Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, May 29


Smith @ Masterson

Arrieta @ Romero

Humber @ Shields

Verlander @ Bard – Bard’s been too erratic to trust vs. strong offense.

Vargas @ Feldman

Parker @ De Vries – Parker very impressive last time out and now gets a favorable matchup.

Pettitte @ Haren

Stults @ Samardzija

Bailey @ Morton – Homer 7-for-9 in quality starts this year.

Blanton @ Hefner

Westbrook @ Delgado – Westbrook starting to turn back into a pumpkin.

Jackson @ An. Sanchez

Fiers @ Lilly

Saunders @ Vogelsong – Saundo’s been struggling lately but still a decent gamble here for owners in deeper leagues.


What are your thoughts about dropping Jerome Williams and picking up Worley when he comes off of the DL? Do you think that Quintin Berry will continue to play for the Tigers or will he be sent back down?


Once Jackson comes off the DL (a move that’s expected to happen later this week), I just can’t see Berry sticking around in the big leagues. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. And yes, Williams for Worley is a smart move.


Ive dropped Fowler 2 times this season, do you think he will pick it up for ROS like he did in the DH I could drop Ibanez or Boesch or Venable also who else would I drop when Craig is off the DL sould drop one of my holds guys,,,,Have O Flaherty/ boggs/ cook/ crain or a starter…..you think Worley will return and pitch well


I don’t see any reason why Worley won’t pitch well. I’m fine with dropping Boesch for Fowler, and I’d cut one of the middle relievers to make room for Craig.


Is middlebrooks worth holding on to simple strait forward no tricks thanks


Yes, he hasn’t done anything to make us think otherwise. And it looks like the Red Sox will do everything possible to keep his bat in the lineup.


Who are the prospects that should be called up soon whom I should be keeping an eye on?


A bunch have been called up already in Harper, Trout, Middlebrooks and Adams, but Trevor Bauer is one guy who I can definitely see come up before the All-Star break. I think we’ll also see Nolan Arenado at some point as he’s making steady progress in the minors, but it might not be until later in the summer. Check out Jonathan Mayo’s Prospect Watch for more:



I have Santana behind the plate, but there is no way to move people around to replace him. I either have to wait it out or drop somebody to pick up another catcher, but not much on the wire to pick up, Hanigan is the best player out there right now. I would either have to drop Trout, Morse, Storen, or another closer, none of which I want to drop. I have a 12 save lead in saves already, but would like to hoard them away for now. I’m thinking about just riding it out and seeing how everything plays out with Santana for now as there wont be much difference in leaving the spot empty as opposed to filling it with Hanigan. What do you think?

There are no trades to be made either, the price people are asking for someone like McCann is really high


Yeah, I’d definitely just wait it out and play without a catcher for the time being. BUT see if you can make a 2-for-1 type trade that both helps your team at another position and clears a roster spot to pick up a guy like Hanigan.


Which side do you prefer?
Prince, Freese, and Rodney for Sandoval, CJ Wilson, and League.
Keeper/ auction league and Sandoval and Wilson are cheep. I’m also taking a gamble on league to be reinstalled at closer.


All things equal, I’d take the Prince side, but my answer could definitely be changed if I knew the prices. And I agree that it’s just a matter of time before League returns to the closer role.


Prince ($28), Freese ($5), Rodney ($2), Sandoval ($12), CJ Wilson ($3), League ($3). 5 year keeper.

Yup, the Sandoval side wins!


Hey Zach,
I hope you had a nice MDW. My current SPs are:
Romero, Morrow, Josh Johnson, Daniel Hudson, Volquez, and Sale.
What is still available:
Marcum, Samardzija, Vogelsong, Pettitte, Vargas, and Miley.
My main concern is Volquez. Would you stand pat or pull the trigger on any move concerning all of these SPs for ROS? My league is a 10 Team, H2H.
Rich D.


Definitely dump Volquez in a 10-team league. He’s just way too erratic. Those are all very solid waiver wire options. I’d lean towards Marcum. I view him as the least risky of that group.


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