Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, May 30


B. Chen @ Gomez – kick the tires on Jeanmar in deep/unmixed leagues, though

Quintana @ Cobb

Ross @ Liriano – watching closely on Liriano…

Hammel @ Morrow

Smyly @ Lester – Smyly may be coming back down to earth…

Beavan @ Holland

Nova @ Big Erv

Bass @ Dempster

Cueto @ Burnett – throw out the 12-run debacle (go with me on this) and AJ has been A-OK

Lee @ Gee

Lohse @ T. Hudson – Braves struggling without Chipper & McCann

Wang @ Johnson

Harrell @ Friedrich

Gallardo @ Kershaw

Kennedy @ Lincecum – still have to trust Tim IMO



Hi Guys, 10 team H2H weekly CBSSportsline league. I have D. Jennings, P. Sandoval, and A Jackson on the Bench in a no DL league, but with Jackson soon to play and Big Panda getting closer to come back. I was lucky enough to pick up Kipnis when Sandoval went down and but because of the injuries Ive little to Pitching depth. I have Kinsler as my 2B so thinking about moving Kipnis but am getting no bites. What type of pitcher should i be looking at for kipnis. Shields was rejected. Should I maybe move Kinsler if Kipnis is for real. Kinsler should get a true 1 Ace IMO. Please help Im stumped. Thanks, Phooey

P.S. If i trade Kinsler would Gio and Shields be too much to ask for? Maybe throw in W. Chen or Marcum too?


I’d see what kind of offers you can get for either. Maybe send a mass e-mail out to the league saying that either guy is available in the right deal. If you can get a Ricky Romero type SP (think top 20 guy) for Kipnis, that would be something I’d consider. I’d have a tough time trading Kinsler as I rarely like to trade elite hitting for pitching. I really doubt you’ll be able to get Gio and Shields for him and I honestly wouldn’t even think about trading Kinsler if I couldn’t get a top-5 SP like Verlander, Kershaw etc.


Is Infante someone worth holding onto for ROS? Would you drop Boesch or Venable before him


I’m not a huge Infante guy and I don’t see him keeping this up for the rest of the year, but I’d sooner drop Boesch. Infante plays at a much thinner position and the bottom line is that he’s having a great year so far. Boesch is a bit more replaceable.


should i do this? giving up Brett Myers and Dayan Vicideo and get James McDonald.

we use Sp / RP not P spots so myers can rack up saves without using a RP spot. 14 team roto with funky stats: R, HR, RBI, SB, BB, AVG, OBP, SV

I need k9, qs, k, sb, era, whip. have lots of sv, hr, rbi, bb, obp.


No way! I like McDonald but you’re giving up too much here…a quality closer PLUS a hitter who has 11 homers already and an .804 OPS. I don’t even think I’d do McDonald for Myers straight up.


Thanks for your help Zach! Just wasn’t sure how legit Dayan is or if Myers will be the set up guy soon.

Carlos Quinton or Bryan Lahair?


It’s close but I’d still go with LaHair. His production has tailed off a bit but he’s still hitting homers. Quentin’s more proven but I’m just not that optimistic about him now that he’ll be playing half his games at Petco. He was never a high AVG guy so if he’s not hitting homers his value takes a huge hit.


Thank You!!

Brett Myers and Dayan Viciedo for James Mcdonald?


Just answered this above.


Hey Zach,

Now that Oswalt signed with the Rangers, do you like him as an add at this point? I would be dropping Edinson Volquez in a 10 Team, H2H (and I know you don’t prefer Volquez in this format). Thoughts?

Rich D.


In a 10-teamer I wouldn’t be so hot to pick up Oswalt. It’ll take him a few weeks to get ready and although he will benefit from solid run support, keep in mind that he’s never pitched in the AL before, so I’d keep my expectations in check. He’ll probably become 10-team mixed league worthy, but for now I’d much rather take my chances on a guy like Marcum or even Samardzija (I’m assuming this question is tied to the last one you posted).


Over time, when Lance Lynn turns back into a pumpkin & Roy Oswalt gets closer to joining TEX after his minor league starts, would it be ok to drop Lynn for Oswalt? Or drop Lynn now & stash Oswalt?


I’m not so sure that Lynn will turn back into a pumpkin because he never was a pumpkin! I discussed Oswalt above and I’m fine with people stashing him, but not at the expense of guys who are performing at a high level right now. I have a feeling that you have better options to drop than Lynn.


Is Carlos Quentin worth a pick up? He’s hit well coming back, and might get traded so I was just wondering.


In a 12-team mixed, absolutely. In a 10-teamer, I’d probably leave him on waivers for a bit longer.


I have both Youk and Middlebrooks and don’t have room to take Youk off the DL right now. What kind of SP should I target for either?


No way to know until you ask around! If I had to choose one to keep, I still think it would be Youk, but I’d definitely make both available and then see what type of offers come in. You’re obviously not going to get an ace, but figure a top-40 type SP.


Would you drop Logan Morrison, Colby Rasmus, Brennan Boesch, or Jordan Schafer to pick up Carlos Quentin in 12 team mixed?


Yeah, I’d take my chances on Quentin over Morrison, who is in the midst of an ugly slump and has done pretty much nothing this year.


Hi Zach, am thinking about trying to buy low on ‘the adverb’ (Cliff Lee). Think he’ll be more willing to sell him off due to frustration at his 0 wins so far, so im trying to use it as a buying opportunity. Which of these guys would you trade straight up for Lee:
Any of them?


Right now, I don’t even think you’ll need to give up Gio or Cain for Lee. I’d definitely deal Bumgarner or Lester for him, with Lester being my preferred choice. I’m starting to get concerned about him.


I just want to say thanks Zach for being so helpful!
I was offered a trade of Ethier, Youkilis, and Carlos Ruiz for Swisher, Headley, LaHair and Chris Young (ariz)… Sound like a good trade?


Much appreciated. All I’m aiming for is a prediction success rate of over 50 percent!

Not an absolute no-brainer but I do like the deal. Ethier is a clear upgrade over Young and is definitely the best player in the deal. I still consider Youk an upgrade over Headley despite what we’ve seen so far this season. And I’m in favor of pretty much any trade where you’re giving up LaHair for a solid return. I think he’ll fizzle out sooner rather than later.


Drop masterson to pick up Allen Craig? No-brainer or more info needed?


No-brainer. Masterson’s been way too inconsistent so far and I’m generally in favor of starting pitcher for hitter swaps.


12 Team Keeper: Opportunity to trade for:

L.Lynn (ERA slipping, long season, but the Ws!),
CJWilson (blister, run support?), or
J.Santana (injury prone, c’mon it IS the Mets)

— Who do you luv?!

BTW: I really miss the you guys on the MLB Network!


Wilson. Best combination of track record, upside and lack of health concerns. Doesn’t sound like the blister is a major issue and I’m not concerned about the Angels’ ability to provide run support going forward. I’ve been impressed by Lynn but the bottom line is that he’s unproven. I like Johan too but I think the Mets will baby him as the season goes along and he remains somewhat of an injury risk.


10 team keeper points league. Head to head. Who wins this trade? McCann, Choo, and Garza or Sale, McDonald, and Craig?


McCann/Choo/Garza. Not even close in my opinion. Arguably the top catcher in fantasy, a 20/20 OF and a very solid #2 SP for a young high-upside though relatively unproven SP, a guy in McDonald who was considered PoD not too long ago and a quality OF in Craig who is nowhere near as accomplished as Choo. The keeper factor doesn’t really influence my opinion either.


Adam Dunn or Desmond Jennings ROS? What will Jennings’ BA look like?


They’re two totally different players but overall I like Jennings’ across the board contributions more than Dunn’s one-dimensional game. I think a .270 AVG from Jennings is a very reasonable expectation.


I offered Cruz to get Greinke. I have Viciedo on the bench to replace him. My OF/U is stacked with Kemp/Hamilton/Ortiz and I need the pitching. Worth the risk of riding Viciedo the roty ?


I usually don’t recommend trading high-quality hitters for starting pitchers but I’m fine with this. Greinke’s a legit ace and Cruz is injury-prone and well below the elite tier of outfielders.


Plus, I’m a fan of Viciedo. Don’t expect 30 homers or anything like that, but I do believe that he will continue to put up solid numbers.

I have Cespedes coming off the DL, who would you recommend to get rid of Doug Fister, Andy Pettitte or Jarrod Parker?

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