Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, May 19-21



Bailey @ Nova – Nova’s been too hit or miss of late. He needs to earn back my trust.

Batista @ Morrow

An. Sanchez @ Gomez

Burnett @ Smyly – Burnett’s last two starts too impressive to ignore. Smyly should do very well here.

Delgado @ Cobb

Kennedy @ B. Chen – Chen not a bad option vs. inconsistent ARI lineup.

Ross @ Vogelsong – Ross has been too hittable to trust, even vs. lowly Giants lineup.

Pavano @ Gallardo

Vargas @ Freidrich – Who cares if Freidrich is at home? These are the Mariners we’re talking about!

Hammel @ Detwiler

Lester @ Blanton – In mixed leagues, this is too risky of a matchup for Blanton.

Danks @ Dempster – I’m ditching Danks regardless of the opponent for the time being.

Holland @ Harrell

Haren @ Stauffer – Golden opportunity for Haren to get back on track. I’ll give Stauffer a mulligan for his last start.

Westbrook @ Kershaw – Westbrook deserves a shot here vs. Kemp-less Dodgers.


Cueto @ Sabathia

Johnson @ Lowe – Lowe’s pitched at least six innings while giving up 2 ER or less in each of his last five starts.

Correia @ Scherzer – Pirates lineup just what Scherzer needs to right the ship.

Gee @ Alvarez – Alvarez 7-for-8 in quality starts.

Hudson @ Price

Miley @ Teaford

W. Chen @ Strasburg – I’ll keep throwing Chen out there until he proves me wrong.

Beckett @ Lee

Lewis @ Lyles

Marquis @ Greinke

Peavy @ Maholm

Beavan @ Guthrie – Like Friedrich, I’ll roll the dice on Guthrie.

Big Erv @ Bass – This could be a fun matchup to watch.

Colon @ Lincecum

Lohse @ Billingsley – Very down on Billingsley right now. In tough matchup, I’m sitting this one out.


Buchholz @ Hunter – Buchholz is still in my doghouse.

Paulino @ Kuroda – Playing it safe and ditching Paulino. Kuroda’s been excellent at home.

Drabek @ Hellickson – Need to see more from Drabek. Keep an eye on him though.

Williams @ Milone – Williams a no-brainer. Milone 23 IP 1 ER in three home starts.

Darvish @ King Felix

J. Santana @ Bedard

Gonzalez @ Kendrick

Minor @ Leake – Minor’s been flat out awful of late.

Moyer @ Buehrle

Garza @ Norris

Bumgarner @ Wolf – Wolf very frustrating to own but vs. SF? Why not!

Richard @ J. Garcia

Capuano @ Corbin – Capuano working on six straight quality starts.


what do you think about trading pujols for yu darvish

no brainer Darvish worst start he gave up 4 runs Pujols is a thing of the past he got his big money and now he is on cruise control

no brainer it’s pujols not darvish, but just wait til you see what zach says to make sure.

Agree with Stephen on this. How can you not go with Pujols!


Send: Bonifacio
Receive: BJ Upton
What do you think? I don’t really know if there’s a point to it, so I don’t know.


Now that Bonifacio is on the DL, the other owner probably wouldn’t want to do it. Fair value I think, but ultimately it comes down to positional needs. Upton will put up better across the board numbers considering Bonifacio’s lack of power, but Emilio’s positional versatility is plenty valuable.


Ouch Friedrich, getting killed by the Mariners, shameful. Though it seems my league rival forgot to start him! Dang…

One savvy owner’s just suprisingly dropped Pineda in my keeper league. If I claim him now (at $0) I can keep him for as little as $3 next year. He’s got a DL spot free though so wondering if im missing something, will he be back for the start of next season?

My DL is currently clogged but I should have Santos back soon and Craig hopefully. Would you drop a save-chaser in Rauch/Cishek to claim Pineda? If they’re not getting saves anytime soon my thinking is it could be worth the gamble.


Yeah, I’d take a shot on Pineda and drop Cishek. Pineda is expected back for the start of next season and I’d be surprised if he isn’t ready to go. From here on out, I see Rauch as the better bet for saves considering Heath Bell’s hefty contract and extensive closing experience. Now that it looks like he has his job back, I think the chances of him losing it again are slimmer than the chances of Francisco being demoted should he continue to blow up on a regular basis.


Ok, am I the only 1 still holding out hope that jhonny Peralta will start producing some #s this year? What’s up with him?


While I didn’t quite expect Peralta to duplicate last season’s stats, I did think he would post quality numbers, so I’m definitely surprised by this. The good news is that he’s batting over .300 in May, this after a dismal April. But the power production just isn’t there. At the thin SS position, he’s obviously too valuable to flat out drop, so I think the only thing you can do is be patient. He definitely has the potential to turn things around.


Bailey worth a start thurs vs ATL in a 16 team league? Think Cory still believes in him, and he’s been showing improvements recently, surviving Yankee stadium yesterday.


Yes, in a 16-team league, I’d give him a shot. It’s not like there are great waiver wire SP options, so if you have him you might as well start him! It’s not a terrible matchup.


My Of Consists of Boesch/ BJ/ Fowler/ Reddick/ A Torres/ Ibanez and I have Craig/ D Jennings/ Werth/Cain on DL When Jennings and Craig return thinking of dropping Torres and Fowler? Or could drop K Morales or Hosmer?


I doubt your league allows for 4 DL spots, so it looks like some of your DL guys are taking up bench spots. If that’s the case, I’d drop Torres and then simply cut ties with Cain. If not, dropping Torres and Fowler is really your only choice. Morales and Hosmer should definitely not be dropped.


Trade offer:
Send: Chapman
Receive: Jason Motte
Thoughts? I see what he’s aiming for here, thinking that because Chapman has been so dominant he can be elite.


Yeah, I’d do that. It’s really a matter of choosing between the safer and proven closer and the guy with the higher ceiling. Motte is pretty darn good in his own right. I’ll take him.


If Chapman can mentally handle the closer role, he will be elite. He has the potential to be elite in any role. I would keep him.

SEND Adrian Gonzalez
RECEIVE Eric Hosmer & David Wright

Pull the trigger?


Yes. I still have faith in Hosmer, and Wright, the top 3B in fantasy so far, certainly makes up for the 1B downgrade.


Hey Zach
Desmund or Aybar ROS? I don’t have room for both….


I’ll say Desmond. He’s off to a solid start and has more power upside than Aybar. The Angels also have more bench depth than the Nats do, so if Aybar continues to struggle they have the luxury of turning to other options on a day by day basis.


Hey guys, I am in a AL only weekly league and I don’t know if I should keep Middlebrooks and/or Konerko up this week. I have Yan Gomes and Peter Bourjos or even Will Rhymes on my bench ..that I could use in their places. Do you think Middlebrooks is headed to AAA? Will Konerko play this Tue?


It sounds like there’s a decent chance Konerko plays tomorrow, so I’d take the risk of starting him. Youkilis is scheduled to come off the DL tomorrow, which presumably means the end of Middlebrooks’ starting 3B reign, but I can see Youk getting traded fairly soon and Middlebrooks returning to the Red Sox, so he’s obviously worth hanging onto. That said, I’d err on the side of caution this week and bench him, probably for Gomes.


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