Pitch or Ditch for Friday, May 25


B. Chen @ Hammel

Cobb @ Lester

Morrow @ Holland – I’d start Morrow anywhere vs. anyone right now

Gomez @ Danks

Smyly @ Swarzak – Smyly coming back to earth, but good matchup

Nova @ Ross – good matchup for Nova to get back on track

Big Erv @ Beavan

Dempster @ Burnett

Friedrich @ Cueto

Bass @ Gee – blue plate special!

Lincecum @ Johnson – both rounding into form

Detwiler @ T. Hudson – Detwiler has earned it

Lee @ Lohse – Lohse has earned it

Gallardo @ Kennedy

Harrell @ Kershaw

***MIKE SAYS “I’m back on Team AJ. It’s a disease. 3 QS in a row. Cubs 14th in scoring in THE NL!!!!! I’m off Freidrich for now so definitely agree with that. I benched him in NL-only.”



I agree LIncecum is a pitch, but I’m a little confused on your “both rounding into form” comment? How exactly is Timmy rounding into form?


I was a little confused by that too:-)


Need Help….!!!
I currently have three 1B and 4 OFs in a 10 team H2h league, I have Mark Teixeira, Paul Konerko, Adam Dunn at first base and my outfielders are Hunter Pence, Nelson Cruz, Andre Ethier and Andy Dirks. I was offered Adrian Gonzalez for Andre Ethier and dont know if I should go with that trade or should I offer Konerko for Adrian Gonzalez. I know Konerko is old and his production will decline in the second half and I believe Adrian Gonzalez numbers will improve. what should I do Zach?? Thank you!!


Just answered this on the previous post.


What does ” blue plate special” mean ( guess I’m out of the lingo loop!)
Who do you like better, Smlyly or Bass?
Thank you!


Haha. That’s a Siano originated line I think. We use it when we’re talking about a pitcher (or pitchers if they’re facing each other) who is a little under the radar who we especially like for a certain matchup.


Smyly or Bass, I meant who do u like better, ROS?


Just answered this on the previous post.


Hi Zach;
I need another OF. Which one? A. Pagan or L. Scott ?


Depends on whether you need power or speed but generally speaking I view Pagan as the more valuable player. Scott has the potential to be an AVG liability.


In a keeper league, I’m having a dilemma with my pitching staff: Vargas has been doing well, but I keep feeling like he could tumble any minute. Moore has been pitching great in early innings but seems to fall down in the fifth, but I feel like any day now he’s going to have his break out game. Resist replacing Moore with Pettite because his potential will shine through eventually this year and completely reap rewards from him next year? Replace Vargas with Pettite because the Yanks will give him run support?


I’d absolutely replace Vargas with Pettitte. Stick with Moore. You’re right about the upside.


12 tm mixed. I have 5 closers (kimbrel, Jansen, Motte, Casilla & Francisco). Thinking of trading from depth. Is Hosmer + Kimbrel a fair offer for Pujols ? I expect Pujols to improve even before the 2nd half. What say you?



Definitely. I’m not sure the other owner would be interested considering Hosmer’s early struggles, but it’s worth a shot.


10 team H2H mixed 6×6 (hits & losses). Got trade offer:
GIVE: Lance Lynn & Jim Johnson (Bal CP)
GET: Cliff Lee

I realize this is a good sell high opportunity for Lynn & maybe Jim Johnson but an I getting enough in return? Good but low for Lee?

CP: Kimbrel, Chapman & Aceves.
Rest of rotation: Lester, Scherzer, Shields, Beckett, C Lewis, Dempster, Samardzjia

What do you think?

Thanks as always,
Josh A


That’s more than enough. Looks like you’re pretty well covered at the closer position, so I’d make that trade ASAP.


Hey Big Z, Dolis has been terrible recently, can you see the Cubbies changing to Russell soon. I’ve been hanging onto Walden all year after drafting him expecting a solid no2 closer, but is it worth now finally cutting him for Russell? Seems he’s nowhere near saves anymore.


Cutting Walden is a bit too risky for my taste. I’d rather see you drop someone else for Russell. I might change my mind about this in a few weeks though if Frieri does well as the Angels’ closer.


Zach, do you have thoughts on Ryan Zimmerman going forward? I’m getting crushed in the power categories in a 12-team H2H (non-keeper). I was just offered E5 for Chapman. I hate to lose Chapman’s studly K/9 and saves potential, but I could really use some production at 3B. Then again, E5 is slumping and looks to be injured… My gut says no, unless you think Zim just isn’t going to turn it around.



If you had a mediocre third baseman, I’d probably say to seriously consider that trade. But Zimmerman is an established star who is an injury risk. I’d stick with him though. As long as he stays healthy, I’m not concerned about his ability to turn things around. I certainly wouldn’t give up on him to the extent that I’d trade Chapman.


Danks not pitching today. I’m thinking of starting Jose Quintana, but need to be put over the edge.


Pass. Way too risky!


Hey Zach,
I have Meyers who has been great as a closer to this point. My questin is with so many teams hurting for bullpen help what is the chance he is still a closer after the trade deadline? If he moves into a non-closer role he loses his value in our format and I would rather trade him away now. thoughts?



That’s a legitimate concern, but with nine weeks or so to go until the trade deadline, I still feel that it’s too early to worry about something that may or may not happen, and end up not getting fair value in a trade.


Hey Big Z, is Kendrick worth a buy low? Would you take him over Jemile at 2B rest of the way? Kendricks been pretty bad so far but I can’t see him being this bad much longer surely.


Yep, I’d take Kendrick over Jemile any day of the week. Jemile’s been pretty awful too!


Need a streamer for tomorrow (Saturday). Chasing wins & WHIP (ERA & K/BB are out of range). Who would you go with between these guys: Chen, Williams, Richard, Correia

Any rationales you can provide for your choice would also be appreciated. Thanks!

BTW.. Format is 10 team H2H mixed 6×6.. Generally a shallow league, but streaming options for SP seems to align more with deeper formats..

Paulino is also available


I like Williams. Mariners offense is awful. It’s as simple as that!


E5, is he a sell high or is this breakout legit? Loving it so far, I’ve been stuck with Zimmerman so thank god for E5!

Also I’ve got him for just a dollar at draft and its a keeper so he could be a nice player in future years🙂


Depends on what you’re getting back. If someone’s willing to trade you David Wright for him that’s one thing. But I have enough confidence in E5 to reject an offer of, for example, A-Rod.


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