Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, May 22


Doubront @ Matusz – Doubront worth gambling on for the K’s and improving command

Porcello @ Jimenez – don’t trust either in any semi-tough matchup

Hochevar @ Hughes

Hutchison @ Moore – Hang with ‘em

Walters @ Floyd

Wilson @ Godfrey

Harrison @ Noesi – Noesi getting better lately but still a tough matchup

Dickey @ McDonald

Zimmermann @ Halladay

Beachy @ Latos – Hang with ‘em on Latos… stuff is there

Nicasio @ Nolasco – Nicasio lights out on the road

Wood @ Happ

Cain @ Marcum

Volquez @ Wainwright

Harang @ Cahill – gamble on both/either as you see fit


Ahh whats going to happen to Middlebrooks thats the question. Been relying on him as my CI in my deep league due to Ike’s awfulness.

You reckon theres much to these Youk to Philly/Cleveland rumours? I could see it, Middlebrooks has shown he can be the Sox future at 3B.

If not ill need Matt Adams to produce even more! You high on Adams Zach, reckon he can stick and outproduce a comp like Rizzo even? Its a great lineup for him to slide into thats for sure.


Yeah, I am pretty high on Adams. Let’s put it this way. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t stick with the Cards through the end of the season, and with Berkman now definitely out for the year, that’s looking very likely. As for Middlebrooks, I’d try to hold onto him. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if Youk is shipped out within the next few weeks provided that he shows he’s not completely washed up. I have a feeling that patient Middlebrooks owners will be rewarded.


I see you’re thinking actually, Sox get Youk back and show he’s not washed up yet. Showcase him for a trade allowing them to bring Middlebrooks up again to take his place. I guess in my 16 teamer I can keep Middlebrooks around on my bench for a bit. Not sure I can take much more of Ike though! Like any of these options more as a Utility guy:
R Davis, Venable, Bernadina…thin wire!

Venable is intriguing if you need speed but I think I’d stand pat for just a little bit longer.


In a five year keeper league, would you take a stab at Dylan Bundy? When do you see him being called up? Middle of next year?

Also, Adams or Rizzo in a Keeper league?


Not a real minor league expert so I’ll put this question on the list to ask Mayo the next time he’s on the show. Personally, I’d lean towards Adams. His overall minor league numbers are just a little better. The good news is that we’ll now get an extended look at him.



If you have the space, absolutely. On the latest Prospect Watch, he’s ranked #9 and Jonathan Mayo lists his ETA as 2014, so you just might have to be a little patient.


Hey Zach
Jhonny Peralta or Aybar , rest of season?


I answered this one on the previous post.


Hi Zach in need of a bit more speed and looking at maybe trading a pitcher for BJ Upton (OBP rather than AVG league). Would you say this pitching staff’s good enough to lose one of my guys in a trade in a 10 team league:
Cain, Lester, Mad-Bum, Gio, Peavy, J Garcia, Marcum, Holland.
Been very happy with that staff so far, but just checking I won’t be left short if I traded a like like Bumgarner for BJ, would that be fair value too you reckon? 1600IP limit. Thanks.


I’m totally fine with that staff in a 10-teamer. Remember that the smaller the league size the easier it’ll be to pick up difference maker SPs off the wire. That’s a fair trade, though Bumgarner’s off to such an outstanding start that I might try to get more for him.


Hey Zach,

Quick question who is the better option for the rest of the year Tulo or David Wright, Thanks.


Tough to answer since a lot depends on category and position needs, but overall I think Tulo is the more valuable player…ultra-consistent over the past several years and he plays in a much more favorable home ballpark.


I just got an offer to get Bautista if I give up Beltre and Haren. Although Beltre to Bautista would be an upgrade, I’d like to do this without giving up my only ace (other than Gallardo). Which pitcher with Beltre would be a fair offer for Bautista that the other guy might accept? Marcum, Wandy, Nolasco, Floyd, Vogelsong, Fister, or Jarrod Parker?



Marcum/Wandy plus Beltre seems fair to me. I’d be leery of accepting that proposed deal. I think you’d be selling too low on Haren.


My thoughts exactly. Thanks.

Is Bell safe to use again as my regular closer? At least a better option than Henry Rodriguez again?


Yeah, without question. Rodriguez’s extreme wildness has resulted in him losing the Nats’ full-time closing gig while Bell has been solid of late.


I was offered Curtis Granderson, Ben Zobrist, Adam Wainwright, and Gio Gonzalez for David Ortiz, Mike Trout, Chris Sale, and Steven Strasberg. I know Gio and Strasberg have both been great but I know at some point Strasberg will be shut down, and I think Ortiz and Trout will hit for a better avg. than Granderson and Zobrist so not sure what to do.


I’d make that trade in a second. Gio/Strasburg is pretty much a wash, Granderson is the best player in the deal, and I like Zobrist as a nice buy-low guy right now.


Volquez on FA list. Should I pick him up for this start or too risky on ERA. H2H category league.


Not exactly the start to pick Volquez up for! If I didn’t already own him, I’d be too scared that he would blow up and it would be a waste of a pickup. Pass.


Have #1 waiver priority. Should I use it on Arencibia or hold it? Already have Posey. 10 team H2H cat league


Since you already have Posey, I see no need to use a #1 waiver priority on Arencibia (assuming you start only one catcher), especially in a 10-team league.


My pitching staff, Andy Pettitte, Doug Fister, Derek Holland, Cole Hamels, Jaime Garcia, Ricky Romero, Yu Darvish AND Jerome Williams. My question is who would you get rid of for Will Middelbrooks? My only 3rd basemen is Hanley Rameriez and could use Middlebrooks hot bat. i picked up J Williams for his two start week and dont want to drop him till his second start vs the streaky Seattle M’s.

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