano.


matt harrison, paulino, or cobb?


Paulino. He’s been excellent so far, particularly in the strikeout department. Harrison has been wildly inconsistent and I don’t trust Cobb.


Hi Big Z, one other point.

What are your thoughts on dealing for injured players? One guy in my league has Jacoby and Crawford amongst other injured guys, so was thinking he might sell one or both of them off cheaply, for a guy he can use now.

Of course the question then becomes how much are either worth at this present stage. Could you give me an SP tier and OF tier for both of those guys that you would say is fair value right now.

Or do you go by a rule never to trade for injured guys, after all we all have injuries of our own aswell!


Depends on the severity of the injury, of course, but generally speaking I try to avoid trading for injured high-end players as their prices are more often than not too high for my liking. If you could get Ellsbury/Crawford (Ellsbury in particular) for a Nick Markakis/Melky Cabrera type player, I’d probably do it. But any higher than that I wouldn’t feel too comfortable.


zach I just saw Allen Craig is going on the dl this leaves me with 1 open utility spot since my dl spots are full should i drop drew storen and pick up a hitter to open a dl spot or trade a pitcher like lowe, lester or hanson and if i do who should i ask for in return


Definitely don’t drop Storen. He’s an elite closer when healthy and is absolutely worth the DL spot. I’d see if there are any takers for Lowe. He’s performing over his head right now and if I could get anything halfway decent in return I’d be very interested.


Hey zack, should I pick up Kevin youkilis or micheal morse, I need alittle production from my 1st/3rd base slot. Thanks

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