Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, May 23


Bard @ Arrieta – both are very risky

Romero @ Shields

Weaver @ Parker – Parker struggling but upside is still there

Feldman @ Millwood – Feldman takes Feliz’s spot

Fister @ McAllister – McAllister has been solid so far

Mendoza @ Pettitte

Diamond @ Sale

Niese @ Morton – Morton has been excellent at home

Zito @ Estrada – Estrada’s K’s vs. Giants popgun offense? Yes please!

Jackson @ Hamels

Hanson @ Arroyo

White @ Zambrano

Samardzija @ Wandy

Suppan @ Lynn

Lilly @ Saunders

                                                                                                                                               ***MIKE SAYS “Agree. Diamond a blue plate special but no need to rush out and grab him if you are settled in at SP.”


Would you trade McCutchen for Jose Reyes? I’m hesitant because of Reyes’s injury risk and I really like McCutchen.


And you have every reason to really like McCutchen! If you’re desperate for a shortstop, this might make sense. But generally speaking I’d hold onto McCutchen, who looks to be having that long-awaited truly elite-level season.


Hi Zach,
I received the following trade proposal:
Trade: Matt Holliday
Receive: Cliff Lee
I am strong but not great in both hitting and pitching. However, my #2 pitcher is Stephen Strasburg and, considering his innings cap, I thought it may be nice to have a Cliff Lee/Cole Hamels during the stretch/possible playoff run. I have Joey Bats, Austin Jackson and Trout in my OF. Butler and E5 as my utility – I’d have to pick up another utility player. Your thoughts? Thanks for your help!


It’s a pretty fair deal, but when it’s close, the 411 mantra says to favor the hitter, especially when it comes to a guy as consistent as Holliday. I’d lean towards passing, but it’s by no means a bad trade.


Thanks Zach!

This sounds too good to be true but should I go through with this trade; Josh Reddick for Justin Upton?

Duh! Don’t waste another minute…do it now!


Thanks for the response earlier Zach, If you’d rather not trade Bumgarner for BJ Upton, do you see a better fit to trade for him? My rotation again:
Cain, Lester, Mad-Bum, Gio, Peavy, J Garcia, Marcum, Holland.
Kinda hard to value guys currently, as my expected staff ace Lester has been one of my worst guys so far! Do you see a good match for Upton.


Honestly, I’d rather deal Lester than Mad-Bum. Maybe you can even get more than just Upton for Lester. Cain and Gio would be off limits and the rest of your SPs won’t get the deal done, at least not in a one for one.


Would this trade be ok to try; I send Lynn & Goldschmidt for Hosmer & either Cueto, Bumgarner, or Morrow (not sure if either of the 3 is asking too much for Lynn).


Yes, I’d definitely make that trade. I love the idea of buying low on Hosmer and although I like Lynn, if you can swap him for Cueto/Bumgarner/Morrow it’s a no-brainer, particularly Cueto/Bumgarner.


Hey Big Z, how good is Andrew McCutchen. I feel he’s easily the most underrated player in baseball, only fantasy players really know who he is. If only he had some sort of supporting cast he could be a top 10 player easily, pretty amazing the numbers he puts up despite his tough ballpark and weak lineup. Reckon this could be the year he finally goes 30-30? His bat speeds pretty incredible when you watch him.


Sure, why not! I think playing for the Pirates has a lot to do with him flying under the radar when it comes to casual fans/fantasy owners.


I got a trade offer with me receiving Stephan strasbourg for Matt holiday. Help needed please.. Thanks

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