Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, May 24


Verlander @ Masterson
De Vries @ Humber – favorable matchup for Humber
Haren @ Vargas – hang with ’em
Delgado @ Baileyhigh risk/high reward on both
Stults @ Hefner
Vogelsong @ An. Sanchez
Blanton @ Westbrook


Hey Zach/Fantasy 411 staff,

I have been weighing options on making a trade in one of my H2H roto leagues. It’s a 12-tm league & we play OPS and QS for a 6×6. My lineup is pretty strong, with…

C – Jesus Montero
1B – Billy Butler
2B – Kelly Johnson
3B – Miguel Cabrera
SS – Jimmy Rollins
OF – Jay Bruce
OF – Adam Jones
OF – Andre Ethier
UTIL – Adam Dunn
UTIL – Brett Lawrie
BNCH – Alex Gordon, Andy Dirks

For an OPS, I’m very satisfied, except for Rollins’ extreme slump

My pitching is where things get a little rougher…

SP: Justin Verlander, Clayton Kershaw, Johnny Cueto, Ervin Santana, Matt Moore, Drew Smyly, AJ Burnett, Gavin Floyd, Chad Billingsley
RP: Addison Reed, Dale Thayer, with Street & Andrew Bailey on DL

So, after my two aces, things get a little less solid. Cueto and big Erv are definitely fine, and I have faith in Moore and to a lesser extent Smyly (start w/ eyes closed on Burnett). I’m about out of patience on Bills & Floyd is gonna be on the bench or dropped soon. Because we play QS, most teams carry a large # of SPs like me, so the WW is very dry. There is a guy that has good SP depth and also has Hanley & Furcal at SS, but he is weak at 1B. I was thinking about making a trade like Kershaw/Dunn/Rollins for his Hanley/Bumgarner/Morrow. I don’t think he would go for that, but maybe he would if it included someone like Wandy or Anibal instead of Morrow. Also, I could go after Bum & Morrow while subbing in Furcal for Hanley. I’m not terribly worried about closers, because it’s only 1/12 cats in our league and a healthy Bailey makes me better there. What advice would you give me? Do you think I’m better suited trading a bat for an arm, or parlaying Kershaw into a couple strong starters? or should I have faith in the team and stand pat? I appreciate your feedback…sorry for the long message, I’m just sick of being stuck in the middle of my league & I feel like It’s pretty good timing. Thanks


Personally, I prefer Wandy/Anibal over Morrow, but that’s just a side note. I’d much rather do the trade where I’m getting Hanley than the Furcal one. I’m just not convinced that Furcal can keep this up, plus he’s an injury risk. Kershaw/Dunn/Rollins for Hanley/Bumgarner/Anibal is something I’d seriously consider, but I’m not one to pay a high price in a trade for starting pitching, so it’s tough for me to be enthusiastic about it. But if you think it makes sense for you, it’s not a bad return. By the same token though, I’m not opposed to you just standing pat. I’m very down on Billingsley now but I’m not giving up on Floyd. He has a tendency to blow up from time to time but the final season numbers should be solid. He’s a guy who you just have to leave in there all the time as it’s nearly impossible to predict his performance from start to start.


Dickey or Norris?


It’s close, but I’ll go with Norris. The WHIP might be a little higher but the K upside is greater. I see him as a pitcher on the rise whereas Dickey is a guy who is in a kind of status quo phase.


Hey Guys,
Trade AGon for LaRoache, Lynn, and Dolis? Need a closer. 16 team OBP, SLG league.

Hi Zach is Paulino worth keeping around for his next start @BAL in a 10 teamer?


I’ve been very impressed with Paulino and his K’s but we kept him as a pitch or ditch guy in our recently updated chart, and that’s geared towards 12-team leagues. In a 10-teamer, I wouldn’t be quite comfortable picking him up to make a start that isn’t exactly overly favorable.


Hey Big Z, do you buy into the idea of benching even some of your best hitters if they are really struggling, particularly in shallow leagues. Take Jay Bruce, we know he’s streaky and when he goes cold he goes arctic for a while. Of course he could bust out at any time but just thinking I could get a current more productive bat (D Young) in while he’s struggling, do you like to do this?


Nope. I’m a big believer in keeping your top hitters in your lineup through thick and thin as they can break out at any moment. I feel that when you try to micromanage your roster to this extent, more often than not you’ll be burned.


Best option for the rest of the sesaon (12 team league):
Glavin Floyd, Carlos Zambrano, Jake Westbrook, or Tommy Milone

Jon from Texas


Floyd. Like I mentioned above, his end of season stats are usually fine, so I’d try not to overreact from his few blowups. Zambrano is very close behind.


Please rank in order for best option ROS
Pettitte, bass, smyly


Pettitte. How can we doubt him now? He’s got the experience and knack for always keeping his team in the game.


Good morning Zach,
Ricky Romero has been all over the place lately. That K:BB ratio is concerning. Stand pat or grab one of these available SPs for ROS in 10 team, H2H league:
Thanks for the help and enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend.
Rich D.

Sorry Zach….I also have Edinson Volquez. I would change my question to standing pat on both Volquez and Romero or switching out for any of the above mentioned. Thanks.

I like McDonald, Pettitte and Vogelsong more than Volquez. McDonald has the highest ceiling but I think I’d go with Pettitte.



Stand pat. Over the long haul, I have a lot of faith in Ricky Ro. His performance last season and early on this year gives me confidence that this is just a rough patch that he’ll get over.


Need Help….!!!
I currently have three 1B and 4 OFs in a 10 team H2h league, I have Mark Teixeira, Paul Konerko, Adam Dunn at first base and my outfielders are Hunter Pence, Nelson Cruz, Andre Ethier and Andy Dirks. I was offered Adrian Gonzalez for Andre Ethier and dont know if I should go with that trade or should I offer Konerko for Adrian Gonzalez. I know Konerko is old and his production will decline in the second half and I believe Adrian Gonzalez numbers will improve. what should I do Zach?? Thank you!!


Ethier for Adrian is an attractive trade, but I’m assuming that you can only start three outfielders? If that’s the case I’d sooner keep Ethier so that you won’t be forced to rely on Dirks. Definitely try to make a trade to clear out that 1B logjam though. It’s a total waste if you always need to bench one of them.


Well i dont bench any of them because there is a IF and Utility spot so I am able to play all 3 of them, we also have three OF positions. so if I trade Ethier I will end up with for 1B, I think trading Konerko will make more sense… what do you think?

Yes, I’d rather have Ethier than Konerko from here on out. Contract year and a lot younger.


thank you!!

How about Norris versus Pettite?


At this point, you can’t really bet against Pettitte. Long-term, Norris should prove to be the better strikeout option though. For now, Pettite would be my choice.


Smyly or Bass?


I’d give the edge to Bass. More favorable home park and weaker competition.


Hey guys, I have been offered a trade which I receive Josh Willingham, Raul Ibanez and Alex Rodriguez and giving up Giancarlo Stanton and Evan Longoria. What do you think? I am sure Longoria is coming back soon and he has plenty of time to continues his hot start.

hey would you consider dropping either Lincecum or M Moore at any point this season? Just seems there are guys with lesser reputations that are pitching better than these 2 Also just dropped Fowler as he doesnt appear to play every day when healthy and will drop Torres also when Jennings returns…..will probably have to drop Venable when Craig returns ..my other OF options are Boesch/ BJ/ Ibanez/ Reddick


Lincecum? Never. Moore? Maybe at some point during the second half if he still has mediocre numbers. But sit tight with both for now.


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